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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome to the First Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere!

Welcome to the first annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere! Conservative Bloggers may be the Chopped Liver of the Right, but in my eyes they are the finest cuts of the very best red meat, and now it is time to recognize the bestiest of that best. Here are your winners of the Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere who kicked ass all over the interwebz in 2011:

Best Artist: Bosch Fawstin 

Best Place for Mocking the Obamas: MOTUS

Entertainment Industry Awesomeness: FilmLadd

Best New Blogs: The Prophet's Mercy, Liberated, and The Daily Stink

Multi-Media: DaTechguy's Blog 

Best Original Reporting: The Other McCain and DaTechguy's Blog

Best New York Blog: The Lonely Conservative

Best New Jersey Blog: WyBlog

Best Canadian Blog: Blazing Cat Fur

Best at Advocating for the Hitting of Bloggers' Tip Jars: The Other McCain, The Sundries Shack, DaTechguy, The Conservatory

Most Under-Appreciated: The Other McCain

Righteous Badassery: Bare Naked Islam (note: due to incessant whining and threats from sharia pushing terror tied islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR, BNI is being forced off of WordPress and will soon be found at its new location,

Most Eloquent and Powerful Writing: Sultan Knish

Most Fun Comments Sections to Hang Out In: MOTUS and iOwnTheWorld

Blogging Super Couple (U.S.A.): Always on Watch and Mr. Always On Watch

Blogging Super Couple (Canada): Blazing Cat Fur and Five Feet of Fury

Mighty Warrior for Freedom and Human Rights: Atlas Shrugs

Scholarly Counter-jihad: Jihad Watch

Bold and Fun to Read Counter-jihad: Winds of Jihad by SheikYerMami

Counter-jihad With a Specialty in Advocating for Persecuted Christians in the Balkans: 1389 Blog

Best Early Morning News Links: Wombat Socho at The Other McCain and From the Desk of Lady Liberty

Best Daily Blogger Link-Around: Larwyn's Linx at Doug Ross

Most Helpful to New and Smaller Blogs: Doug Ross, Blazing Cat Fur, and iOwnTheWorld

Best at Providing Miraculous Surges in Blog Traffic: Instapundit

Best Weekly Round-up of Fellow Bloggers' Blog Posts: Conservative Hideout, Teresamerica, Proof Positive, and Eye of Polyphemous

Best Place to Find Cuteness: Amusing Bunni's Musings

Best Catholic Blog: Catholic Bandita

Nicest Bloggers: Adrienne's Corner, Bread Upon The Waters, DaTechguy's Blog, The Sundries Shack, Pundit & Pundette, and, The Lonely Conservative

Best Pro-Life Advocacy: Catholic Bandita, and Pundit & Pundette

Hardest Working Blogger: Robert Stacy McCain - The Other McCain

Best Blogger Sidekick: Smitty - The Other McCain

Best Blogs from Kick-ass U.S. Military Vets: Knuckledraggin my life away and The Anti-Liberal Zone

Best Blogs by Professors: American Power, Legal Insurrection, Instapundit

Best Blogging by a Blogger while on Active Duty in the Military: Smitty at The Other McCain

Best All-Around Blogging: Maggie's Notebook, iOwnTheWorld, The Lonely Conservative, Doug Ross, Nice Deb, The Other McCain, Pundit & Pundette, and, Gateway Pundit

Fantastic Jewish Bloggers: Atlas Shrugs, Elder of Ziyon, Sultan Knish, YID With LID, Bare Naked Islam

New Blog with Really Funny Cartoons: The Morlock Revolt

First Class Snark: Waznmentobe, iOwnTheWorld, Moonbattery, MOTUS, and, Doug Ross

Best Videos: Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty

Best Brainy Blog that is also Fun to Read: Fuzzy Logic

Most Thoughtful Blogger: Adrienne's Corner

Best Bumper Sticker Photos: Legal Insurrection

Best Reference Source for the Counter Jihad: The Religion of Peace

Most Prolific: Instapundit

Best Place to Find New Ideas to Blog About: Instapundit and The Religion of Peace

There are so many wonderful Conservative Bloggers, and I know there are a bunch who I will be kicking myself later for leaving out, but if you are blogging for the Conservative cause, then please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated - even if you are not taking home a Fiery Zilla Award widget this time around.

