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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Take Your Quisling "Attack Watch" Snitch Site and SHOVE IT!

The Obama administration has launched yet another web campaign to get Americans to betray their friends, families and neighbors by reporting political dissenters to the tyrannical regime, presumably for "re-education" or gulag, whichever they think they can get away with.

Professor Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit asks, "HAVEN’T THEY TRIED THIS BEFORE?"

The answer is, of course, that yes, they have. Snitches were previously asked by the government to rat out people opposed Obamacare to, despite the fact that it was illegal for the lawless Obama regime to do so. Eventually the program was allegedly stopped, after much public outcry, but apparently the WTF campaign thinks we've forgotten about it because they are at it again. The PJ Tattler has the content of the mass email sent out announcing the new "Attack Watch" website HERE (h/t Insty). During the 2008 campaign, Obama had a similar site, "fight the smears" which of course was dedicated to vilifying anyone who raised legitimate concerns about his shady past and radical associations as RAAAAACIST.

Liberally Conservative is intimately familiar with the regime's electronic 'enemies list' as that site had been placed on previous incarnations of the new snitch site repeatedly in the past, and surely will be on the new one as well. Here is an excerpt from the LC post about this:
If you question Obama then you’re smearing him. This site made it to Fight the Smears at least 27 times and we back up everything here with facts, substantiated with sources and documents. We provide plenty of opinion based on those facts.
The site, a compendium of claims with rebuttals by the president’s team, is a throwback to the 2008 campaign’s Fight the Smears site.
AttackWatch lists a “news feed” where people can click over to find analyses from liberal groups like Media Matters and Think Progress that offer defenses of the president’s position. RTWT
Waznmentobe looks into who is behind the newest version of Obama's Orwellian obsession and, what a surprise, it's Obama for America, also known as Organizing for America, or Obama's 'civilian army' of propagandizing agitators. Last fall we had a lot of fun, here and at the A-C page using the progs' own tools against them for the opposition by using the OfA website to help facilitate the 2010 electoral shellacking of the left. It was glorious. Here's what Whoopie found about OfA:
Here is the poop on Obama for America (aka: the official re-election campaign website.
Presented by the Federal Election Commission
Committee ID: C00431445
PO BOX 8102
Treasurer Name:    NESBITT, MARTIN H
Committee Type:      PRESIDENTIAL
Candidate State:    Presidential Candidate
And here is a link showing which companies, unions and organizations who contributed money for this website.
Whoopie also notes what a cheesy, poorly put together, cheap looking website that "Attack Watch" is. You can see for yourself without actually going there (they have cookies to track you after you leave the AW site) by visiting Lady Liberty who graciously posted some screen shots to spare us the trouble.

Dana Loesch at Big Journalism has a great post about this (h/t Larwyn's Linx at Doug Ross), and says:
This sounds eerily familiar to the Obama Truth Squad we had here in St. Louis.
The White House has been working overtime to gain control of the narrative and save Obama’s reelection bid after numerous polls show his approval rating tanking. Recently the administration flooded reporters’ inboxes with emails on his jobs address.  RTWT
Say Anything's Rob Port wrote:
Apparently, the Orwellian overtones of this sort of thing haven’t quite sunk in with Obama and his people. He’s asking us to put our ears to our neighbor’s keyholes and report that which is inconvenient for the political agenda of the President. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, it should. It’s not all that far from there toward targeting critics for intimidation. RTWT
Rob also posted this great video, the "Attack Watch Commercial":


