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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flames, Fevers, Furnaces, and Other Fun Stuff

TrogloPundit did not win a Zilla Award this year, but he has generously created a graphic for anyone else who did not get one that they can proudly display wherever they like:

There are lot more Bloggers who I had wanted to honor in my Awards post, and more categories that I wanted to include, but I was not feeling well and ended up cutting the post short. I feel bad for leaving off some faves who should have been recognized but weren't, hopefully I'll do better next time.

After nearly a full week on antibiotics, my Dental Hell is as bad as ever, the tooth and sinus are still painful and all pressurey, and, the fevers, chills, body aches and exhaustion are really doing a number on me. One thing I did notice though was that about a day or so after I began the antibiotics, I would have a period of a few hours a day when I felt better, not just the tooth and sinus, but also the all over pain that I've been complaining about for months which cannot be attributed to my existing nerve damage problems was also lessened, and I had energy to do some things around the house which I hadn't enjoyed for a long time. Sadly, those little waves of relief were short lived and haven't visited me for the past few days, but it does lead me to believe that some of the recent misery is due to something that can be treated, perhaps there is something going on elsewhere in my body besides the tooth and sinus causing the trouble and maybe more or better antibiotics can take care of it, or perhaps the Lyme Disease is back.

My friend 1389 explained in a comment to my last dental post that she once had exactly the symptoms I'm suffering from and it was due to a non-dental abscess, it is the first time I have seen anyone else describe first hand experience of  how I have been feeling. I will call my dentist to see if I should do another round of the same antibiotics or if he can suggest a better one today, and if I am not feeling better soon, I'll try to get to a regular doctor.

From the department of "it never freaking ends", we have no heat in my house at the moment (aside from a portable heater), because of some crap going on with the furnace that I do not understand. Luckily is is not too cold out today, just rainy. Over the past couple of months, we have had to repair the hot water heater, then this tank thingy that sits above the furnace to help pressurize the steam to heat the house or something, and now my furnace (or whatever is attached to it) has forgotten how to send heat to the radiators in the house, but we still have hot water at least. Fortunately, hubby is handy and will be able to fix it, but it will require buying parts, I don't know how much they'll cost, but it's another expense we can scarcely afford. The hits just keep coming and it seems to never freaking end. Speaking of hits, if you're in the mood to be helpful, please consider hitting my tip jar, because we really could use some help and honestly no amount is too small to be able to make a difference for me and my family.

But enough about me and my crankiness, let's check out some good stuff from some of our Blogger friends to lighten things up a bit...

The Mad Jewess has created a gorgeous and heavenly picture at her place, and she shares some lovely music videos. Go check them out. Also, she honors me in her sidebar with an awesome graphic which links to this blog when clicked:

Thank you, Donna!

The Daily Stink has something that is definitely NOT stinky for everyone's enjoyment, and to help us to carry on. See You've Got the Love and know that you do.

Woodsterman shares a story involving prayer, ice cream, and a precious young boy that you absolutely must read: Tear Jerker 

Obama has a Democratic challenger, and he's a perfect fit for the party. He's also already taking primary votes from Barry! Learn more at Randy's Roundtable.

At the Jawa Report, a jihad pushing islamic cleric claims that pictures of his nearly naked daughter clutching her boobs (because she is a stripper and that's kinda what they do) is due to a Jewish conspiracy to make the terrorist Al Qaeda supporting preacher look bad. The girl certainly looks better than she probably did in a burka, and her father doesn't need any help looking bad, he already has demonstrated that he is a moron.

Mind Numbed Robot Loves Texas and tells us why.

I have yet succeed in dragging my besty Tlchimes over to the Right side of the political spectrum, but she is a lovable Wingless Moderate Extremist who is doing her best to care for her family, which includes precious children who have severe medical and special needs issues, and she is a shining light against the darkness in the city of  Detroit. Please read her poem, Fire and Ice, and if you can, maybe throw a couple of bucks in her tip jar to help remind her that there are still good and caring people in the world. She uses her tip jar to help provide for the kids' considerable medical and other needs.

The Laughing Conservative has more details on perpetually angry looking Michelle Obama's reaction to the allegations that she is angry, HERE.

MOTUS has the scoop on where the "rumor" that Michelle Obama is "angry" came from, it was Barry who started it! Be sure to visit MOTUS and watch Michelle stomp out those rumors. Stomp stomp stomp!

The Pagan Temple has video of what happens when a lion meets a little girl, kind of reminds me of my house cats looking at my fish tank.

Last but not least, this post at iOwnTheWorld cracked me up. Gotta love that language barrier!

I am now off to do some mom stuff, and if I can get away with it, rest for a bit. I'll try to get back here with new posts soon. Consider the comments section below an open thread, and if you have interesting links, please feel free to share them there, or send them to me in an email. Have a nice day!

This post is linked in Live At Five at The Other McCain. Thank you, Wombat! 

This post is linked at The Lonely Conservative. Thanks, TLC!

