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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Take Your "Outrage" and SHOVE IT! Victory Tinkle Edition

It will be a cold day in hell before I ever side with genocidal, islamic supremacist, terrorist, primitive, ignorant, backward, evil savages (who want to kill us, have killed us, and are plotting to kill us again at every opportunity), and their anti-American, limp-wristed, hand-wringing, gutless, yellow-bellied, lily-livered, spineless, sycophant enablers over our brave and heroic troops who risk and even sacrifice their lives every damned day for this country. Woe to those who are bitching and moaning because a couple of dead jihadi TERRORISTS got a little tinkle on their carcasses.
Piss be upon them all. I pee on their "outrage".

Where is the outrage when mohamadeen savages behead, mutilate, rape, butcher, and burn Americans and even drag their bodies through the streets and/or hang them from bridges? Where is the outrage when mohamadeen savages throw acid in little girls' and women's faces, cut noses and ears off of women and girls, chop the breast from a nursing mother and try to force other women to eat it, molest very young little girls and even babies, kill their own daughters, torture gays and kill them, demand murder for anyone who leaves islam or dares to criticize it, blow up churches full of people, fire on our troops who are assigned to HELP THEM, hijack planes full of innocent people and fly them into buildings full of thousands more innocent people, wipe out entire communities of non-muslims through genocidal rampages, and force non-muslims to capitulate to their ridiculous demands for "respect" even as they continue to KILL US and plot to kill us some more and when they tell us in their own words that they want to destroy everything non-islamic so that their bloody tyrannical pedophiliac death cult can dominate the world?

The terror-tied, Hamas linked, sharia pushing, jihad enabling, islamic supremacist front group for the genocidal Muslim Brotherhood known as CAIR is apoplectic upon learning that dead islamic TERRORISTS got peed on. Here is a reminder of what they stand for:
The Muslim Brotherhood is a genocidal islamic supremacist terrorist organization which is quickly gaining power all over the Middle East thanks, in large part, to the enabling of the anti-American and anti-Israeli "islam first" policies of Barack Hussein Obama. The Muslim Brotherhood does not seek to limit islamic domination over all people just to the Middle East, though, they also have intentions for the West, including the United States of America, here is what they have to say about that, in their own words:
The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion [islam] is made victorious over all other religions.
Here is the official Muslim brotherhood motto (in their own words):
Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.
The sharia (brutal, oppressive and  misogynistic islamic law) pushing, terror tied, jihad enabling, anti-free speech CAIR (Council on Islamic-American Relations) is one of numerous Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the United States, and for some reason, CAIR is seen by many politicians and the mainstream media as the "go-to" spokespeople for the illusory "moderate muslim view". CAIR it bills itself as a "civil rights organization", although the only "rights" it stands for are for muslims to be given rights and privileges that are denied to everybody else and/or that muslims be exempted from rules and laws which everybody else in this country must adhere to. CAIR's true intentions for the United States of America are never brought up by those who bow and scrape before them out of fear that they be stigmatized with the fictitious Orwellian label "islamophobe" but their intentions for us must not be ignored. Here is what CAIR intends for the United States of America, again, in their own words:
"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."
- Omar Ahmad, chairman and co-founder of CAIR - 1998
These people ARE THE ENEMY, and we're supposed to give a rat's ass what they think about anything?

Here's a round-up of quotes and links from what others are saying in Dextrosphere about the hysterical over-reaction of islamic supremacists and their leftist enablers over a little bit of tinkle on some dead jihadi TERRORISTS:

