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Friday, July 22, 2011

Massacre in Norway - Updated

Oslo, Norway has suffered a horrendous bombing and there was also a shooting by someone dressed as a cop at a youth camp in Norway today.

Blazing Cat Fur has extensive coverage & video as well as links to live feeds from Oslo. Also at BCF, someone dressed as a cop went on a shooting spree at a Norwegian youth camp.

Atlas, of course, is also covering it, providing lots of information photos.

Bare Naked Islam is all over this story as well (warning: GRAPHIC pictures at BNI) and some background about what may be reasons why muslims would want to commit jihad terror attacks in Norway. Remember, it was a Norwegian newspaper which published harmless cartoons a few years ago that so "offended" the perpetually offended that they rioted and killed people all over the world.

Side note: 100% of all non-acquaintance rapes in Oslo in the last five years were committed by muslims.

Michelle Malkin is reporting on this as well, and is already getting Tweets from islamoapologists. Lots of links there, too.

Gateway Pundit has more information about the shooting at the children's camp, and also updates that islamic jihadis have taken credit for the Oslo bombing.

The pictures of the streets of Oslo are painfully reminiscent of downtown Manhattan nearly ten years ago. Please pray for today's victims of jihad, their loved ones and all victims of islamic jihad around the world.

Updates: I had been busy working on another post when this story broke and also have mom stuff going on today, but the blogosphere has this covered with frequent updates and insightful commentary. Here are more blogs that are all over this developing terrible story:

The Other McCain has been aggregating his fingers off with news, videos and frequent updates.

SheikYerMami at Winds of Jihad has, at my latest count, four detailed posts on this Oslo horrors today:
Dave Blount at Moonbattery is on it, and in recognition of Europe's suicidal dhimmitude says this:
It is better to resist at the beginning than at the end. How many will have to die before Europe figures out that letting itself be colonized will end its way of life? RTWT
The Mighty Professor William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection points out that The Warning Signs Were There.

Short Little Rebel says, "As Bombs Rock Oslo, One Must Question Multiculturalsim & Pacifism". Her message is important and I strongly encourage you to read the whole thing. Here is an excerpt:
Norway is a Socialist country where ‘multiculturalism’ is encouraged.  Typical liberal/socialist leniency encourages people to remain ‘true’ to their origin cultures and does not create an incentive to integrate into the larger Norwegian community.  Progressive liberal blinders are firmly in place in Norway- as they appear to be in the United States.
It is time to question whether multiculturalism and political correctness does anything to thwart Muslim terrorists from doing what they do- blow innocent people & kids up to revenge a cartoon of their Prophet.  Why?  In order to please Allah, their mullahs- or at the very least, to get paid for blowing themselves up.  When a People have decided that it is their religious duty to kill everyone who is not part of their religion, you cannot coddle them or pamper them.  You can’t make them like you or turn their hand from destruction. RTWT

Atlas has another post about this: Norway bombing, mass shooting leave at least 20-30 dead "Kids have started to swim in a panic"

Again, I ask you to pray for the innocent victims and their loved ones.

Trolls have been going nuts and I've got better things to do than to deal with them right now. Comments are temporarily closed.

This post is linked at The Other McCain. Thank you, Stacy! 

This post is linked at Pluralism and Clarity. Thank you, Olave! 

UPDATE: Of course by now it is well known that the mass murderer of Norway was one of their own, so of course, the islamic conquistadors and their leftist enablers are using this atrocity committed by a lone madman to assign blame to anyone and everyone who opposes the jihad and islamitization, just as the atrocity in Tuscon was immediately blamed on the American right who had nothing to do with it.  This is a ghoulish attempt by opportunistic agenda driven hyenas to silence free speech and squelch resistance to what remains the single greatest threat to freedom and human dignity


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quite_rightly said...

Thanks for the links, Zilla.

The teens at the youth camp were between 14 and 18 years old, they are saying.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I was working on another post when this story broke & then I had mom stuff to do so there was only time to do a quick link-around. I see that at least half of my blogroll is all over this, so I may just update this with more links from other blogs later.
All the news is getting worse by the minute as far as I can tell.  It is very sad, and yet was entirely predictable to anyone who had been paying attention to the islamitization of Norway.
BTW, the post I was working on is here:
All about the horrors inflicted on human females by islam. Infanticide, FGM, child marriage/child rape, "honor" killings, even after they die islam abuses them.

ClassicFilm said...

Norway is reeling by this horrific double attack - prayers to the families and friends of the victims and to the entire nation. The head of the rattlesnake of Islam's "peace and tolerance" sham needs to be removed.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

It certainly does.

Jon Henrik Gilhuus said...

For chrissakes - the guy has been arrested and his name publicized. He was a Norwegian (like me), a Conservative (like me) and a Christian (not like me). Contrary to all the rumors flying around he was someone violently (quite literally) opposed to Muslim immigration to Norway, not a Jihadist. You jumped the gun on this one and you all have eggs on your faces!

Jon Henrik Gilhuus said...

"Side note: 100% of all non-acquaintance rapes in Oslo in the last five years were committed by muslims." No, all such rapes were comitted by FOREIGNERS. Most of them Muslims, true... but quite a few Catholic Poles and people from the Baltics also!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Are you saying that ONE guy did ALL of it? Are you saying that there are no blond muslims? There are no converts? Have you not heard that ISLAM IS NOT A RACE?
If and when it is decisively proven that this was not jihad, I will update my post accordingly.  Until then, the don't blame islam meme could just be another attempt by eurodhimmies to avoid offending the people who like to kill them.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

"Foreigner" is the widely used eurodhimmi term for muslim, as is "Asian" in the UK and "youths" in other politically correct suicidal multi-kulti sandal licking islamocoddler countries like yours. 

Jon Henrik Gilhuus said...

You're clearly a screaming, raving moron. This guy has been posting on nationalist forums in Norway, he was well known to have been virulently anti-muslim.

Jon Henrik Gilhuus said...

You seem uncapable to process information that goes against your own prejudices. I said MOST are muslims, BUT QUITE A FEW are not. You clearly don't know shit about Norway, so why do I even bother...

Majordomo Pain said...

You do realize the attacker is a right leaning white Christian. This post is officially fish
wrap barely.

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