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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Congressman John Hall (NY-19) Hates Free Speech!

Well friends, I've made the news, but not quite in the way I would have expected or hoped to, but hey, any publicity is better than none, right? The NY Daily News yesterday had an article about my CRAPTASTIC Congressman, Obamazombie John Hall (NY-19) which details his slanderous email attacking the ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. political information page that I run on facebook. You can view the insulting and lie filled email here.

Here's is the text of it, and its accompanied by screen shots of the A-C page from yesterday:

Dear Friend -
Just when you thought radical Nan Hayworth's coalition of
dangerous and extreme supporters could not get any crazier,
enter ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C.
This extreme, bigoted group endorsed Nan Hayworth - and ultra-
conservative gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino - on her
Facebook page this morning.

We're not "extreme bigots", we post only the truth, using easily verifiable facts. We work to undermine the destructive leftist collectivists in our nation by exposing their dangerous agenda which seeks to ruin the country and usurp our freedom. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and CRAPTASTICs can't stand it when their dirty deeds are brought to light! Hall is using the standard meme that is axiomatic to those who hate regular people and who are desperate to hold onto their fleeting power: the racist/bigot card. Go through the ANTI-CRAPTASTIC page's posts and see if you can find anything bigoted at all. We fight against the bigotry of the lunatic fringe left every single day. Apparently, in John Hall's tiny collectivist mind, people who hate commies and love America and those who exercise their constitutionally protected right to free political speech are "extremist bigots".

He's using my endorsement of Nan Hayworth's campaign to replace him in Congress to smear her, because I tagged her in posts on the A-C page which made them appear on her page. He clearly doesn't understand how facebook works. Yet another aspect of average American life that elitist snob John Hall is completely out of touch on.

I voted for Neil DiCarlo in the primary, I only endorse Nan Hayworth because she's got a really great shot at defeating John Hall (who by the way accepted lots of money from disgraced corruptocrat extraordinaire, Charlie Rangel) and he needs to GO! 

Knowing how CRAPTASTICs operate and how they despise free political speech which dares to not glorify them, I will not be surprised if the A-C page vanishes from facebook or if I myself get banned. It's always a good idea for freedom loving patriots to have a contingency plan, this blog is part of mine. 

Long live the Resistance!


Kim said...

Very well said Zilla! And YES we find it insulting when we are portrayed as bigoted; but isn't that their M.O? When they have no other ammunition to throw the race card into the mix? I personally think they come off as idiotic loons that are desperately grasping at any political straw left in their bag of tricks. Not to worry; we know who we are and they will be gone after election day.

Zilla said...

Thanks for the support, Kim!
I sent an email to the author of that Daily News article, here's what I said:

Hello Celeste,

I am the founder of the facebook page, ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C., which you wrote about yesterday and that Congressman John Hall (NY-19) unfairly attacked in an attempt to smear his political opponent, Nan Hayworth who is running against him in the November 2 election.

John Hall is angry because we endorsed Dr. Hayworth, but what he fails to realize is that we would have endorsed anybody who we thought could successfully win an election against him. Just because we endorse Nan Hayworth does not necessarily mean that she likes our page or has even heard of us until recently.

John Hall clearly does not understand how facebook works, just as he doesn't understand what it means to dutifully represent the people in his constituency. Nan Hayworth never posted anything from my page; when you post on facebook and "tag" someone who is either on your friend list or whose page you follow, it automatically appears on their page. That is what happened yesterday.

John Hall has slandered my page as an "extreme bigotted group" simply because we oppose the big government, big spending, Orwellian agenda that he and his fellow CRAPTASTICs are trying to force onto an unwilling populace. John Hall clearly has a problem with Constitutionally protected freedom of speech if it is not
done in agreement with the far left radical point of view.

Silencing political dissent is a hallmark of collectivist and totalitarian regimes, so I am really not at all surprised that John Hall would be in favor of it.

John Hall is typical of the elite ruling class who have nothing but contempt for anyone but themselves and their advocates. Mr. Hall needs to be reminded that he is a temporary employee who only gets to keep his job at the discretion of the people who he is being paid to represent, and we can see November from our houses.

If you have any questions or would like more information about me or the page that I run, feel free to email me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


MJ Stevenson

(AKA "Zilla", founder of the ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.I.S.T.I.C. page)

Anonymous said...

First off, CONGRATS for making the news! I'm really proud of you! And if you're making the news that means you're making waves and shaking thing up and that's always a good thing when you're on the right side!

Anonymous said...

And I have to say, your rebuttal letter was extremely well written. Kudos sister!

Zilla said...

I'm so glad you posted here, Dana! Thanks for the support.

Kit E Katt said...

Way to go girl!! Keep shining the light of truth! Well said and well done.

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