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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's Make a Miracle Happen

America's Last Real Reporter, Robert Stacy McCain has been enduring weeks of grueling on the road campaign travel to bring us the very best in Conservative coverage for the Republican Presidential Primaries, and he has been doing it all on hits to his tip jar from readers like you. Stacy now finds himself 400 miles from home with his son Jefferson and in need of a miracle.

Stacy is just about flat broke and needs our help to get back home. He needs gas money, and then after that, he will need help to get him to Florida and beyond to continue providing the very best Conservative political reporting and insights that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Whether you can spare only a dollar or if you can give a whole lot more, please visit The Other McCain right now and Hit Stacy's Tip Jar. Stacy says he needs a miracle; be that miracle, please. Let's give the man something to smile about and help him and his boy get home!

We need Stacy McCain, because our news media fails us at every turn, so please help him out - do it for America!

This is for you, Stacy, one of my favorite songs, and sung by a man wearing a fedora, even:

Godspeed, Stacy.

UPDATE: Stacy has made it back home and it looks like he will be going to Florida! Thank you to everyone who helped him, and if you haven't yet, please consider hitting his tip jar so he doesn't find himself hundreds of miles from home and broke again while working for all of us!

This post is linked at Blazing Cat Fur. Thank you, BCF! 

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BlueJeansandLace said...

I had to share this. We street level reporters need to join forces to keep going. MSM sucks on so many levels that true what's going on comes from folks like us.

PaulLemmen said...

Gave you a hat tip and linkage on this ... put up an article linking his blog (and another to his tip jar). Not much I can do otherwise until after the 3rd of next month ... too late for the Florida Debates and primary. Also put up an new article at

Natasha said...

Good for you, Zilla, for doing this for McCain. He's one of my faves, and he's donated to my blog before, so it's time I returned the favor!

MattRoss said...

Late to the dance, but I'll do a link to his stories.  

Edge of the Sandbox said...

Zilla, I hope to hear bout your progress with antibiotics.
Edge of the Sandbox

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Sad to say, I am nearly done with the third round and am sicker than ever! now in addition to the thing up in my jaw, sinus and right ear, it appears to have spread to my lungs as well and now I am coughing up all kinds of horrible stuff. I am still running low-grade fevers accompanied by chills on and off all day and night despite the fact that my pain meds have fever reducers in them, I hurt all over and am very very tired. That is why I haven't been blogging, I just can't focus for very long at all; I'll research ideas and have a dozen or so tabs open and ready to go and then need to lie down. Sigh. I post to that page I run at facebook, here:
which autofeeds feeds to my Twitter a few times a day but mostly just taking care of the kids is wiping me out.
Thank you for checking in on me though, it is nice to have friends who care! I will try to get a new post up soon even if it is just a link-around with an update on my health.
There is good news though: since the Dextrosphere rescued us we not only cleared up the snowballing power bill which was killing us for so long, we got caught up on a few others as well which will help to keep us from falling so far behind again and maybe, just maybe, start to get back on our feet! It is a glorious feeling to have that weight off of us, because no matter how many long hard hours my husband put in at his job or how many of our possessions we sold, we just could not get caught up or even close to it before, and past due bills always snowball when you can only scrape together enough just to shut them up for a few weeks at a time but never clear the balance - and we just kept falling further behind, but now we have a real shot at staying on top of  things and while it will still be a struggle, at least we are no longer hanging off the edge of a cliff by our fingertips.

Michael Swartz said...

That's good news! I updated my original post on the plight among us with what's happened with you and Robert Stacy McCain. 

But the sad thing is there's probably a few thousand other conservative bloggers struggling to get by. I know I'm trying to add to my link list.

Edge of the Sandbox said...

I'm sorry this round didn't work.  Be gentle on your body, take your time and rest.

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