Gateway Pundit:
Private Kristian Menchaca (left) of Houston and Private Thomas Tucker of Oregon were captured by terrorists in Iraq, hacked to death, their eyes gouged, their bodies defiled. The bodies of the two soldiers were apparently dragged behind utility vehicles before being mutilated.  RTR
And now there is talk that this could put a crimp in the peaceful style of the "grab the ankles and run away" exit strategy that the OinC has in mind for Afghanistan; certainly timed to go along with his class warfare "eat the rich" super-dee-duper successful campaign strategy.  Al-Reuters has their panties firmly bunched because they think this might stir anti-American sentiment after a decade of war.  Really?  This is what is gonna lose the war for us?  The fact that we are attempting to satisfy these subhuman POS's from the 7th Century who behead those who will not comply tells me just how far we have fallen down the rabbit hole.
The nature of warriors is something that only warriors will ever know.  Those that have never experienced this will never know why these men felt the need to do what they did.  But if our military is going to be effective in the long run, our enemies must fear us.  They must believe that we are capable of unspeakable evil and every now and then, we have to pull back the curtain a little and let them see a smidgen of what we are holding the lid on while we bomb them further into the stone age.  That fear of what those warriors are capable of will save lives.  RTWT
The Weekly Standard has the reaction of American HERO, and former Army Lieutenant Colonel, Congressman Allen West:
“I have sat back and assessed the incident with the video of our Marines urinating on Taliban corpses. I do not recall any self-righteous indignation when our Delta snipers Shugart and Gordon had their bodies dragged through Mogadishu. Neither do I recall media outrage and condemnation of our Blackwater security contractors being killed, their bodies burned, and hung from a bridge in Fallujah.
“All these over-emotional pundits and armchair quarterbacks need to chill. Does anyone remember the two Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division who were beheaded and gutted in Iraq?
“The Marines were wrong. Give them a maximum punishment under field grade level Article 15 (non-judicial punishment), place a General Officer level letter of reprimand in their personnel file, and have them in full dress uniform stand before their Battalion, each personally apologize to God, Country, and Corps videotaped and conclude by singing the full US Marine Corps Hymn without a teleprompter.
“As for everyone else, unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell.”
Of course the Mighty Warrior for Freedom Pamela Geller has been all over this from the beginning...
Via Atlas Shrugs:
Hamas-tied CAIR, once again sides with jihadists against the US military. Always. Apparently they are a  "Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization" for jihadists and Taliban and Al-Shabaab, Hamas, Hezb'allah, et al).

CAIR has whipped itself up into an Islamic frenzy because  a video surfaced that appears to show US Marines combat gear urinating on several dead jihadis.

Here's the thing. Hamas liars, CAIR, say jihad and pure Islam is "fringe," "extremist." So why do they CAIR about disrespecting the Taliban? According to CAIR lies, Taliban and jihadists do not represent Islam, they have "hijacked Islam"; so why would CAIR care about "respect"? CAIR calls these Marines immoral, but considers honor killings, clitorectomies, forced marriage, child marriage, polygamy, subjugation of women, slaughter of non-Muslims, Jew hatred moral?

Would anyone have CAIRed if Marines urinated on dead Nazi soldiers during WWII? (Anyone besides CAIR and nazis, that is).

I love these Marines. Perhaps this is the infidel interpretation of the Islamic ritual of washing and preparing the body for burial.  MORE HERE
That righteous sentiment from Pamela Geller predictably got the anti-American islamic supremacist jackasses at CAIR even more "offended" (like we should give a pig's fart what offends those who side with people who want to kill us, have killed us and will keep on killing us we stop them) and they attacked Pamela and her readers in addition to the United States Marines:
We have a racist group, Hamas-CAIR, telling the Defense department what they want done to avenge an offense against jihadists trying to kill our soldiers. It's astonishing.

Notoriously anti-American Hamas-CAIR has issued one of their priceless hate and fatwa-inducing missives attacking my very funny post: CAIR Condemns Alleged "Desecration" of Dead Jihadists by U.S. Marines in Afghanistan

Apparently, the pro-jihad group feigns moral outrage at these US Marines. They are morally superior because their ideology sanctions honor kilings, child marriage, polygamy, clitorectomies, women as chattel, subjugation and oppression of women, persecution and slaughter of non-Muslims, Jew-hatred, etc.

So let me be perfectly clear. I DO love those Marines. We are at war with an enemy that means to slaughter us and overthrow the United States of America. I don't CAIR that these Marines wee wee'ed on murderous savages.

Hamas in America wants to bully, intimidate me and all Americans into respecting bloodthirsty savages. It. will. never. happen. Ever.

Those US Marines didn't cut their heads or testicles off, dismember them, hang them from trees or drag their bodies through the streets.
Our boys won the battle.
War is hell.
They could have died, but they lived.
 They won.
*Victory tinkle*

So what?

Hamas in America, CAIR, want to harrass and threaten anyone who doesn't toe their line. Don't do it. Do not be cowed. Push back.

Notice all of the Islamic lies in the CAIR press release. It's all a propaganda campaign to destroy freedom's defenders. BTW, Hyatt apologized and gave me free space for my Jessica Mokdad Human Conference on April 29th  in Dearborn. Free, CAIR, free.

BTW, who released the video?

And Senator Rubio made remarks to the Tea Party Event I spoke at in Daytona. Hamas-CAIR was banned/univited to that Tea Party state convention. CAIR breathes, CAIR lies. It's air to the Muslim Brotherhoodlums. 
Read the rest of Pamela's post to see what idiocy CAIR is spewing now because I won't voluntarily link to the cretins if I don't have to.

