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Friday, December 9, 2011

Anti-Jihad Blogger Announces Official Endorsement for President of the United States of America

The 2012 Republican primaries will soon be at hand, and it is of utmost importance that the Republican nominee who will challenge Obama for the Presidency is not only cognizant of, but willing to fearlessly fight against the ever increasing force of islamic supremacist infiltration of the United States and the global threat presented by islamic supremacist conquest to freedom loving people everywhere.

From No Quarter:
Ten years after September 11, 2001, when islamic jihadis murdered nearly 3000 innocent people, it is appalling how little Americans have learned about the ideology that fueled those attacks and the nearly EIGHTEEN THOUSAND deadly islamic jihad terrorist attacks that have transpired since then.

Immediately after islamic terrorists came and murdered us by the thousands on our own soil, our "leaders", including President George W. Bush, disgracefully went out of their way to proselytize for the people who KILLED US, repeating the mantra "islam is a religion of peace" as if saying it enough times would make it so. George W. Bush appears to have been doing it out of naivete or wishful thinking, but the results were disastrous.  MORE HERE
Obama has consistently sided with the purveyors of the very same evil which has inflicted so much death and destruction upon Americans (and millions of other innocent people all over the world), but unfortunately, islamocoddling is not just a rampant on the left - "Conservative" Dhimmitude is also very serious problem in this country as even many Republicans remain afraid to speak the true name of what has declared itself at war against us: islam.
The greatest threat to the safety and well being of the United States and the entire free world are islamic supremacists who wish to establish dominion over the entire world by any means necessary. Leftists have gotten into bed with them because they admire the totalitarian nature of islam, despite the fact that the useful idiot enablers of islamic supremacism are the same people who claim to care about women's and gay people's rights (women are treated horribly under sharia law and homosexuality is a crime punishable by death in islam). Conservatism is opposed to totalitarian tyranny, and yet it has been thoroughly infiltrated by stealth jihadis and islamist apologists.  MORE HERE
The Muslim Brotherhood is a genocidal islamic supremacist terrorist organization which is quickly gaining power all over the Middle East thanks, in large part, to the enabling of the anti-American and anti-Israeli "islam first" policies of Barack Hussein Obama. The Muslim Brotherhood does not seek to limit islamic domination over all people just to the Middle East, though, they also have intentions for the West, including the United States of America, here is what they have to say about that, in their own words:
The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion [islam] is made victorious over all other religions.
Here is the official Muslim brotherhood motto (in their own words):
Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.
The sharia (brutal, oppressive and  misogynistic islamic law) pushing, terror tied, jihad enabling, anti-free speech CAIR (Council on Islamic-American Relations) is one of numerous Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the United States, and for some reason, CAIR is seen by many politicians and the mainstream media as the "go-to" spokespeople for the illusory "moderate muslim view". CAIR it bills itself as a "civil rights organization", although the only "rights" it stands for are for muslims to be given rights and privileges that are denied to everybody else and/or that muslims be exempted from rules and laws which everybody else in this country must adhere to. CAIR's true intentions for the United States of America are never brought up by those who bow and scrape before them out of fear that they be stigmatized with the fictitious Orwellian label "islamophobe" but their intentions for us must not be ignored. Here is what CAIR intends for the United States of America, again, in their own words:
"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."
- Omar Ahmad, chairman and co-founder of CAIR - 1998 
Islamic supremacists are at war with the United States, and they wage this war even within our own borders, aided and abetted by the treasonous Obama administration. Pamela Geller writes about this in the WND article, Obama's Shariah-protection racket, excerpted below: 
Obama administration lawyers stated Thursday that American citizens are legitimate military targets if they're waging war against the United States. This came just a day after it was revealed that the administration had ordered a Shariah-compliant scrub of all counterterrorism materials, so that they wouldn't say anything about Islam or jihad and would leave law enforcement officials completely unequipped to understand the enemy ideology.
Taken together, these two decisions are ominous. If we are not fighting against Islamic terrorists, then who exactly is the enemy? Which Americans will Obama target? And it is Obama's decision: Pentagon lawyer Jeh Johnson said Thursday that it was up to the executive branch to decide whether an American citizen was waging war against the United States and thus had no legal immunity, and needed to be taken out.
If you remove jihad form the equation, and Congress has not declared war, then to whom is Obama referring as being at war with the United States?
I think this is a dangerous precedent and beyond the scope of the president's executive powers. He has been a serial abuser of Executive Privilege. Did he consult with the Supreme Court on this question? No, he did not. Did he consult with Congress? No, he did not. Or for that matter, did he consult with Congress on his war in Libya?
Very scary. This sounds more like the old Germany or the USSR, than it sounds like America
With Obama now using all branches of government to enforce the Shariah and erase all mention of Islam from counterterror materials, it is easy to imagine him deciding to use this power to take out American citizens against those imaginary groups of "right-wing extremists" his Department of Homeland Security has focused upon rather than on jihadists.
It's one thing for a shallow opportunist like the journalist Spencer Ackerman, who started this whole thing with his "exposé" of how FBI training materials told the truth about Islam, to cave to Islamic supremacists, but when it comes as an order from the White House, that's frightening. And it gets worse: Obama's Department of Justice is on a tear. Attorney General Eric Holder has sued, yet again, another company for lack of Shariah compliance. reported last Monday that "Imperial Security Inc. has agreed to pay $50,000 to settle a federal religious discrimination lawsuit involving a Muslim employee's religious head covering, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said Monday."
Having an enemy in the White House amounts to national suicide. 2012 can't come soon enough.
America, snap out of it. Pass this on to your email lists. Get the word out. Four more years of this federally imposed supremacism and this country will be unrecognizable. We've got to elect a president in 2012 who has the courage to identify and fight against the real enemy.  READ THE WHOLE THING
We do, indeed, desperately need a President who can do just that, and back in May, I wrote HERE about who I think is the right person for the job:
I've said again and again how I loathe gutless dhimmi weenies in the GOP and how we need strong leadership to get America off her knees, on her feet and back to kicking ass the way we used to as the undoubted leader of the free world. I believe former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has they type of strength and moral clarity that our country so desperately needs.
Rick Santorum isn't afraid to come right out and speak the truth about what an unmitigated disaster Obama and his leftist cohorts have been for Americans.  RTWT
Rick Santorum has been speaking out against islamic supremacist fascism for years. Here are excerpts from an article about a speech, on what Rick Santorum called "islamic fascism", that he gave in 2007:
"They want to conquer the world for Islam because that's what their book says."
Santorum criticized President Bush for "misdefinition of the enemy" and poor communication for terming the struggle a "war on terror."
"Terror is a paramilitary tactic," Santorum said. "It's like calling World War II a war on blitzkrieg. … Why have we not said this is a war on an ideology?"
Santorum called for political liberals to support the war on radical Islam, pointing to the vulnerable status of women and homosexuals in Islamic countries as evidence that liberal ideals of feminism and gay rights are particularly threatened.
"There is a lot of common ground here," Santorum said. "When you look at this enemy and who they are, there is much more for liberals not to like about them than even for conservatives not to like. Liberals want a secular government. Let me assure you, radical Islam is not about secular governments."
Being called to the challenge of confronting an evil ideology "is not new for America," Santorum said. Americans have also been hesitant to fight, he said, likening American reluctance to come to the defense of its allies in World War II to the public's current ambivalence about the war in Iraq.
Like Britain in 1940, America is currently standing alone against a threat - this time from the Islamic world - without the aid of its traditional allies, Santorum said. "Europe is hardly Europe anymore," he told the audience. "Europe will not fight."
"(Islamic radicals) will not leave us alone," he said. "My plea to you is to engage that battle now."
"When we are fully engaged in this battle," Santorum added, "we will re-examine ourselves, because we will be fighting an enemy that fundamentally… sees the world differently than we do."
But he contrasted the underpinnings of Judeo-Christian culture with those of Islam, saying that Islamic tradition, unlike Christianity, specifies the nature of "the Islamic state."
"It's very brutal," he said.
He also stressed the danger posed by the current Iranian government, calling its leaders "a bunch of radical mullahs" and noting the apocalyptic nature of their beliefs.
Several questioners challenged the premise that a conflict between the West and the Muslim world is necessary, but Santorum responded skeptically.

