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Monday, September 20, 2010

Republican "leadership" just doesn't get it

My friend Sammye has a recent blog post in response to the vicious attacks on Republican primary winners who were chosen by THE VOTERS and not the GOP establishment's selections. Sammye's message to the party bigs & supposedly conservative talking heads is essentially this: GET OVER IT, man up and support the candidates that we the people chose to run against the destructive CRAPTASTICs this year. If the Republican Party were truly serious about taking America back off the suicidal path it's on, they would not be disparaging Republican voters by attacking the people who WE CHOSE to represent us in the General Election!

Here's a little of what Sammy had to say about THAT:

What you are doing is jeopardizing our country's survival. You, in your pettiness and greed for power are setting up the TRUE Conservative's failure in November to regain control of a government that is OUT of control. You are TOTALLY ignoring the will of the people. If we wanted THAT, we wouldn't have even voted, we have THAT NOW. Miller and O'Donnell WON in their primaries. Fair and square, something that is perhaps a NEW concept in Washington and apparently to the three of you. The American thing to do...the MATURE and Conservative thing to to accept the will of the people, RESPECT IT...and give your support to those WE THE PEOPLE have chosen...and HELP them..HELP US to take back OUR country. To end this march towards socialism...worse yet, to COMMUNISM.

I completely agree. BOTH parties miss the point entirely about why so many regular everyday Americans are upset & speaking out. BOTH parties have been ignoring the people they are supposed to represent and contrary to the vilification being done by the media, these are not far right fringe loonies speaking out, they are largely just average hard-working Americans who are genuinely and justifiably concerned for our country's future. The Republican party is as much a part of the problem as the Democrats, that's why there is a bottom to top remaking going on, and it's being done by the voters and not the power hungry establishment. While it is not largely reported, there are Democratic voters who are also voting in new faces for their party as well. Career politicians either don't "get it" or are simply so comfortable with the status quo that they completely misread the mandate from the people.

The same thing National Republicans are guilty of is also being done by them at the state level here in New York State, where the Republican Party backed an unelectable loser and tried to deny voters their right to choose for themselves in a primary who would run against CRAPTASTIC legacy Andrew Cuomo. Carl Paladino petitioned his way onto the ballot and the people of New York overwhelmingly supported him. The Party's response to the mandate that the people sent them? A big assed hissy fit. 

The NY Republican party would rather hand victory to another destructive Democrat than do their JOB and show support for who the Registered Republican voters of NY want to represent them. And it's not just in the gubernatorial race either, they've done it time and again from the top to the bottom for as long as I can remember. New Yorkers are often forced to pick the lesser of two evils on election day, and due to the epic fuckery of the "Republican" Party and their predilection for pushing unelectable unlikeable weak and timid candidates, we are often forced to hold our noses and vote for the DEMOCRAT candidate even though we know how poorly they have run our state.

Republicans (and in the case of NY, this goes for the "Conservative" party as well) need to stop trying to be like the Democrats, we already HAVE those, the Republican party needs to go back to embracing conservative values. We won't vote for Republicans who are running on the platform that they are like the Democrats, we want to vote for the people who will fight to stop the progressives intent to drag us into totalitarian hell! 

Stop trying to appeal to people who are going to hate you anyway (duh) and remember that the majority of voters are relatively conservative, right of center, freedom loving Patriots! You need to answer to US, not THEM, your JOB is to stand up with us against them! Get it together or you're going down just as surely as the Democrats are. Stop pissing off the electorate or you WILL be made to regret it!

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Kim said...

Isn't it funny how everyone says the tea party and republicans are whiners but when the democrats lose; look at the shoe on the other foot.
I get so tired of this crap. You're so right....get over it!

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