Pamela was interviewed on CBS News affiliate WTSP about all the hubbub and she nails it when she says, "So What?" See the video HERE and be sure to read the litany of stories she lists there that the sharia compliant dhimmimedia has done everything it can to avoid reporting, or dishonestly minimizes if they cover it at all, because said stories reveal the ugly and violent truth about islam.

Like Pamela, I love the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces, and I love my friend Pamela Geller, and I despise the islamic terrorists and their treasonous defenders.

Dana Loesch would pee on the terrorists, and notes how absurd it is that the left would have our Marines get all huggy-poo with the islamic TERRORISTS who keep trying to KILL THEM (and us). Read about it at Gateway Pundit, and know that I'd happily pee on dead terrorists too, because they are evil and deserve NO respect at all.

Corbinian Lash at The Daily Stink would also happily pee on islamic TERRORISTS and has a great post with lots of links and video for your enjoyment. HERE is an excerpt of what Corbinian had to say:
I’d piss on the body of a dead child-raping, innocent-people-murdering, suicide-bombing Taliban jihadi any day. The Taliban are barbaric, sadist, devilish. Absolutely worse than animals. Screw the Left, and eternal shame on them for trying to besmirch our soldiers and harm the reputation of our Marines. That’s what this really is all about.  READ THE WHOLE THING
I had commented there and Corbinian added it to the body of the blog post, here is what I said, and I stand by every word (relevant hyperlinks and typo correction added by me):
Our troops have been banned from farting near muslims (who are trying to kill them) and they have been banned from peeing in the direction of mecca. So perhaps the direction at the backs of the men peeing on dead TERRORISTS is west, and this was the best way to avoid breaking Obama’s idiotic rule about not offending perpetually offended muslims (who are trying to kill us). And one more thing, I DON’T CARE about what happened at Abu Ghraib, those were TERRORISTS too, fuckum. I will stand with our troops who risk and even sacrifice their lives for us every damned day, no matter what, and I will NEVER take up the cause of the TERRORISTS, who are killing us, over our Troops. They can take their outrage and shove it. Piss be upon them all. CAIR can suck it. 
Bare Naked Islam reminds us of what mohamadeens do to captured Americans HERE and how the taliban has children as young as 12 trained to behead captives, HERE.

Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish really drives home the point about the absurdity of the "outrage" is from the mohamadeens and their islamocoddling sympathizers:
In case you haven't heard some US soldiers might have urinated on dead Taliban fighters. Hopefully they did it facing in the direction away from Mecca, as American soldiers have been ordered to do to avoid offending Muslims, and that the dead Taliban didn't have Korans in their pockets at the time or it'll be a holy war. Oh wait it already is a holy war.

McCain, fresh from being saddened by the Communist attacks on Bain Capital, announced that he was saddened by the video and wanted the marines punished. Because having trials and routing that sort of thing through a military justice system rather than through the fiat of sad senators isn't how we do things anymore.

Good news though, the Taliban have announced that the video will not prevent them from accepting our surrender anyway.

Noted kleptomaniac and humanitarian Hamid Karzai denounced the video as "completely inhumane." Speaking of "Completely inhumane", there's Karzai's buddy Abdul Rab Rasoul Sayyaf. Abdul is the head of the Islamic Union who was a pal of Osama bin Laden and a mentor to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Here's some of his very "humane" handiwork. During the Afshar massacre, Sayyaf's Wahhabis, with Saudi funding, massacred Shiite men,  women and children. But that is humane. Unlike urinating on a dead Taliban.

The Taliban have also denounced it as inhumane.
The Taliban initially indicated that the video would not undermine the push toward talks, saying that they saw it as just more evidence of what they said was American brutality and arrogance.

“We strongly condemn the inhuman act of wild American soldiers, as ever, and consider this act in contradiction with all human and ethical norms,”
But let's hear it from the Taliban what they consider "humane" behavior.

"You must become so notorious for bad things that when you come into an area people will tremble in their sandals. Anyone can do beatings and starve people. I want your unit to find new ways of torture so terrible that the screams will frighten even crows from their nests and if the person survives he will never again have a night's sleep."
Instead of just searching for criminals, the night patrols were instructed to seek out people watching videos, playing cards or, bizarrely, keeping caged birds. Men without long enough beards were to be arrested, as was any woman who dared venture outside her house. Even owning a kite became a criminal offence.

"Basically any form of pleasure was outlawed," Mr Hassani said, "and if we found people doing any of these things we would beat them with staves soaked in water - like a knife cutting through meat - until the room ran with their blood or their spines snapped. Then we would leave them with no food or water in rooms filled with insects until they died.