"By our mere existence, we offend them," he said.  RTWT
The following is from Rick Santorum's campaign website, and it helps to illustrate why I feel he truly is the candidate who is best equipped to deal with the threats we are facing:
Rick Santorum understands that the events of September 11, 2001 brought to our front door the uncomfortable truth that attacks on our soil are not merely a distant possibility, but a harsh reality.
To combat this threat, Rick refused to back down from those who wish to destroy America.  Rick Santorum understands that those who wish to destroy America do so because they hate everything we are – a land of freedom, a land of prosperity, a land of equality.  Rick knows that backing down to the Jihadists means that we are only putting our foundational principles at greater risk.  As an elected representative, Rick knew that his greatest responsibility was to protect the freedoms we enjoy – and we should not apologize for holding true to these principles.
That is why Rick refuses to call this a War on Terror, because, like Blitzkrieg, terror is a tactic.  Rick believes our nation’s leaders must be honest with the American people and call this war what it is, a War with Radical Islam.  Rick saw firsthand during the Bush Administration that without clearly defining who we are fighting and why we are fighting, the American people will never understand the great threat posed by our enemies.
Rick did not simply use his position in the United States Senate to fight rhetorical battles, he used every legislative tool at his disposal to combat rogue regimes that wish our nation harm.  Rick spent 8 years on the Senate Armed Services Committee, where he fought to strengthen America’s military in the face of the Clinton Administration’s attempt to downsize our fighting capabilities.
In 2003, Rick authored and successfully fought for the passage of the “Syria Accountability Act” to combat the terrorist threat posed by Syria.  By 2005, Rick was one of our nation’s first leaders to understand the threat posed by Iran, so he authored and passed the “Iran Freedom and Support Act” in the face of Democratic and Bush State Department opposition, which authorized Federal monies to support pro-democracy movements in Iran and keep the tyrannical dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
Though the war in Iraq was unpopular in 2006, Rick refused to shy away from his belief that we need to confront our enemies.  Though ridiculed by many in the mainstream media as a chicken little for talking about the threat posed by Ahmadinejad and Iran, Rick spent much of his campaign focused on the gathering storm that our enemies pose.  RTR
Here is a video of Rick Santorum speaking to the Keller Boiling Point TEA Party in Texas about the Muslim Brotherhood:

