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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tell Congressman John Hall to Stop Attacking Free Speech!

If you believe in the right to express political dissent and support free speech, if you hate communism and love America, and if you support the right of the ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. page and the fans of that page to not be the target of a smear campaign that is based on lies, call Congressman John Hall and demand that he cease and desist from attacking the ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. page, retract his vile accusations and apologize immediately!

Here's his contact information:

Washington D.C. Office • 1217 Longworth House Office Bldg • Washington, DC 20515 • Phone: (202) 225-5441 • Fax: (202) 225-3289

Carmel Office • 40 Gleneida Avenue • 3rd Floor • Carmel, New York 10512 • Phone: (845) 808-1157 • Fax: (845) 228-1480

Goshen Office • Orange County Gov't Center • 255 Main St. • Room 3232G • Goshen, NY 10924 • Phone: (845) 291-4100 • Fax: (845) 291-4164

 You can send him an email too:

You can also visit his facebook page and tell him what you think of elected officials who slander the reputations of private citizens:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Rebuttal to Congressman John Hall's Slanderous Attack

Here is my rebuttal, in its entirety, to the slanderous attack Congressman John Hall (NY-19) launched against me and the facebook political information page that I run, ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. - I sent it to the author of yesterday's Daily News article, Celeste Katz, who wrote about the incident:

I am the founder of the facebook page, ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C., which was written about in the NY Daily News yesterday and that Congressman John Hall (NY-19) unfairly attacked in an attempt to smear his political opponent, Nan Hayworth who is running against him in the November 2 election.

John Hall is angry because we endorsed Dr. Hayworth, but what he fails to realize is that we would have endorsed anybody who we thought could successfully win an election against him. Just because we endorse Nan Hayworth does not necessarily mean that she likes our page or has even heard of us until recently.

John Hall clearly does not understand how facebook works, just as he doesn't understand what it means to dutifully represent the people in his constituency. Nan Hayworth never posted anything from my page; when you post on facebook and "tag" someone who is either on your friend list or whose page you follow, it automatically appears on their page. That is what happened yesterday.

John Hall has slandered my page as an "extreme bigotted group" simply because we oppose the big government, big spending, Orwellian agenda that he and his fellow CRAPTASTICs are trying to force onto an unwilling populace. John Hall clearly has a problem with Constitutionally protected freedom of speech if it is not
done in agreement with the far left radical point of view.

Silencing political dissent is a hallmark of collectivist and totalitarian regimes, so I am really not at all surprised that John Hall would be in favor of it.

John Hall is typical of the elite ruling class who have nothing but contempt for anyone but themselves and their advocates. Mr. Hall needs to be reminded that he is a temporary employee who only gets to keep his job at the discretion of the people who he is being paid to represent, and we can see November from our houses.

Congressman John Hall (NY-19) Hates Free Speech!

Well friends, I've made the news, but not quite in the way I would have expected or hoped to, but hey, any publicity is better than none, right? The NY Daily News yesterday had an article about my CRAPTASTIC Congressman, Obamazombie John Hall (NY-19) which details his slanderous email attacking the ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. political information page that I run on facebook. You can view the insulting and lie filled email here.

Here's is the text of it, and its accompanied by screen shots of the A-C page from yesterday:

Dear Friend -
Just when you thought radical Nan Hayworth's coalition of
dangerous and extreme supporters could not get any crazier,
enter ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C.
This extreme, bigoted group endorsed Nan Hayworth - and ultra-
conservative gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino - on her
Facebook page this morning.

We're not "extreme bigots", we post only the truth, using easily verifiable facts. We work to undermine the destructive leftist collectivists in our nation by exposing their dangerous agenda which seeks to ruin the country and usurp our freedom. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and CRAPTASTICs can't stand it when their dirty deeds are brought to light! Hall is using the standard meme that is axiomatic to those who hate regular people and who are desperate to hold onto their fleeting power: the racist/bigot card. Go through the ANTI-CRAPTASTIC page's posts and see if you can find anything bigoted at all. We fight against the bigotry of the lunatic fringe left every single day. Apparently, in John Hall's tiny collectivist mind, people who hate commies and love America and those who exercise their constitutionally protected right to free political speech are "extremist bigots".

