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Monday, September 6, 2010

Marginalized by Party & Media but Deserving of Recognition and Respect

Gail Goode is  liberal Democrat who is running against New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in the New York State Democratic primary on September 14. While I disagree with her stand on pretty much all the issues that are important to me, she has earned my respect. As a registered Republican, I can't vote in the Dem primary and I have already chosen who I'll be voting for in the GOP primary here (also on September 14), that person is David Malpass, but I am disgusted by the way the Dem machine and the mainstream media has marginalized and ignored Ms. Goode. I don't like it when anyone gets treated like crap, even if it somebody I have ideological differences with. The media and the Democratic party would have New Yorkers think that Gillibrand is running unopposed, and they actively worked overtime to make that a reality by muscling out all prior competition that would have challenged Gillibrand in this year's primary.

In order to even get on the ballot for the upcoming Dem primary, Ms. Goode needed to get signatures to a petition; she collected over 45,000 signatures - three times the amount needed. Gail Goode spent her life's savings to get on the ballot as well.

Unlike Senator Gillibrand who is a serial flip-flopper who changes her position on important issues based on political expediency alone and NOT in the interest of New Yorkers at all, Gail Goode remains steadfast on issues she believes in. As I stated before, I do not agree with Ms. Goode's positions, but I respect her faithfulness to her beliefs. At least with Gail Goode, you know what you're getting, unlike Kirsten Gillibrand who has no scruples and will bend whichever way the political winds blow in order to obtain or retain a position of power.

Conservatives and liberals alike have plenty of reason not to trust Senator Gillibrand. She is loyal to nothing and nobody, you cannot count on her to stand for anything for very long because she falls for everything.

The "fourth estate" that is the press and the DNC are truly doing a disservice to liberal and Democrat voters in the State of New York by neglecting to inform them that they DO have a choice on September 14 and that there is somebody who would represent them honestly and faithfully on the issues that are important to them.

Gail Goode may not have my vote, but she has my respect. Good luck, Ms. Goode, I hope to see you debate my candidate of choice in the days leading up to November 2.

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