From the Desk of Lady Liberty also has the video along with some must read commentary and the aforementioned screen shots.. LadyLiberty1885 bravely scoured that vile website so we wouldn't have to, here is some of what she has to say about it:
It’s rather disgusting and very much in line with the tactics used by the Stasi (Ministry for State Security) of East Germany. Make no mistake folks, this is Obama compiling an enemies list, but it’s not one composed of Political or media enemies as in the past. This one includes you and me. Average citizens. He is essentially saying to you or anyone else, ‘hey, did you hear something about me? Did someone attack me? Go ahead, tell me about it.’ It’s insidious on a whole new level – even for this Chicago Thug-in-Chief. I went through the site quite thoroughly and I can flat-out say with 100% certitude that it is nothing more than a propaganda machine. This is of course, a foregone conclusion as we already knew just looking at its Orwellian 1984 color scheme that it would be. What floors me about it is the blatant fact this thing is meant to pit people against each other; neighbor vs neighbor, co-worker vs co-worker and so on. It’s meant to induce paranoia about who is listening to you and why they are listening. The part that is already backfiring, as Twitter is showing us already, is that WE DON’T CARE. We’ve had enough.  RTWT
I had a really hard time resisting the urge to paste the Lady's whole post here because it is so awesome, be sure not to miss it.  And she's right, we don't care and we have had more than enough of this crap to last a lifetime.

Obama, his despicable regime, every single media hack and all the koolaid swilling ZeroZombies who support this idiocy can report us all they like, it ain't gonna change a damned thing, they still suck and we all know it. So they can take their quisling Attack Watch rat fink snitch site and SHOVE IT!

Update: Obama's juvenile tyrannical idea is backfiring as people are having a field day giving his idiocy the mocking that it so richly deserves. iOwnTheWorld has a great post about the fun we're all having with the #AttackWatch hashtag on Twitter, and Adrienne has collected a few cute ones for our enjoyment at her place. See also Moonbattery for even more fun.

This post is linked at Blazing Cat Fur. Thank you, BCF! 

This post is listed in Larwyn's Linx at Doug Ross. Thanks, Doug!

This post is linked at CBCF Christians Breaking Chain Forwards. Thank you, Miss Capri!

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Van Grungy said...

"If you love me you will snitch for me"  Obama.. Chicago Jesus

Hank Hill said...

Thanks for the link Zilla. The site is backfiring on them. Instead of intimidating us into silence Conservatives are flooding the site to report all the nasty things Democrats like Jesse Jackson and the Clinton's have said about Obama. Some folks are confessing their personal sins, like the woman who reported herself for flipping Obama the bird as his motorcade drove by. Ann Coulter sent her entire commentary from her blog. The site is on the verge of crashing.

M said...

I posted this on the Anti Liberal Zone shortly after it broke on Drudge! haha. I posted all of Obama's lies, self-reported, and reported my blog! haha.Obama = paranoid narcissitic crybaby.

The Anti Liberal Zone

Buffoon said...

Attack Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch

Zilla of the Resistance said...

That is freaking HILARIOUS!
There won't be a gulag big enough!

Lady Liberty 1885 said...

Right on Sister! Thanks for including some of my little rant there. I almost titled it "What would Winston Smith Do?"
someone report this comment to #attackwatch heh.

Kim Harrison said...

ZeroZombies!! I love it!!!

SignPainterGuy said...

Pure comedy gold the way this thing is backfiring !!

Actually, Ataaaaack Waaaaatch is funnier than Spotted Owl Bore going on a 24 hr run to get his climate change message out to the last deniers and find out where their funding is coming from ! Whatta maroon !

Eagletobe said...

Fortunately, his Excellency the Obama and his Fascist, Socialist regime continually underestimate the American People.  They really do think we can be intimidated, threatened into buying their claptrap.  They are so very wrong.

politcalbyline said...

Gott-a-mighty Zilla, please don't mince words. Tell us how you really feel. 8-D

rosalie said...

The people who voted for him did so because they took him at his word.  No more! 

rosalie said...

The word "attack" is a very aggressive word.   I think it shows that they're really desperate now. 

SignPainterGuy said...

It fits well with the liberal mindset. As Rush explained; correctly describe a liberal with facts and s/he`ll take it as a personal attack and insult and go ballistic.

In a conversation about how a buddy hated WallyWorld, I explained how the whole thing started with the employees turning down unionizing efforts and how unions are a socialist / communist construct. He went absolutely ballistic and in the process, cost himself most of what little respect I had left for him. Sad !

MissCapri said... 

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I just finished reading it,  great stuff! Thank you for linking my post, Miss Capri! I just spent half my morning perusing your forums, what a fantastic place you've got there! I especially enjoyed your dismantling of the 'killer clown statue' chain email, I have gotten that one a few times. 