He's using my endorsement of Nan Hayworth's campaign to replace him in Congress to smear her, because I tagged her in posts on the A-C page which made them appear on her page. He clearly doesn't understand how facebook works. Yet another aspect of average American life that elitist snob John Hall is completely out of touch on.

I voted for Neil DiCarlo in the primary, I only endorse Nan Hayworth because she's got a really great shot at defeating John Hall (who by the way accepted lots of money from disgraced corruptocrat extraordinaire, Charlie Rangel) and he needs to GO! 

Knowing how CRAPTASTICs operate and how they despise free political speech which dares to not glorify them, I will not be surprised if the A-C page vanishes from facebook or if I myself get banned. It's always a good idea for freedom loving patriots to have a contingency plan, this blog is part of mine. 

Long live the Resistance!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Even in your darkest hour, the light of the LORD is there for you

This is not my typical Zilla post. I'm taking a break from politics today to bring you a message that I was given to share...

Yesterday was looking to be a very bad day for me, and I had no way to change it but to pray and trust in God that things would be all right. By the end of the day they were. I am still here, by the grace of God.
He sent me aid and comfort and blessed me with kind and loving friends and even a stranger (who was just a friend I hadn't met yet).

This was not an isolated incident. So many times I have been to the brink of utter destruction, even near death experiences, and when all hope would appear to be lost, there He was to catch my fall and gently put me back to safety.

I know He does this for a reason, and there is an important lesson that I needed to learn.  I think I finally understand, and although I may not have the proper words to explain it, I know I need to share it with all who may need to learn it as well.

God hears our prayers, all of them, and He listens to our hearts. If we have faith and truly believe, all things are possible with His guidance.

Sometimes what He does for us is not obvious to our eyes, and we don't get exactly what we'd hoped for, but He sustains and protects us, in His way, and He never ever fails.

Today, I remembered a line I have heard before, so I looked it up; it's part of Psalm 118. I read the whole thing and I felt that I was meant to read it, and share it with you. So here it is below. May peace be with you, and may you never feel alone, because you never really are:

Psalm 118

New American Bible
1 I Give thanks to the LORD, who is good, whose love endures forever.
2 Let the house of Israel say: God's love endures forever.
3 Let the house of Aaron say, God's love endures forever.
4 Let those who fear the LORD say, God's love endures forever.
5 II In danger I called on the LORD; the LORD answered me and set me free.
6 The LORD is with me; I am not afraid; what can mortals do against me?
7 The LORD is with me as my helper; I shall look in triumph on my foes.
8 Better to take refuge in the LORD than to put one's trust in mortals.
9 Better to take refuge in the LORD than to put one's trust in princes.
10 III All the nations surrounded me; in the LORD'S name I crushed them.
11 They surrounded me on every side; in the LORD'S name I crushed them.
12 They surrounded me like bees; they blazed like fire among thorns; in the LORD'S name I crushed them.
13 I was hard pressed and falling, but the LORD came to my help.
14 The LORD, my strength and might, came to me as savior.
15 IV The joyful shout of deliverance is heard in the tents of the victors: The LORD'S right hand strikes with power;
16 the LORD'S right hand is raised; the LORD'S right hand strikes with power.
17 I shall not die but live and declare the deeds of the LORD.
18 The LORD chastised me harshly, but did not hand me over to death.
19 V Open the gates of victory; I will enter and thank the LORD.
20 This is the LORD'S own gate, where the victors enter.
21 I thank you for you answered me; you have been my savior.
22 The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.
23 By the LORD has this been done; it is wonderful in our eyes.
24 This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice in it and be glad.
25 LORD, grant salvation! LORD, grant good fortune!
26 VI Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD. We bless you from the LORD'S house.
27 The LORD is God and has given us light. Join in procession with leafy branches up to the horns of the altar.
28 VII You are my God, I give you thanks; my God, I offer you praise.
29 Give thanks to the LORD, who is good, whose love endures forever. 

Cross-posted at my other blog: MJ Stevenson Blog

Monday, September 20, 2010

Republican "leadership" just doesn't get it

My friend Sammye has a recent blog post in response to the vicious attacks on Republican primary winners who were chosen by THE VOTERS and not the GOP establishment's selections. Sammye's message to the party bigs & supposedly conservative talking heads is essentially this: GET OVER IT, man up and support the candidates that we the people chose to run against the destructive CRAPTASTICs this year. If the Republican Party were truly serious about taking America back off the suicidal path it's on, they would not be disparaging Republican voters by attacking the people who WE CHOSE to represent us in the General Election!

