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Monday, December 26, 2011

Resister Updates: Instalanche Edition

Happy day after Christmas! Santa brought me my first ever Instalanche! Here at the Resister house we enjoyed a lovely holiday filled with presents for the kids and yummy food for all, thanks in large part to the magnificent Tip Jar Hitters who also helped to keep me online. Thank you all so very much!

The post that caught the attention of the benevolent Professor Reynolds is the post about the lack of support that Conservative Bloggers get from the right, but thanks to the Instalanche, I am feeling a little less like chopped liver and more like ground beef. There IS a Santa Claus!

We're all still sick here, but the joy of Christmas made my kids feel a lot better, which of course made my husband and I feel better too!

I found some "constructive criticism" in the comments section of the "chopped liver" post; among the litany of things that I've apparently been doing wrong is the color scheme here. Do you think I should ditch the rose-colored pages and paint it all white? (The flames are staying, they don't call me "Fiery Zilla" for nothing!)

Another complaint is that my posts are too long, so I'll try to make this particular post less long than usual. Here are a few links for your enjoyment:

The Lonely Conservative has broken her wrist, please pray for her complete healing, maybe you could also stop by her place leave her some kind words and perhaps hit her tip jar to cheer her up?

America's Last REAL Reporter, Robert Stacy McCain, is in Iowa for caucus madness. He reports that Rick Santorum (who I endorsed) had a successful hunting trip today. Stacy provides all the best coverage and is traveling on Tip Jar funds, so please help him out if you can, he is going to New Hampshire after the Iowa primaries.

Datechguy explains why the invented race-hustling grievance mongering marxism pushing "holiday" of kwanzaa is a big fat failure for the left. He has a Tip Jar too, by the way, and could really use some help!

MOTUS shows us that even cute little kids want Barry to top talking so darned much! Don't miss the comment section over there, it is one of the most fun places on the entire internet!

Blazing Cat Fur fills us in on the latest genocidal book that is available from the country that brought us Mein Kamph.If you'd like to help support Canada's finest anti-johad blogger, BCF has a Tip Jar too!

The Vail Spot is a Conservative Blog written by Rich Vail. His wife Cheri has just had cancer surgery a few days ago but has had to return to work already because they cannot afford for her to stay home in this horrible economy. Please pray for them and, if you can, Hit the Tip Jar over there, because as I well know, every little bit helps!

That's it for now. Thank you all for reading and for being the best people in the blogosphere!

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Janice said...

 Zilla, I despise any pages with colors other than black and white.  Bad eyes.  My husband put colored text on the front page of his site, and I asked him to please put in a button that would allow people to see the site with all black typeface.  But he did leave the background white in both pages.  Just my two cents worth.

Teresamerica said...

Sorry your feeling under the weather, Zilla.  Hope you and the rest of the family recovers soon.  My prayers go out to all those dealing with ailments and money issues.  You could try white as your background or even black might be good with the flames in the background.  But, I think the rose color is just fine.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Zilla! Blessings to your family all year through.  

Donald Douglas said...

The long posts are you style. But compare to Glenn Reynolds! He mostly just links. I like the long posts, but it takes time to read 'em. Don't worry too much about the color scheme. I think it's fine. If you change, go aggressive, like fiery orange with more wicked wrap around flames!

lonely conservative said...

Thanks, Zilla. Hopefully will be feeling better soon. I can see you already changed the color and I like it, but I liked the pink, too.

Janice said...

Zilla, I see you have changed your background.  It is very kind of you to go ahead and change something that most people have no problem with.  It is amazing how much easier it is for me to read.  I so admire people that have good eyes, but I was not given that blessing.  I do like the flames in the borders on a black background.  Cool effect.  

Zilla of the Resistance said...

It will take some getting used to for me, the white actually bothers my eyes, but I am typically resistant to change anyway and it might just be that I have a headache today regardless of color. If it continues to bother me I might go with a very light gray, or mess with my computer's display settings instead. LOL  I used to have a black background with white lettering but my early readers said it bothered their eyes and asked me to change it, and also for me to make the fonts bigger, so I did.  The most important thing to me as a writer is my READERS, as it should be for any writer, so if a small change makes things better for you all, then it's worth making. Thanks for sticking by the blog even when it hurt your eyes, if I'd known sooner I'd have fixed it earlier! :)

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks, I hope you're feeling better soon too, I broke my wrist (and all the bones in my right dominant hand) years ago in a car accident and well remember the misery and how many little things you would not think of before the injury become a real pain in the butt to do. 

Zilla of the Resistance said...

The template thingy will only let me have the flames where they are; if I have the money one day in the distant future I might consider getting a web designer to do something spiffy, and get me off the Blogger platform, but until then, all I can do is mess with certain things but not others. 

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks, Teresa! I hope you had a nice Christmas and that you'll have a great new Year too! I sued to have a black background with white letters, but my early readers said it was hard to read, so it got canned long ago. I'm going to see if my own eyes can tolerate the white - I have a headache now but don't know of it's the white page or just a regular migraine, I may switch the background to a very light gray to see if it helps. 

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I'm not sure how to give the option of changing it for individual readers, unless you use the mobile friendly link for the blog that's in the left hand margin here, so I am fooling with the template now to see if I can get a color scheme going that will be the least annoying for the most people. ;)


acchickadee said...

Merry Christimas, Zilla.  The only complaint that I have is with Disqus.  I can't get on with "Rosalie" anymore.  I've been going back and forth with them;  hopefully, it will be resolved.  I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your Christmas celebration.   Hope the coming year is especially good to you and
your family.  Happy 2012!

Rich Vail said...

Zilla, PT Banum said you can't please all of the people all of the time...if you can just please yourself, and one or two others, you're doing very well indeed.  Thanks for the shout out.

Rich Vail
Pikesville, Maryland

SignPainterGuy said...

Try a light cream instead of grey; it`s warmer and not so stark as white !

Buffoon said...

I officially endorse your move away from the all pinkness. 

Linda Starr said...

Love the new look--I like it less cluttered. New color schemes seems less cottage, more pro.

Some news I ran across today that's really bad (and in your ball park):

CAIR got Wordpress to remove the blog "Bare Naked Islam":

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks, Linda, and I was just gonna tell ya about my new post. ;) LOL

J.M. Heinrichs said...

Re:  Kwanzaa"



Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, and Happy New Year! 

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