MissCapri said...

Hehe! Thanks! I'm still working on more where that came from. Here's a Youtube video I thought was too true and so funny at the same time. It's the only one if its kind I really liked out of all the text-to-speech ones I've checked out so far.

SignPainterGuy said...

The shame is, there really are people who consider The Daily Show and Colbert Report legitimate news sources ! (face-palm)

Saved. Thanks !

MissCapri said...

*Rolling eyes* I wonder of these are the same people who fell for the Billy Evans Sad Sack Boy chain letter too? It was apparently written as a satire on those sick kid hoaxes, and some people actually took it seriously. DUH! Colbert, bleck!

MissCapri said...

As promised, here's a Youtubeon this chain letter epic fail.

Kell said...

@Zilla...hey, whats funnier still is that the asstards who put this site together and up CAN'T take it down without looking like even bigger asstards!  Zilla of the Resistance I'm a HUGE fan of Orwell & Rand and when I say this I about flipped.."Memory Holes, anyone? Ministry of Truth? What an absolute butt-sniffer he's shown himself to be....why we're allowing this sharade to continue is another story and for another time and place   Zilla of the Resistance 2nd time to your site...hang a lot at IOTW, weaselzippers, feralirishman, ace....
maybe you can explain to me why those little grey boxes keep following me around this post box space?


Zilla of the Resistance said...

Wow. That's like every conversation I've ever had with my liberal friends on my personal facebook page. The people I grew up with are the reason why I opened a second facebook page for political stuff - because they get all bent out of shape if I criticize anything about Obama at all. I lost dozens of people who I otherwise liked until I compartmentalized my online social life. 

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Epic FAIL is right! The only thing I take exception to in your  is the 'birther idiots', Miss Capri, as they would not exist if Obama had been forthcoming like everybody else who ran for our highest office and did not make every detail of his entire life a state secret. HE is the one who wouldn't release the BC, HE is the one who sealed his school records . HE is the one who will not release his voting records as a Senator (not sure how that one works though because i thought such a thing was supposed to be open to the public).  And there are actually some legitimate issues about eligibility that have never been addressed like the FACT that he had been adopted by his Indonesian stepfather and was, in fact a Citizen of Indonesia while he attended school there, which means for a time he was NOT a US citizen regardless of where he was born as neither country at the time recognized dual citizenship and when you were adopted by a foreign citizen in a foreign country, your US citizenship was revoked. You could regain it if yo applied for repatriation as an adult, but you would be 'naturalized', no longer 'natural born' as is required by the Constitution for the Presidency. SO when was he repatriated, if ever? Was is adoption invalidated? These are legitimate questions that have never been addressed and something the so called "birthers' generally do not bring up either. Also, there is the problem with his name, it was legally changed to Barry Soetoro when he was adopted by his stepfather, there is no record of him ever having changed it back. Why should people be expected to blindly accept things that have never been resolved? Why should they just 'shut up and go away'? You know what would make them 'shut up and go away'? Full disclosure, transparency and less secrecy.
We have access to ever other president's most minute details of their pre-presidency life, except for Obama. How can you blame people for having questions when nobody will give them answers? Obama did this to himself, and people who have nothing to hide don't spend millions of dollars to hide stuff. Ridiculing the 'birthers' is no different from calling dissidents 'racist', it is an Alinsky tactic and sadly, the right uses it too. If the Republicans weren't such sniveling cowards afraid of being called 'racist' back in 2008, they could have demanded that the same eligibility hears that they subject John McCain to be held for Obama and NONE of the birther stuff would even have existed AT ALL. And just an FYI, Obama's elgigibility was first brought up by HILLARY CLINTON who is hardly 'far right'. Just sayin'.