If you are a Winner, you may claim your award by using one of the following codes for size of the widget that best suites you, or right click the award in the size you like and then select "copy image location" and then use that link to "upload picture from url" over at your place in the location of your choice. If you have a problem getting your award to post, email me or let me know in the comments section and I'll see what I can do to help you.

Here are the codes:





Congratulations to all the winners!

This post is linked at Blazing Cat Fur. Thank you, BCF!

This post is linked at The Lonely Conservative. Thanks, TLC!

This post is linked at Atlas Shrugs. Thank you, Pamela!

This post is linked at Pundit & Pundette. Thanks, P&P!

This post is linked at Adrienne's Corner. Thank you, Adrienne! 

This post is linked at Knuckledraggin my life away. Thanks, Kenny! 

This post is linked at The Prophet's Mercy. Thank you, Corbinian! 

This post is linked at iOwnTheWorld. Thanks, BigFurHat! 

This post is linked at The Other McCain. Thank you, Smitty! 

This post is linked at WyBlog. Thanks, Chris!

This post is linked at  Always On Watch. Thank you, AOW!

This post is linked at Bare Naked Islam. Thanks, BNI! 

This post is linked at Michelle Obama's Mirror. Thank you, MOTUS! 

This post is linked at  Mr. Always On Watch. Thank you, Mr. AOW!

This post is linked at Waznmentobe. Thanks, Whoopie!  

This post is listed in Larwyn's Linx at Doug Ross. Thanks, Doug!

This post is linked at Pirate's Cove. Thank you, William!  

This post is linked at From the Desk of Lady Liberty. Thanks, LadyLiberty1885! 

This post is linked at Thank you, Steve!  

This post is linked at Act for Australia. Thanks, AfA!  

This post is linked at Goldfish and Clowns. Thank you, Jerry!  

This post is linked at  The Sundries Shack. Thanks, Jimmie! 

This post is linked in Live At Five at The Other McCain. Thank you, Wombat!  

This post is linked at 1389 Blog - Counterjihad! Thanks, 1389!

This post is linked at the Conservative Hideout. Thank you, Matt!  

This post is linked at Fuzzy Logic. Thanks, Fuzzy Slippers!  

This post is linked at Catholic Bandita. Thank you, Lisa! 

This post is linked at The Daily Stink. Thanks, Corbinian! 

This post is linked at the Eye of Polyphemus. Thank you, Jamie!

This post is linked at Proof Positive. Thanks, Proof!  

This post is linked at The POH Diaries. Thank you, TPD!  

This post is linked at The TrogloPundit. Thanks, Lance!

This post is linked at Randy's Roundtable. Thank you, Randy!  

This post is linked at Bread Upon The Waters. Thanks, Quite Rightly!  

This post is linked at the Daily Pundit. Thank you, Bill! 

This post is linked at Maggie's Notebook. Thanks, Maggie!

This post is linked at Amusing Bunni's Musings. Thank you, Bunni!  

Note to everyone: the internet hates me so I don't get trackbacks to this blog. If you link to me, please let me know, because the only way I know that I've been linked to is if you tell me or I happen to come across it! I'd like to be able to thank you properly by linking back to you! Thank you.

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SignPainterGuy said...

Love and appreciation re-distribution we can believe in ! No wonder it took you a long time to piece it together !

This one I must save and fave as a directory, thanks MJ !

Thom Paine said...

Very nice MJ! Great Job! You've recognized some of the best of the best!

Jerry Wilson said...