Here's a little of what Sammy had to say about THAT:

What you are doing is jeopardizing our country's survival. You, in your pettiness and greed for power are setting up the TRUE Conservative's failure in November to regain control of a government that is OUT of control. You are TOTALLY ignoring the will of the people. If we wanted THAT, we wouldn't have even voted, we have THAT NOW. Miller and O'Donnell WON in their primaries. Fair and square, something that is perhaps a NEW concept in Washington and apparently to the three of you. The American thing to do...the MATURE and Conservative thing to to accept the will of the people, RESPECT IT...and give your support to those WE THE PEOPLE have chosen...and HELP them..HELP US to take back OUR country. To end this march towards socialism...worse yet, to COMMUNISM.

I completely agree. BOTH parties miss the point entirely about why so many regular everyday Americans are upset & speaking out. BOTH parties have been ignoring the people they are supposed to represent and contrary to the vilification being done by the media, these are not far right fringe loonies speaking out, they are largely just average hard-working Americans who are genuinely and justifiably concerned for our country's future. The Republican party is as much a part of the problem as the Democrats, that's why there is a bottom to top remaking going on, and it's being done by the voters and not the power hungry establishment. While it is not largely reported, there are Democratic voters who are also voting in new faces for their party as well. Career politicians either don't "get it" or are simply so comfortable with the status quo that they completely misread the mandate from the people.

The same thing National Republicans are guilty of is also being done by them at the state level here in New York State, where the Republican Party backed an unelectable loser and tried to deny voters their right to choose for themselves in a primary who would run against CRAPTASTIC legacy Andrew Cuomo. Carl Paladino petitioned his way onto the ballot and the people of New York overwhelmingly supported him. The Party's response to the mandate that the people sent them? A big assed hissy fit. 

The NY Republican party would rather hand victory to another destructive Democrat than do their JOB and show support for who the Registered Republican voters of NY want to represent them. And it's not just in the gubernatorial race either, they've done it time and again from the top to the bottom for as long as I can remember. New Yorkers are often forced to pick the lesser of two evils on election day, and due to the epic fuckery of the "Republican" Party and their predilection for pushing unelectable unlikeable weak and timid candidates, we are often forced to hold our noses and vote for the DEMOCRAT candidate even though we know how poorly they have run our state.

Republicans (and in the case of NY, this goes for the "Conservative" party as well) need to stop trying to be like the Democrats, we already HAVE those, the Republican party needs to go back to embracing conservative values. We won't vote for Republicans who are running on the platform that they are like the Democrats, we want to vote for the people who will fight to stop the progressives intent to drag us into totalitarian hell! 

Stop trying to appeal to people who are going to hate you anyway (duh) and remember that the majority of voters are relatively conservative, right of center, freedom loving Patriots! You need to answer to US, not THEM, your JOB is to stand up with us against them! Get it together or you're going down just as surely as the Democrats are. Stop pissing off the electorate or you WILL be made to regret it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Name but the Song Remains the Same

I changed the name of my blog after learning that there is an aggregate site called Politizilla that was in use before my blog came to be. I don't want to run into issues down the road over the blog name, so the new name here is "Zilla of the Resistance". Same blog, same URL, new name. I go just by the name "Zilla" at the ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. page & a bunch of other places nowadays anyway.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New York Primary results! PALADINO WINS!!!

The CRAPTASTIC New York Republican Party and libtarded press tried their damnedest to block any and all coverage of Carl Paladino's campaign against Rick Lazio to run on the GOP line against Andy (Son of Mario) Cuomo for the 2010 Gubernatorial election, but the people would not be denied!

Even with widespread problems due to malfunctioning voting machines and incompetent poll workers, Paladino enjoyed a landslide victory.

You can read the rest of my assessment for yesterday's primary election here at Associated Content.

2010 New York Republican Primary Results - The Aftermath

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NY Primary Voting DISASTER!

The new machines are a freaking nightmare and I highly doubt my vote will even count!