"We always tried to do different things: we would put some of them standing on their heads to sleep, hang others upside down with their legs tied together. We would stretch the arms out of others and nail them to posts like crucifixions.

"Sometimes we would throw bread to them to make them crawl. Then I would write the report to our commanding officer so he could see how innovative we had been."
Is there anything in there to make McCain "sad"? Anything to make Obama question negotiating with the Taliban? Don't count on it.

Urine washes out but there are worse stains on the soul. Like sitting down at a table with filth like this and accepting medals from the moneymen funding the murder of Americans. Urine washes out. Evil doesn't.  MUCH MORE HERE
Something else you need to think about - the timing of the video's release. Why now?
Via Atlas Shrugs:
Who leaked the marine video? That is the real story. The timing of its release is deliberate and points to the ugliest of motives.
Our boys and girls are coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan after ten years of battling an enemy so evil and bloodthirsty that most Americans would weep if they had any idea what these savages do, how they "live" and die. The people haven't a real clue, because an enemedia obfuscates and either under-reports or doesn't report at all the actual news -- and when they do, they speak affectionately of an enemy so brutal and bloodthirsty that it defies the Western mind. Jihadis did far worse to American corpses in Fallujah and Somalia, and it was excused, downplayed, denied, forgotten. But this? The coverage is nonstop.
Our troops are coming home, and this story breaks? Now? Why? So that our troops have a Vietnam welcome? So that the American people will rebuke our returning soldiers? The victory tinkle took place in Spring or Summer of 2011. Why now?
The media is all over the victory tinkle like maggots on dead flesh. The nonstop reportage focuses on the "outrage." Whose? Theirs, that of the enemedia and our enemies. Americans by and large think it's no BFD. And they're right.
Today, the NY times is setting up the next media fiction to save the destroyer in the White House. Get this: the NY Times is advancing the idea that the Marines are responsible for the failure of Obama's "peace" negotiations with these soulless savages. As if.
Think about the timing of the tinkle news drop. You. are. being. so. played, America. READ THE WHOLE THING
I ain't buying what the islamic terrorists and their pinhead sympathizers are selling, they are the enemy. They can take their "outrage" and SHOVE IT!  Piss be upon them all.

Note: If you agree with this post, and you can't find a jihadi to go and pee on, the next best thing you can do is to Hit My Tip Jar and help me stay online, because the enemy would love nothing more than to shut people like me up!

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Corbinian Lash said...

Thank you for these righteous commentaries! Added to my blog. 

Randy G said...

You sound a bit pissed Zilla, to bad there are no dead achmed the terrorist around...Piss on em all is right!

SignPainterGuy said...

This faux outrage really gets under my skin; it`s ridiculous ! We`ve all read and heard the stories related in Zilla`s post and many more about the horrendous things these vermin do to our fighting men and even their own people. I just cannot feel any shame for these Marines and what they did. I have to ask, is it too late for them to start carrying squeeze bottles of bacon grease ?

Good job again Zilla showing what is really happening, knowing the enamedia won`t !

Diogenes Sarcastica said...

Zilla, sometime I wish you would come out of that shell and tell us how you really feel! *wink*

Bob Almighty said...

Well done Zilla.  This one needs to go into an archive or something in case we need to reference it again.  Amazing research!

Here's the thing:  CAIR, Karzai, the others, why are they so in love with TALIBAN corpses??  Why are they standing up for the Taliban?  I thought they hated the Taliban.  I thought they were our allies in a war to stop the Taliban from, say, cutting off women's noses.

Thanks CAIR, now we know you're Taliban.

Lady Liberty 1885 said...

Added to tomorrow's morning links and posting on my facebook page now!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I am known for being thorough, that's why so many of my posts are so long - so they an be used as reference material by anyone who may need it. 

Pinkcadlac said...

Beautifully done, Zilla. Thank you...going on my FB page.

Amusing Bunni said...

Great post, Zilla, 100% agreed.  I too, question the timing and the leakage of this.  I bet the dancing queen was behind it all.
PS:  My latest post, I linked your wonderful awards and blog.

Kaafir said...

Thanks for saying what was needed saying. To bad the media won't read this..I feel the same way. Piss on CAIR and their group.

Lee said...

I just saw a story about a 7 year old killed because he was a 'spy'.  Remember the story I posted a few years ago about the school full of girls who burned to death? The doors weren't opened because they didn't have their coverings on.

If the idiots that are so outraged at the peeing on of corpses ask the corpses had to do the fighting, I bet they would have done the same thing.

Hank Hill said...