Ah well. Maybe next year will be my turn. In the meanwhile, congrats to those selected. Fine blogs one and all.

Hank Hill said...

Many thanks for the award Zilla. I know my partner Buffoon will especially appreciate the title of first class snark since he strives for that. Seriously, he's always pesting me "We need more snark."

Thanks again, it's truly and honor coming from one of the best bloggers I know.

Blazingcatfur said...

Thank you Zilla;)

Datechguy said...

You are most kind, I'll not let this honor change me!

Chris Wysocki said...

Thanks for the award MJ! I think I'm speechless. The only other time I ever won anything is when I play Monopoly and pull the "You've won 2nd prize in a beauty contest, collect $10" card. This is way better than that!

lonely conservative said...

Not one but three awards?  Gee, thanks, Zilla! 

MattRoss said...

Thanks for the nod Zilla.  I am honored.  

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, Zilla

Aine said...

Excellent choices, Zilla. Congratulations to the award's recipients. 

Amusing Bunni said...

Thank you so much, Zilla!  I'm honored.
You have a might fine list here, and I know you are too modest, but
You should Add yourself to the list!
I will be putting my lovely award on my blog sidebar and linking back to you!
Have a fun weekend.

Granny Jan said...

THANK YOU!!!!! This is the first award I've ever received. I'll link this page. Congratulations to all the winners. Janice

Always On Watch said...

Thank you!  This will go up at Mr. AOW's site and at my site tomorrow morning.  First thing!

Proof said...

It was an honor just being nominated! Thanks!

barenakedislam said...

Thank you, Zilla. It is indeed an honor!


NiceDeb said...

Thanks for spending the time to do this. I know it took some time, and you even provided blog widgets. I'll proudly display mine.

Pinkcadlac said...

Zilla- I'm a BNI regular. I want to thank you for recognizing her, and all the other great blogs with your  most creative award!
I have so much more reading to do now, and you've helped me to narrow my list. Thanks again!

Santiago Matamoros said...

What about the "Best Blog No One's Ever Read"?

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Sorry I missed it this year, maybe next time. I'll add you to my blogroll now though, and feel free to email links to me from your blog - not only might I include them in future posts here, but I can also tweet them out and share them at a popular right-minded page that I run at facebook. I can help you go from being the "blog that nobody reads" to the "blog that is read by a couple of handfuls of people"!

James Russell said...

"I'll not let this honor change me!"

That's what they all say.

James Russell said...

So you're saying you get no respect Santiago? Rodney Dangerfield made himself popular with self-deprecating  humor. I liked yours

Tsalagiman1 said...

This is really cool, MJ! Do this every year.  While I was blogging at AOL, bloggers there had a number of awards for various things.  They're fun, and in this case, gives recognition to those who deserve it.  We all must keep exposing the left for what it really is, and reporting news that is ignored by the mainstream media.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I wanted to also recognize my favorite commenters here, but my toofache got the best of me so I had to cut my post short. You'd be the #1!  There are a bunch of blogs that I had intended to include too before the infection started acting up again. Perhaps I'll include them when I update this post, I don't want them to have to wait till next year!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

And YOU are one of my favorite commenters to BNI, Pink! That's another place where I can spend hours reading comments even if I don't say anything. Thank you for stopping by here, I am honored! 

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Great to be nominated, even better to win, congrats!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

It would have been four, but I had to cut my post short due to my dental stuff acting up before I could include "Best Broken-Armed Blogging".

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Glad you like it, Chris! You're the best thing we've ever gotten from Jersey! 

rosalie said...

Great work, Zilla!  SignPainterGuy is right, the list makes a great directory.   

Buffoon said...

Muchas Danke!

Pinkcadlac said...

You are too kind. I am glad I stopped by, and I will be spending some time checking out your blog.
I  hope your "toofache" is under control by now.
I ♥ bloggers! 

Smwbmpfjm said...

