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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Monday, September 13, 2010

The New York Primary; September 14, 2010

This is it, my fellow New Yorkers, your last best chance to get decent candidates to run in the general election on November 2. Voter turnout is particularly poor for primary elections, that is why it is crucial that YOU get to the polls tomorrow; our votes will carry more weight than usual because there will be so much fewer overall votes than in general elections. The best way to get rid of the CRAPTASTIC's stranglehold on New York is to choose strong candidates tomorrow to oppose them in November. 

New York voters will no longer be able to use the RELIABLE curtained pull lever voting booths that we've used for 80 years. This year we are forced to use hard to read ballots (they'll offer magnifying glasses) with a huge potential to make mistakes on which would invalidate your vote. TAKE YOUR TIME filling out the ballot and use great care lest you become disenfranchised by the CRAPTASTIC new system that seems designed to maintain the status quo of liberal rule here. Your vote DOES count (now more than ever), but first it has to be COUNTED! You can read more about it HERE

Fred Seigel writes, correctly, in the New York Post,  about how our State is the poster child for all that the rest of the country is rebelling against while New Yorkers have taken it as a given that this is simply the way it is, has been and will continue to be:


New York has become what America fears. Crushed by costs imposed from Albany, the state suffers from the highest taxes, the largest budget, the greatest debt and the slowest rate of job creation in the country. The polls show America will fight back against Washington in November. But New York state is by now so thoroughly swayed by Gotham — a city characterized by Latin American levels of inequality and a Soviet level of political participation — that there is little talk of revolt here. Unlike America, New Yorkers have meekly accepted their fate.

This is because the Obama/Pelosi policies of vast, Keynesian public spending is old hat here. New York has been pushing Keynesianism, or what Mario Cuomo called the “New York Idea,” for a half-century of relative decline. For many decades the decline of private industry upstate has been accelerated by the growth of public-sector jobs in health and education, which then have to be paid for with ever higher taxes on manufacturing and agriculture.
You might think that New York’s tubercular condition — stabilized for the moment by the slow morphine drip of the Federal Reserve’s cut-rate money — would be the ideal setting for the sort of political unrest that’s stirring in much of the country. After all, New York has had more than its share of scandals. One governor and very nearly two, the state comptroller, the Senate president and literally dozens of members of the Legislature have either been forced to resign or hauled off in cuffs. Yet instead the likes of Charlie “Taxes are for the little guy” Rangel and Pedro “Your man in Mamaroneck” Espada, who represents not so much The Bronx as the employees of his government-funded health-care vote machine, are likely to win their Democratic primaries this Tuesday, and then go on to re-election despite their glaring malfeasances. These are two of our finest shakedown artists — no disrespect meant for Rev. Al, who thanks to his friendship with Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama seems to have “earned” an exemption from the tax laws.

New York's State Legislature is COMPLETELY controlled by Democrats, and they have majority control of the State Assembly. We are on our second (failed) Democratic Governor in less than four years and it's widely predicted that we're well on our way to yet another one, and worse, another Cuomo. 

Our two US Senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, are Democrats who are in full lockstep with the Obama agenda regardless of how damaging it is to the State of New York and the people who live and try to work here. Nearly ALL of New York's Congressional Representatives are Democrats as well and again, avid supporters of Obama's destructive agenda with no regard as to how it will hurt New Yorkers. 

It doesn't have to be this way.
None of the above mentioned liberal politicians are running unopposed. Tomorrow you have a chance to select the best people to run against them, since the Dem primaries are unlikely to unseat any incumbents it is up to registered Republican voters to put people in place who will allow New Yorkers to enthusiastically throw the bums out.
HERE is where you can find a list of all the offices up for grabs this year, and all the candidates who face a primary tomorrow, complete with links to more information about each of them. Educate yourself tonight, so you can make informed decisions at the polls tomorrow. 
Here are my choices for Statewide offices in tomorrow's Republican Primary:

Governor: Carl Paladino

US Senate: GaryBernsten (vs Chuck Schumer) David Malpass (vs. Kirsten Gillibrand)
Attorney General:  Dan Donovan, but I will also research Carl E. Person who says he has a plan to get Obama out of office THIS YEAR - that alone is worth a second look! 

Now let's all go and do our homework, if we haven't already and make sure we make our choices wisely and fill out the new ballots carefully tomorrow. 

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