I was the first voter to show up at my polling place. Voting was supposed to begin exactly at 12:00 PM.  The machine wasn't ready at noon, when voting was supposed to begin. At around 12:10, the lady finally started looking for my name in the book & couldn't find it. This happened to me in the 2004 election, despite my having voted in every election and primary here since 1996, so I spoke up. They made me fill out a damned absentee ballot that year and I'm still pissed off about it since, you know, they don't count those until after the election & they are meaningless unless the outcome is in dispute. Another poll worker came after a few minutes and found my name, it was in a different book.

People who got into line behind me left without voting. Then they had trouble finding the right ballot to give me. Eventually I got my ballot and filled in the dots. The machine still wasn't working, they said the monitor was inoperative. They took my ballot anyway and said it would be entered as an "emergency ballot", whatever that means.

The first time the young man put it into the machine, it got spit back out & he said there was an error message. Not that I could see, because I wasn't allowed anywhere near the freaking machine. Then a woman who had been on the phone trying to find out how to fix the machine came over and had him insert it a different way and it went in. It was after 12:30 pm by the time my vote, the first of the day there, had been cast. I have no idea if it will even count.

Before I left, one of the poll workers disclosed to me that they had only been allowed to even start setting up the room at 11:30, a half an hour before go time, and as I said, they weren't ready at 12:00 PM when the polls are supposed to start accepting votes. 40 minutes of my life wasted and my vote most likely disenfranchised, again.

I think it's deliberate. According to The NY Post and my local paper, the Poughkeepsie Journal, what happened at my polling place was definitely NOT an isolated incident, it has been all fucked up STATE-WIDE.

They better get their shit together before November, or there's gonna be all kinds of hell raised, some of it certainly will be raised by yours truly.

Cross-posted at Associated Content, with slightly less cursing

Monday, September 13, 2010

The New York Primary; September 14, 2010

This is it, my fellow New Yorkers, your last best chance to get decent candidates to run in the general election on November 2. Voter turnout is particularly poor for primary elections, that is why it is crucial that YOU get to the polls tomorrow; our votes will carry more weight than usual because there will be so much fewer overall votes than in general elections. The best way to get rid of the CRAPTASTIC's stranglehold on New York is to choose strong candidates tomorrow to oppose them in November. 

New York voters will no longer be able to use the RELIABLE curtained pull lever voting booths that we've used for 80 years. This year we are forced to use hard to read ballots (they'll offer magnifying glasses) with a huge potential to make mistakes on which would invalidate your vote. TAKE YOUR TIME filling out the ballot and use great care lest you become disenfranchised by the CRAPTASTIC new system that seems designed to maintain the status quo of liberal rule here. Your vote DOES count (now more than ever), but first it has to be COUNTED! You can read more about it HERE

Fred Seigel writes, correctly, in the New York Post,  about how our State is the poster child for all that the rest of the country is rebelling against while New Yorkers have taken it as a given that this is simply the way it is, has been and will continue to be:


New York has become what America fears. Crushed by costs imposed from Albany, the state suffers from the highest taxes, the largest budget, the greatest debt and the slowest rate of job creation in the country. The polls show America will fight back against Washington in November. But New York state is by now so thoroughly swayed by Gotham — a city characterized by Latin American levels of inequality and a Soviet level of political participation — that there is little talk of revolt here. Unlike America, New Yorkers have meekly accepted their fate.

This is because the Obama/Pelosi policies of vast, Keynesian public spending is old hat here. New York has been pushing Keynesianism, or what Mario Cuomo called the “New York Idea,” for a half-century of relative decline. For many decades the decline of private industry upstate has been accelerated by the growth of public-sector jobs in health and education, which then have to be paid for with ever higher taxes on manufacturing and agriculture.
You might think that New York’s tubercular condition — stabilized for the moment by the slow morphine drip of the Federal Reserve’s cut-rate money — would be the ideal setting for the sort of political unrest that’s stirring in much of the country. After all, New York has had more than its share of scandals. One governor and very nearly two, the state comptroller, the Senate president and literally dozens of members of the Legislature have either been forced to resign or hauled off in cuffs. Yet instead the likes of Charlie “Taxes are for the little guy” Rangel and Pedro “Your man in Mamaroneck” Espada, who represents not so much The Bronx as the employees of his government-funded health-care vote machine, are likely to win their Democratic primaries this Tuesday, and then go on to re-election despite their glaring malfeasances. These are two of our finest shakedown artists — no disrespect meant for Rev. Al, who thanks to his friendship with Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama seems to have “earned” an exemption from the tax laws.