Note to my fellow bloggers: the internet hates me so I don't get trackbacks to this blog. If you link to me, please let me know, because the only way I know that I've been linked to is if you tell me or I happen to come across it! I'd like to be able to thank you properly by linking back to you! Thank you.

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aardvark said...

Sorry to hear about your health issues. Boy, do I understand! But imagine how much better you'll be once ObamaCare really kicks in -- no, wait...

Tammy Sandeen said...

You know I try to... I just can't get behind either side right now... they all scare me. That's why I think we need a nice new and improved government. A real for the people, by the people, out of my personal life .....

I'm sorry you are going through so much right now. I wish I was closer so I could help. Maybe a nice person knows a heating guy that can check things out cheap or free? It'll get better. I'm just glad the winter is mild. We have had wood donated to us. It is the only reason we are warm.

Thank you for the plug.... ((((hugs))) any help I get is a true blessing.

Jill said...

It sounds to me (not a doctor, just Doctor Mom) that your antibiotic isn't working. I'd ask for a different one. Praying for your quick recovery.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Hubby has a buddy who is a heating guy, the thing can be fixed, without hiring anyone, cuz the boyz are handy like that, but the parts still ain't free. I'm glad that you're warm. Hope things get better for you soon too. 

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks, Jill. I just got off the phone with the dentists office, they are calling in a different prescription to the pharmacy right now. It's one used to treat resistant infections, so hopefully it'll do the trick! 

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Let's hope we get a new POTUS to get rid of Obamacare before it starts sorting us out for euthanization! 

Woodsterman said...

Thank you for the link. It must be that time of year. I, myself, have had a flu like illness for about ten days, and I'm growing quite wary of it. A dentist can probably cure that problem of yours in about an hour. Ask for his easy payment plan.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Actually, they can't fix it that easily, as I explained in earlier posts. There are complications upon complications and I have half a root canal done that they can't finish until the infection is gone. I can't have the tooth pulled because it holds up a bridge and would result in my losing all the upper molars on that side of my mouth. This is but the latest episode in a long sucky saga.
I hope your tooth feels better soon though!

Randy G said...

Best wishes Zilla, and thanks much for the linkagery.

Pad Dar said...

I wanted to make that GIF larger, but wordpress didnt let me!  TY for the link my dear!
-The Mad Jewess

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I never could figure out how to do most things on WordPress, even though I have a spare blog there, which is why I've stuck with Blogger - and after what happened to Bare Naked islam, I'm glad that I did! I LOVE the picture, except I am more likely to carry a hatchet, cuz I'm mean like that. LOL

Robot said...

Hi Zilla dahlinf. Hope your troubles dissapear in that furnace soon! Here's hoping you find smoother waters in the near future. And thanks a ton for the linkage!
God blees! ~'bot

MNRobot said...

Tried to post using my smart phone but I guess I'm too stoopid to use one. :)  Hope your troubles disappear in that furnace soon, Zilla. God bless you, my friend. And thanks fore the mighty Zilla linkage! ~ 'bot

MNRobot said...

Tried to post using my smart phone but I guess I'm too stoopid to use
one. :)  Hope your troubles disappear in that furnace soon, Zilla. God
bless you, my friend. And thanks fore the mighty Zilla linkage! ~ 'bot

MNRobot said...

Yep. Too comment properly. That whole mind-numbed thang may be catching up to me. lol

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank YOU for your friendship! I meant to have an award for best Drunken Automaton Blogger,  but as I explained in the post, I needed to cut it short & go lie down. Make more posts so I can try to make it up to you by linking more. :)
Is your foot all better now?

1389 said...

For your next round of awards, I'd like to nominate a Best Balkans Blog: Julia Gorin's Republican Riot.

1389 said...

IMO they probably need to put you on an IV bag with one of the super-powerful and seldom-used antibiotics, such as vancomycin, to hold the germs at bay long enough to do the oral surgery. I know that's a "last-resort" antibiotic, but it's for infections that won't succumb to anything else.

Amusing Bunni said...

I hope your are feeling better, Zilla.  That is a cool "loser" award!

Teresamerica said...

That's awful that your going through so much pain. I hope you feel better real soon, Zilla.  Sorry to hear about your furnace troubles.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. 

William_Teach said...

Well, as any good pirate will tell you, the answer is.....rum. Rum will solve anything.

Feel better, Zilla!

MNRobot said...

Yes, Z. My foot is better. Thanks. Now if I can get some ointment for a broken heart, I'll be much better. Alas, no such salve exists. Maybe I'll take Teach's advice. Rum!

Get better soon, my friend.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Awww... (((hugs))) I am sorry for your heartbreak!

Linda Starr said...

Zilla, I have linked to a couple of your stories over the last month or more and not mentioned it here (too busy, forgot, didn't want to always push my face into things). Why not set up a free Google Alert for this blog (I have one and it's cool)? Plus, Social Mention says their Alerts will be back up and running soon--I miss getting mine and can't wait till they're back up and running.

edge of the sandbox said...

Hope you get better soon.  It sounds like you might need a different antibiotic. 

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