Love all these blogs! Hopefully one day, I'll be worthy company.

SignPainterGuy said...

Ouch ! Heal well and quickly, OK ?

SignPainterGuy said...

Jabber fingers !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

If you have a blog, send me your links or post a link to it here & I'll check it out!  it will give our friends here in the comments section a chance to see what you've got too!

Maggie Thornton said...

Wow! Thank you Zilla. I am honored to be included on this list of great bloggers and really appreciate all the hard work it took to put it together. Hope that tooth is better. Got my prize in my sidebar:-)

Corbinian Lash said...

Thanks, Zilla!! This is a wonderful surprise and really made my day. It's a pity I was so, so busy that I couldn't comment sooner. Congratulations to everyone else on their wins. I'm a big fan of many of the other blog winners and discovered some I hadn't heard of in the process. 

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I am shocked that you haven't been recognized for the great work you do sooner, but I am honored to be the first! Thank you for everything that you do, I am delighted that you like your award! 

JamieJeffords said...

Thank you for my award!

Kshakila13 said...

Thank for so much.. I am so thankful to everyone for making my blog a success in such a short time..
Shakila Khan

Woodsterman said...

I didn't see a "Just plain silly" category. I guess I'll just have to try harder. A lot of your winners are good friends that deserved your praise.

quite_rightly said...

Wow. Honored by Zilla is truly an honor!

There are blogs on your list that I haven't visited yet. I'll be correcting that immediately!

Bread upon the Waters

Amusing Bunni said...

I knew there was someone missing from Zilla's super Award list!  You deserve the "silly" award, if anyone does, Odie.

Amusing Bunni said...

Wow, that pic looks Smokin' Hot on my sidebar!  You Rock, Zilla!  Thanks again.

FuziSlippers said...

Wow, Zilla!  Thank you so much for the lovely award.  I'm honored to be mentioned among so many truly awesome bloggers by a truly awesome blogger. 

Proof said...

Thanks! Got you linked, too!

Gunny G said...

THANK YOU! I predict that 20 years from now, when America has its crap all in one bag again, and the liberals are forced back underground where they belong, MUCH credit will be given to ALL of us who refused to knuckle under, to be sheep, and refused to overlook the tyranny of the Left!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, Maggie! I think those fiery flames look good over at your place, and you honor me by putting it there. 

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you for all your hard work, Jamie, I am glad you like your award. :)

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, for stopping by, Shakila, you really are a terrific writer and I greatly admire your courage!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I blame my dental/sinus infection for not including as many as I would have liked to. Please feel free to email posts to me any time you like & I'll help promote them either here, at twitter, or at the popular page that I run at facebook, and I'll try to remember to add "silliest" next time.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I blame my tooth for this terrible miscarriage of blog justice. 

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I'm glad you like it, QR, and I am so happy to see so many people finding new things to check out! 

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Woohoo! I am truly honored, Bunni, thank you!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Well Fuzzy, you are fabulous and I wanted to remind everyone about that. I am so glad you like your award! 

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, Gunny! I see DISQUS is finally cooperating with you, surely a sign of better things to come for us all!
God bless you and keep up the good fight! I am honored to on the same side as you. 

Liberalmann said...

Wow, great list of all the bigoted, pea-brained site in one list, lol!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Note to the troll "Liberalmann" IP address
There is an established policy here for you and your ilk, and your comments will NOT be permitted in the comments section of this blog unless you adhere to said policy:

Angel said...

awesome hun!:)

WhoBeen said...

Maybe someday....

Teresamerica said...

Thanks so much for the Zilla blog award. That is so cool and awesome of you.  You are very generous and kind with all your linkages.  Have a wonderful day, Zilla. 

David Lemon said...

Love this. Maybe you could consider the fine arts, such as my blog.. lol. Good to see we have awards for those hard working bloggers that keep us all informed.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Send me you links! I'm not doing more awards right now, but I'm happy to share good stuff!

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