New York's State Legislature is COMPLETELY controlled by Democrats, and they have majority control of the State Assembly. We are on our second (failed) Democratic Governor in less than four years and it's widely predicted that we're well on our way to yet another one, and worse, another Cuomo. 

Our two US Senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, are Democrats who are in full lockstep with the Obama agenda regardless of how damaging it is to the State of New York and the people who live and try to work here. Nearly ALL of New York's Congressional Representatives are Democrats as well and again, avid supporters of Obama's destructive agenda with no regard as to how it will hurt New Yorkers. 

It doesn't have to be this way.
None of the above mentioned liberal politicians are running unopposed. Tomorrow you have a chance to select the best people to run against them, since the Dem primaries are unlikely to unseat any incumbents it is up to registered Republican voters to put people in place who will allow New Yorkers to enthusiastically throw the bums out.
HERE is where you can find a list of all the offices up for grabs this year, and all the candidates who face a primary tomorrow, complete with links to more information about each of them. Educate yourself tonight, so you can make informed decisions at the polls tomorrow. 
Here are my choices for Statewide offices in tomorrow's Republican Primary:

Governor: Carl Paladino

US Senate: GaryBernsten (vs Chuck Schumer) David Malpass (vs. Kirsten Gillibrand)
Attorney General:  Dan Donovan, but I will also research Carl E. Person who says he has a plan to get Obama out of office THIS YEAR - that alone is worth a second look! 

Now let's all go and do our homework, if we haven't already and make sure we make our choices wisely and fill out the new ballots carefully tomorrow. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New York - A Vote For Lazio is a Vote for Cuomo

The New York State Republican primary is this Tuesday, September 14. Andrew Cuomo is seen as the presumed winner of the general election in November, but if you choose smartly in the primary, it doesn't have to be this way. I will not, under any circumstances, vote for Rick Lazio, who the New York Republican party idiotically selected as their candidate in an attempt to deny voters the right to choose for themselves via primary.
Carl Paladino is the better choice, thankfully, he was able to petition his way onto the ballot to force a primary election. If Mr. Paladino does not win the primary, I urge you to vote for him anyway with a third party, because Lazio can't win against Cuomo, so you'll just be helping put Andrew Cuomo (who supports the ground Zero mosque and refuses to investigate the funding that the two tax evading slumlords behind the mosque will use).
I wrote and article about it, you can read it here at Associated Content.

Say HELL NO to the Ground Zero Victory Mosque and say HELL NO to another Cuomo!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Marginalized by Party & Media but Deserving of Recognition and Respect

Gail Goode is  liberal Democrat who is running against New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in the New York State Democratic primary on September 14. While I disagree with her stand on pretty much all the issues that are important to me, she has earned my respect. As a registered Republican, I can't vote in the Dem primary and I have already chosen who I'll be voting for in the GOP primary here (also on September 14), that person is David Malpass, but I am disgusted by the way the Dem machine and the mainstream media has marginalized and ignored Ms. Goode. I don't like it when anyone gets treated like crap, even if it somebody I have ideological differences with. The media and the Democratic party would have New Yorkers think that Gillibrand is running unopposed, and they actively worked overtime to make that a reality by muscling out all prior competition that would have challenged Gillibrand in this year's primary.

In order to even get on the ballot for the upcoming Dem primary, Ms. Goode needed to get signatures to a petition; she collected over 45,000 signatures - three times the amount needed. Gail Goode spent her life's savings to get on the ballot as well.

Unlike Senator Gillibrand who is a serial flip-flopper who changes her position on important issues based on political expediency alone and NOT in the interest of New Yorkers at all, Gail Goode remains steadfast on issues she believes in. As I stated before, I do not agree with Ms. Goode's positions, but I respect her faithfulness to her beliefs. At least with Gail Goode, you know what you're getting, unlike Kirsten Gillibrand who has no scruples and will bend whichever way the political winds blow in order to obtain or retain a position of power.