Other than that, I liked your video and think you're cute & funny. I can see that you are not a 'rightwingnutjob' like the rest of us here, but your are not a leftwingjackass either, you would like my friend Tammy, who I have dubbed a Wingless Moderate Extremist so DHS could hunt her down too. ;)
She has a blog, Blue Jeans and Lace which is not usually about politics and more about being the mom of a special needs family, but she's fun when she goes on a tear about politics because she'll snark at both sides. :)
Here's her blog, if you'd like to check it out:

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Hi Kell,
The disqus commenting system that I have here puts unregistered users into a moderation cue so I can keep trolls at a minimum when I am not online, but I have added you to my whitelist so hopefully your comments will appear right away in the future.  I think the little boxes might be the silly 'tag' feature that it has here if it follows you when you try to type my name, for instance, it will ask if you want to 'tag' me, I don't know why. I notice it happens if you use the "@" symbol so if the little box shows up when you type that, that is why.

MNRobot said...

Hi Zilla. Linked ya! Keep on keepin' on!

Always On Watch said...

I had a bit of fun over at Twitter at the Attack Watch thread.

And right after this Attack Watch debacle, THIS happened.  Even many liberals got alarmed about the Obama officials trying to buy up copies of the upcoming book that is so unflattering to Obama.

The Obama administration is loaded with buffoons.  I just hope that enough voters see what we in the blogosphere are seeing -- and abandon Obama.

MissCapri said...

Yes, I have an entry on CBCF that goes into the fact the birthed movement was started by Hillary Clinton. I'm definitely open to finding anything that'll show the left as idiots and hypocrites. Thy are always attacking the non-left and throwing them all into the same kettle as the far-right-wing, while trying to make out they are the only ones who are into truth and peace. Bullsnit... I don't know what is all revealed and what is hidden about every US president, or even Canadian prime minister for that matter. I don't care where any of them come from as long as if they want to run the country, they are not backing any movement designed to abuse humanity. Obama being a democrat, is behind the environmentalist movement, Michelle Obama is way into the food-cob movement which is in bed with the eco/animal rights/envorinmentalist AKA green movements, and that is a huge human-abusing racket. And that is first and foremost in my mind when it comes to democrats. They want to stop us from living and thriving as natural human beings, and they want to do it "for our own good" well, if you try to take away my hog dogs and tell me what animals I'm allowed to keep in my house, you'll end up on the menu. So that's partly why I think much of the anti-Obama movement in the far-right is going after what I think are non-issues and making themselves look easy pickings for the malicious, manipulative democrats, who want to get the people in the middle to join them. I'm looking around on Youtube for examples of liberals behaving badly and will put it all up on CBCF once it's compiled. Among some of the examples so far, a Youtuber who has received death threats and was a victim of malicious impersonation campaigns where liberals made up fake accounts trying to be him, and then posting typical vulgar spam, and doing it in his name. Another video had some accounts of liberals assaulting a disabled woman. Others have liberals showing how racist they are. So if they think they can slander everyone to the right of left with accusations, I've got something to fire back at those claims. I don't belong on many hoax-debunking site discussions because there are so many freaking anti-Christian-sentiment posts. I don't belong on Christian forums because they embrace religious forwards. Argh! SI've either been kicked off or just stormed off so many email lists over the years because they were either left-leaning or embraced parts of the right that I don't. Y read your friend's latest blog entry and am very impressed. I made my own about 9/11 on CBCF as well, I feel it is being misused in so many ways, and Tamm is right. People haven't learned from it. Oh, and just an aside note, on my Youtube hunt for liberal misbehaviour, I'm getting seriously sick of having to wade through all the entries from  TYT. Argh! 

MissCapri said...

Hahaha! Thanks to one of the commenters here for posting that link to the dog leashes and cat collars thing. Sheesh, Obama is pathetic. I've added this new stuff to the smash on my own site which was posted earlier. Still working on collecting displays of left-wing violence and idiocy and will post it here when I have it all made out. Oh, and on Mediaite today there was an article where Bill Clinton basically says Obama is his own worst enemy. Lolololol!

MissCapri said...

Okay, it still needs a little work, there was one video I found that was part of a Youtube playlist but I really want it on its own - it really showed liberals being completely racist. But here's my post on liberals spewing hate and losing it.

1389 said...

I'm wondering if THIS dumbass had anything to do with this stupid scheme:

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