Wow, I was gonna leave a clever snarky comment but you said it all better than anything I can come up with.

rosalie said...

I'm glad to see your post on this.  There needs to be many more.  Allen West told the idiots who feel sorry for the enemy to "shut up; war is hell".  We need more politicians like him. 

rosalie said...

You may know this already, Zilla, but Gateway Pundit has linked you.

Kim Harrison said...

I linked this to my newest blog post and have shared it on Facebook as well! I truly hope you are feeling some what better!!

Anne_from_Victoria said...

It is odd that someone chose to "share" this video.  As far as I am concerned, CAIR sucks.  Thanks for the round-up.

Subvet said...

Bravo and well said. I agree with Rep. West, let the military handle this problem and anyone who has never been shot at by the Taliban just STFU!

Charles Johnson said...

Put a link on my Facebook page. 

I'm with you 100%

Mmsimdiv said...

Every word is true. Kudos to you, Zilla, for speaking the truth.

1389 said...

I would prefer that any Marines who kill the enemy be required to either piss, take a dump, or spit on the enemy dead, AND sprinkle them with Bacon Bits.

Anybody objecting to this should be hanged for treason forthwith.

And that's that.


PatriotUSA said...

Perfect and well said. Posting on my site with a link back to yours.

Disgusting how the reaction is to this and low brow, camel piss drinking mussies desecrate, mutilate and hack our soldiers and thousands of innocent victtims to pieces and nothing ever gets said about those acts by our cowardly politicians or the LSM.

Lemmingsrnotusdamnit said...


F......! em!

Boudica Bpi said...

Burn a Qur'an Piss on a Taliban

Hope the marines were facing Mecca when they pissed on them.

Twg said...

AMEN!  Piss on 'em all, and hog crap be upon him.  Linked to my blog THEWAKINGGIANT.COM

voted against carter said...


Do your own research about it if you don't know what this means.


islam strives for world domination. 

The quran commands muslims to exercise jihad.

The quran commands muslims to establish shariah law. 

The quran commands muslims to impose islam on the entire world.

islam is NOT a religion, it IS a totalitarian ideology. 

islam IS and has remained a death cult from its beginnings.

islam wants to dominate all aspects of life, from the cradle to the grave. 

shariah law is a law that controls every detail of life in a islamic society. 

From civic- and family law to criminal law. 

It determines how one should eat, dress and even use the toilet. 

Oppression of women is good, drinking alcohol is bad. 

The core of the quran is the call to jihad. 

Jihad means a lot of things and is arabic for battle. 

islam means submission, there cannot be any mistake about its goal. 

islam and freedom, islam and democracy are not compatible. 

They are opposite values. 

mohamed's "wife" was six years old. 

That makes m o h a m e d a P  E  D  O  P  H  I  L  E!!! 

And you want to base a "religion" on this a z s -holes rantings?

Are you INSANE?

I STAND with Israel Feel free to copy the above post around the web.

quite_rightly said...

How much more appropriate was the send-off by these ground troops than the one 0 arranged for Osama bin Laden?

PaulLemmen said...

Fan-damn-tastic post! Linked to a post inspired by this in my blog

Jim R said...

OMG! Bacon bits too. You are a  cruel bastid.

Andrea said...

THANK YOU - that is exactly what needed to be said. Reposted via PatriotUSA

Cube said...

Reminds me of a favorite line from a Clint Eastwood movie after the dimwit motorcycle gang got covered with tar:

"Can't just leave 'em here, dogs'll come along and piss on 'em."

The Marines did the dead ragheads a favor.

A6768Namvet said...

People who haven't been in war and seen it firsthand have no frickin' business criticizing what these Marines did!! They don't know the horror and hell they have been through fighting these subhuman SOB's!! If ignorance is bliss, then the left wingers crying about this are deliriously happy!!

diamond dave said...

The Marines should be court-martialed for acting like stupid teens instead of professional soldiers and videotaping their act, thus letting something that should have stayed on the battlefield end up in the media's hands and undergo the unsympathetic scrutiny of those who have no idea what war is like.  

diamond dave said...

The Marines should be court-martialed for acting like stupid teens instead of professional soldiers and videotaping their act, thus letting something that should have stayed on the battlefield end up in the media's hands and undergo the unsympathetic scrutiny of those who have no idea what war is like.  

diamond dave said...

The Marines should be court-martialed for acting like stupid teens instead of professional soldiers and videotaping their act, thus letting something that should have stayed on the battlefield end up in the media's hands and undergo the unsympathetic scrutiny of those who have no idea what war is like.  

Anonymous said...

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