Conservatives and liberals alike have plenty of reason not to trust Senator Gillibrand. She is loyal to nothing and nobody, you cannot count on her to stand for anything for very long because she falls for everything.

The "fourth estate" that is the press and the DNC are truly doing a disservice to liberal and Democrat voters in the State of New York by neglecting to inform them that they DO have a choice on September 14 and that there is somebody who would represent them honestly and faithfully on the issues that are important to them.

Gail Goode may not have my vote, but she has my respect. Good luck, Ms. Goode, I hope to see you debate my candidate of choice in the days leading up to November 2.

Cross Posted at Associated Content


My article on Kirsten Gillibrand at Associated Content:

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Shouldn't Be a 'Shoo-in'

MSM Silent on NY Democratic  Challenger for U.S. Senate

David Malpass for Senate

Saturday, September 4, 2010

You Can't Get Blood from a Rock

Today I got a phone call which really pissed me off, from people who SHOULD have respected what I had to say and backed the fuck off when I told them to. Hey assholes, you are not going to get what you need from people by forcing a hard sell on folks who have had it with slick politicians ramming shit down their throats or pressuring them with guilt trips.

Like many Americans, I am struggling financially and every single penny I have goes to just getting by, trying to keep the wolves away from my family's door for another day.

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I have been an outspoken advocate for getting rid of the CRAPTASTIC elitists who are currently running our country into the ground. I spend many hours every single day getting the word out on the ANTI-CRAPTASTIC facebook page I founded (which reaches nearly 500 people as of this writing and we're growing every day), this blog, social networking, and the types of articles that I publish for public consumption. I do what I can when I can and I can not do any more than I am already doing. I've got family responsibilities which leave me pretty much housebound, so I do all my activism either online or by phone, including participating in telephone town halls with various candidates running in my area.

Just a little while ago today, a young man called my house asking to speak to me. He said he represented the NY Republican Senatorial committee and asked what I thought was the biggest threat to our country. As you can probably imagine, I had a lot to say. But the guy cut me off and started a fast talking sales pitch pressuring me to donate money which I do not have. I explained to him that I have no money to spare, but that I am a woman whose resources are not of little consequence and I can support them in other ways by giving them free publicity. That guy would hear none of it and went on with his high pressure tactics telling me that if I didn't give them money NOW NOW NOW, all would be lost and the Republicans would not have a snowball's chance in hell of wresting power from the CRAPTASTICs. No matter what I said, he stuck to his script, (although I did make him st-st-st-stutter) first asking for $500 then $100 and then the bargain basement offer that  "Even twenty five or thirty dollars...bla bla bla..." Uh... NO, you little bastard, $25-$30 is a week's worth of milk for my children, you can't have it. The little SOB stuck to the script like a tick on a dog and went on to imply that if I didn't pony up the cash it would be MY fault if the Democrats held power in the midterm elections. Hey, asshole, if the Republicans hadn't fucked everything up in the first place by trying to clone themselves into the image of the liberals, the CRAPTASTICs never would have gotten into the powerful positions they have now! If republicans are not smart enough to prove themselves worthy of the American people's trust again it is not my damned fault and my fucking grocery money ain't gonna change that!

I've already been called racist for not supporting Obama's horrible policies, I've been called a bigot for not supporting the terrorist funded victory mosque at Ground Zero. I have been called every name in the book by the angry left for daring to dissent against their agenda to destroy our country, I am damned sure not going to let some telemarketing flunky use those kinds of tactics on me to get money for people who I ALREADY support to the best of my ability! Propaganda doesn't work on me, it never has. The people I choose to support have my voice behind them and my vote, but I can't give them what I don't have (I have NO money to spare) and if what I DO have to offer isn't good enough for them, they had better tread lightly or I will withdraw THAT support from them as well.

I will be voting straight Republican this election, even if I have to hold my nose to do it, because it is imperative that we break the left's strangle hold on our government. However, once they are elected, I will be JUST as harsh on them when they screw up as I am to the Democrats because if they don't do right by us this time around, they will prove that they are useless CRAPTASTIC bastards as well and I'll use the coming years and my growing platform to help get rid of THEM too.

I will never give money to any political party, ever. If I had money to spare and found a candidate worthy of that kind of support, I would send it directly to them, because the party leadership is part of the problem, not the solution.

