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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Resister Updates: Savagelanche Edition

It was a Savagelanche! I have never known the blogger's joy of getting linked at Instapundit, known as an Instalanche, but having my last post featured by Michael Savage at his website brought the most traffic that this blog has ever gotten in a 24 hour period. Thank you Mr. Savage, and welcome new readers!

I am working on a new post that will be available later today which will include my endorsement for who I'd like to see become the GOP nominee for president, but I just wanted to take moment to give my regular readers an update about some things here at the Resister home first.

We are still struggling here and could greatly benefit from people hitting the tip jar, remember, helping to support Conservative Bloggers is the best way to undermine the MSM propagandists who are deliberately misinforming people to keep them ignorant about important issues. The dinosaur media is losing power but not fast enough, for the good of the country and the free world, we need to expedite their extinction, by supporting the Conservative New Media. Do You Want America's Future Decided by the MSM or by The People?

I do have some good news to report from the home front... After nine long months, I finally have my car back, because I live n a semi-rural area which has no public transportation or affordable taxi service, being stranded at home during the day had been a genuine hardship beyond mere inconvenience. I can now get to appointments for myself & the kids, and can finally stop having panic attacks over being unable get out of the house to transport my young children to or from anyplace should the need arise while husband is at work. In other good news, my special little guy, The Boy Resister, has finally graduated out of diapers and into pullups! He is also talking more than ever and becoming better socialized now that the world has opened back up to him and I can take him places where people are during the day. He's not using the potty yet, but getting out of diapers is a big step in the right direction, he is getting to be more of a 'big boy' every day and it is a joy to watch him grow. But pullups cost more than diapers, so kindly hit the tip jar if you can, please. The Little Girl Resister continues to impress me with her sweet kind nature and brilliant young mind, she is also continuously making more art work, and I'll share some of them in future posts. She has a birthday coming up shortly after Christmas, and I'm sure she'd appreciate it if you hit the tip jar so her mom can get her some cool presents and maybe even finally be able to provide her with a little birthday party, which she really really wants now that she's been to parties for her little friends - she is such a good kid that it makes me sad sometimes when I can't do some of the nice things for her that I'd like to do.

Our crappy furnace is in need of repair, this on the heels of our hot water heater crapping out. Husband rigged up a temporary fix so we're not cold, but the thing really needs new parts. Before the spike in traffic from my post about the shameful history of the Democrat party that nobody wants to acknowledge, this blog had an average of around 22,000 page views a month; with the traffic spike, the past 30 days' stats shows about 28,000 page views. If just ten percent of the core readership of this blog could sport out a single dollar a month to help a blogger out, I could stop pestering you to hit the tip jar and also have more mental energy available to put together more posts you will like more often and perhaps even find some paying writing gigs. It would also go a long way towards helping us to climb out of the hole and get back on our feet. There is a subscription button in the right-hand margin along with the regular donate button if you'd like to help out.

A new study shows that the majority of Americans do not trust the leftist propagandists of the MSM, that is good news, but there is still work to be done to finally and permanently wrench the narrative from the liars, looters and destroyers, which is why you should do what you can to support Conservative bloggers. For this particular blog, in addition to the tip jar, you can also help by buying ad space, shopping through my Amazon stores and links or getting some nifty anti-Obama merchandise at my CafePress store. Remember, lots of Conservative bloggers have Amazon affiliate accounts, so you can shop through your favorite bloggers' links for things you'd be getting anyway and your favorite bloggers get a small commission without costing you anything extra!

Well that's all for now, I'm going to go and wrap up the next post and publish it after doing some chores around the house. I hope to see you again then. Thanks for reading, and thank you for your support.

UPDATE: Here is where you an find my endorsement for the next President of the United States of America.

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Blazingcatfur said...

Good for you;)

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks! :)

SignPainterGuy said...

Do you feel like "Somebody" now ? ;-) Well done !

Justin said...

Congratulations on your "big blogging break" :-)

rosalie said...

Congrats!  You deserve it.

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