Rick Santorum is correct when he says that his Presidency would be "the worst nightmare" for our enemies:

As President, rather than protect and enable the genocidal islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood and their front groups (like CAIR) as Obama has done, Rick Santorum will see to it that those who actively work towards our country's destruction are prosecuted:

Seventy years ago on December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbor. It has recently been revealed that our government knew something was coming, but they were caught off guard anyway because they failed to understand the nature of the threat our enemy presented. Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has a very detailed post about it that you should check out, HERE. Just a little over ten years ago, we were attacked again, this time by islamic terrorists for islam, and we were caught off guard because our government failed to understand the true nature of the threat presented by our self-declared enemies. After the attack at Pearl Harbor, our leaders got wise quick, and did what needed to be done to decimate the enemy, and in the end, we won the war. After we were attacked on September 11, 2001 by islamic terrorists for islam, our leaders told us that "islam is a religion of peace" and a decade later we are still being fed that lie - even as islamic jihadis continue to try to kill us every chance they get. Enough already.

Rick Santorum is widely seen as the underdog in the race for the Republican nomination to top the GOP ticket against Obama, and the MSM wants you to think he doesn't have a chance, but if you are reading this then chances are you are not interested in letting the MSM do your thinking for you and decide our country's future anyway, right? (Which reminds me, you can help fight the corrupt leftist MSM by hitting the Tip Jars of Conservative Bloggers.)

You might say it would take a miracle for Rick Santorum to win the GOP nomination, but primary voting hasn't even started yet, and as Stacy McCain so eloquently points out, Miracles Keep Happening Every Day. Rick Santorum has picked up support in the Conservative Blogosphere from not only The Other McCain, but also Datechguy, and Conservative Filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger Jr. has kind words to say about Rick Santorum as well. Lisa Graas has always been in Rick Santorum's corner, in fact that's how I became interested in him in the first place this past spring! Outside of the blogosphere, Sarah Palin gave Rick a boost and Rick Santorum has picked up a key endorsement from the biggest Evangelical Leader in Iowa, Rev. Carey Gordon. (H/T The Other McCain). Back inside the Right Blogosphere, Rick Santorum has just picked up an official endorsement from an anti-jihad blogger. I hereby officially and wholeheartedly announce my endorsement for Rick Santorum for the Presidency of the United States of America. Go Rick!

This is America, we don't want to let eggheads who hate us anyway decide our future for us, do we? Hell no! And do we not root for the underdog and rejoice when he shuts all those self-anointed smart people up with a big fat victory? Hell yes we do! So go read Stacy's inspiring piece at Hot Air and then the companion blog post to it HERE, and get yourself fired up and ready for the Rick Santorum Express Train to Victory; perhaps for no other reason than to watch he so-called smart people and elitists go all apoplectic, but an even better reason is because he's the best guy to go up against the islamic supremacists (who threaten to destroy all that we hold dear) and win.

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SignPainterGuy said...

I think it`s time to get behind the candidate with the best anti-jihadi attitude of the bunch. Our economic situation is in shambles but the threat of islam and sharia law require a candidate with absolutely clear understanding and resolute determination to stop islam`s march to conquer the world !

It`s great to see so many right-bloggers picking up your endorsement of RS ! Good show girl ! Lead on !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks, SPG!

Teresamerica said...

What a superb post, Zilla!  You are a great anti-jihadist blogger! Keep up the fantastic work. 

Linked -

lonely conservative said...

I linked to your post in mine about Santorum. Who knows what can happen. No votes have been cast yet, so we'll see! :)

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, Teresa! I think your post is great too!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you! I think he's going to surprise a lot of people.

Linda Starr said...

I think Santorum fits the bill better than anyone else, too! (I met him and heard him speak at a local Republican club...posted the most godawful picture of myself with him...swallowed my pride in order to put it up though--took one for the team and all :-)

Here are some exclusive photos of Cairo sent from a friend (not published anywhere, just got 'em today):


Whoopie said...

I've always maintained that if we showed as much hate and contempt toward Islam as Islam shows to Jews and Christians, they could hate us no more than they do already and possibly have more respect for us. At least enough respect to keep their distance.
You'll never convince a wild animal to love humans, but you can teach them to steer clear of people.

SignPainterGuy said...

Interesting blog, interesting pics from Cairo. Fascinating how some people will destroy their own stuff in a fit of rage. Seems to me to be reason enough to avoid rage !

1389 said...

I'd feel comfortable with Santorum as the nominee. I'll be AFK tomorrow and won't be able to watch much of the news of the Iowa caucus, but I'm very interested in the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate
you penning this article and also the rest of the website is extremely good.


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