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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Monday, September 19, 2011


I had the ANTI-CRAPTASTIC page at facebook before I had this blog. The A-C page made national news and played a vital role in unseating a corrupt far left Congressman. The page has 860 fans and has gotten nearly TWO MILLION page views, but today it is dead. Facebook has disabled it. You can still see the page (for now) but no new posts can be made to it and no new fans can "like" it.
The infamous logo of the famous ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. Page

If you are unfamiliar with the best damned right minded political information page in all of facebookland, here is what we have in our 'information' tab to help bring you back up to speed:

This page is dedicated to exposing and undermining the CRAPTASTIC agenda which seeks to destroy our country and usurp our freedom.

C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. = Collectivist Redistributionist Anti-American Progressive Totalitarian Antagonistic Slanderous Treasonous Insidious Cretin

Official Definition from the Urban Dictionary:
Acronym for:  Collectivist Redistributionist Anti-American Progressive Totalitarian Antagonistic Slanderous Treasonous Insidious Cretin

Applies to politically correct & morally bankrupt progressives/communists/socialists/fascists/liberals/democrats/leftists/jihadi-apologists & appeasers.
The most powerful & dangerous C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. in America today is Barack Obama. He is bolstered by the CRAPTASTIC media which sold their collective souls to shill for him.

Alternate definition from the Urban Dictionary:
Acronym for:
Commie Rat-bastard Asshat Pinko Totalitarian Anti-American Socialist Tyrannical Ignorant Cretin
Used to describe political progressives
The C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C.s will use whatever tactic they can come up with to silence dissent and stifle free speech, including, but not limited to, calling concerned citizens a sexually explicit derogatory term (teabagger) in an effort to embarrass, discredit, and shut them down.
MSNBC is a CRAPTASTIC cable channel.

Mission: To undermine C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C.s and their dangerous agenda.

Now, it's possible that this is just a temporary thing, the result of another dubious facebook "upgrade", but it is also possible that the liberals who run facebook have finally tired of our page's in success undermining the left by exposing their agenda. Time will tell. While we wait to see what happens, I will not be stopped from doing what I do for even a single day, if I can help it, so please join me at the new facebook page which is currently acting as a contingency for the A-C page and will be the official facebook page for this blog, HERE.

Since I first opened the A-C page on May 30, 2010, I have spent many hours every single day posting links to important stories that people need to know about -  many times, we have been days, weeks even MONTHS ahead of news outlets and even many of the Right-Blogs in getting this information out - we have done important work there and we will continue to do so even if we are forced to re-locate.

Today my message for facebook, like it has always been for Obama is this:
Take your "change" and SHOVE IT!

If you like the work that I do here and the work I have done at the A-C page, this is how you can help keep me going:

This post is linked at Blazing Cat Fur. Thank you, BCF! 

UPDATE: It looks like the A-C page is FINALLY working again, I guess we'll see if it lasts, but do be sure to 'like' the new page, which will serve as a backup should this happen again and is also now the official fb page for this blog. I could still use and would greatly appreciate anything anyone could throw in the Tip Jar though. ;)

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rosalie said...

 Let's hope it's just temporary.  No matter what, I know you will persevere and continue to write the truth.   

Amusing Bunni said...

GUESS WHAT, IT"S BACK  I just liked and commented something.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Nope, it isn't. Fans can comment to EXISTING POSTS and can even 'like' some things, but admins can add NO NEW POSTS and WE cannot 'like' any of the existing stuff.  For all intents and purposes, the page is fully disabled and it is already hurting my traffic here. My blog autoposts to it (not anymore) and the A-C page auto-posted to my twitter, it is how I have best been able to help promote other people's blogs and now it is dead. It is useless if I cannot add new things there. Being able to comment to old posts doesn't help.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I will, but a lot less people will see it without use of the A-C page!

perspectives said...

I read something about facebook forcing people to redo group pages - I received a notice from someone saying  who hosted a page that I would have to rejoin - I'm not sure why facebook is doing this to groups.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

The A-C page is not a 'group' page so we were unaffected by that whole thing, although I know lots of people who were screwed around in that fiasco, the A-C page is what used to be called a fan page and now is known as a 'like' page, different format from the 'groups' pages. No other 'like' page that I am aware of is frozen like the A-C page is, making it appear to be a deliberate act on the part of facebook. 

canuckistan666 said...

I love the Acronym .  I will use it to describe the leftist government in India - the communists, congress party, self-hating hindus, muslim-appeasing vote whores.  CRAPTASTIC sums it up succintly.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Glad you like it. My friend and co-pilot at the (now frozen) ANTI-CRAPTASTIC page SAM came up with the acronym shortly after Obama called us all 'teabaggers' and we were talking about a pithy term we could use to describe the jerks like him who used that filthy smear.

quite_rightly said...

Glad A.N.T.I.-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. is up and running again.

For a minute there, I thought someone turned you in to ATTACKWATCH.

Just joshin'. ;-)

SignPainterGuy said...

Josh away; I`d bet money that Ataaaaack Waaaaatch is well aware of Zilla and the ANTI-CRAPTASTICs page and many of us as well ! Just sayin` !

Diogenes Sarcastica said...

I don't do Facebook, but I do read your post and appreciate your links to Diogenes Middle Finger. Your doing a valuable job, Go get em Girl!

M said...

Trying to leave a comment above but the box would not load...Obama's fault no doubt!

WELL DONE Zilla, keep up the fight no matter what! Townhall "lost" my blog after about 2 YEARS in the top 10 and about 20 MONTHS in the #1 spot. Moved to blogspot and never looked back. THAT is how we win.

Adapt and overcome

Zilla of the Resistance said...

That's it, we just keep going, no matter what!
Sorry about the tech trouble here, DISQUS (the comment system) is screwy sometimes too. 

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