If anyone is working for a campaign where they are calling people, they would do well to heed my warning: Don't try to force a hard sell on people who have had their fill of being railroaded and pressured by politicians already. No means no, learn to accept that gracefully or you'll lose a lot more than potential financial donations. Be careful who the fuck you talk to and how you talk to them, and, as I advise my children, "Don't be a jerk".

I ended up having to hang up on the little fink while he was still yammering away. I know he's probably just some tool with a pre-written page in front of him including a list of rebuttals for those who try to decline. I hope his supervisor was monitoring the call and learns that this is NOT the proper way to garner support. It's a new age and old tactics are no longer the best ones to use, if they ever were. Campaign managers need to treat potential supporters with RESPECT, because the lack of respect from current elected officials is a big part of the reason we're all so pissed off in the first place.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sticks and Stones, Glass Houses, Rubber and Glue

The left in America has used the "kitchen sink" tactic in an attempt to silence dissent and criticism of their destructive actions. They have thrown every nasty name and false accusation they can drum up against regular American people who are so bold as to disagree with an obvious plot to ruin this country. Thanks to the complicit media, many of these vicious insults and slanderous lies have managed to become assumed as truth by people who are ignorant of what the real facts truly are. The public buys into this crap because they don't know any better and will never know any better unless they get off their asses to engage in research and critical thinking to discover for themselves the difference between historical fact and CRAPTASTIC fiction.

Sadly, too many in this country simply accept the narrative spoon-fed to them by the mainstream media, grievance hustlers, academic elitists, and self important politicians that Republicans, Conservatives and the majority of Americans on the whole are racist, misogynist, homophobic, religious bigots. They then get themselves all rabid and worked up over the "hateful right" without ever bothering to find out for themselves where the TRUE hatred, bigotry, vitriol, and violence has historically and continues to this day to manifest from - the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

See, the left has people duped because they use the psychological tactic of projection; all of the vile characteristics they themselves possess they attribute instead to their opposition. This tactic is typical of narcissistic personalities, by the way.

Look at how they claim the right is axiomatically racist and paint the left as some sort of hero for race equality when the exact OPPOSITE is true. Since the very beginning, the party which strove to end slavery and give black people equal rights was the Republican party, and the opposition (including the Ku Klux Klan) were the Democrats. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. The democratic party is still the domain of self serving bigots who believe that minorities are inferior and therefore incapable of taking care of themselves without special assistance.

 Liberals also claim to be champions for "women's rights", but they have defiled, denigrated, demeaned, dehumanized and disrespected females for generations. The left has taught women that their bodies are worthy of nothing more than sex, especially if their sexuality can be used to further a radical agenda. The left not only neglects to defend women. it instead embraces ideologies which brutalize and kill women routinely.

Liberals are supposed to be all about freedom but they espouse totalitarian political views and hold thuggish dictators in the highest esteem while also shilling for a religion which contains the most oppressive doctrine in the world and inspires lunatics to go on suicidal mass killing sprees. The same religion they claim to so admire is one which has a death penalty for homosexuality, again in contradiction to the left's guise of supporting gay rights. What about the rights of gays to not be executed over who they fall in love with?

In the backwards morality that is leftism, terrorists such as Bill Ayers and Che Guevara are considered respectable folk heroes and their crimes are whitewashed by revisionist history while true people of strength and character are vilified with repeated fictional accusations until those with lazy intellects accept the lies as truth rather than investigate for themselves.

Everything that the left accuses their opponents of, is a projection of the left's own guilt. In the past, the innocent targets of CRAPTASTIC smear campaigns were too shocked and horrified by the irrational hatred leveled at them that instead of standing and fighting they try to do whatever it took to wash the filth thrown at them away - to little avail. The best thing one can do when they find themselves in the crosshairs of such evil is to remember that when one points a finger, they have three more pointing back at themselves. Whatever they are saying about YOU is likely true about THEM. Do the research and fight fire with napalm. You will be victorious because unlike the enemy, the dirt you dig up will actually be true! If you want to know what skeletons lurk in the closets of those who say horrible things about people who have done no wrong, start by examining whatever it is they are accusing people of. Like Perseus vanquishing Medusa, holding up a mirror to the beast will render it null.

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