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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sticks and Stones, Glass Houses, Rubber and Glue

The left in America has used the "kitchen sink" tactic in an attempt to silence dissent and criticism of their destructive actions. They have thrown every nasty name and false accusation they can drum up against regular American people who are so bold as to disagree with an obvious plot to ruin this country. Thanks to the complicit media, many of these vicious insults and slanderous lies have managed to become assumed as truth by people who are ignorant of what the real facts truly are. The public buys into this crap because they don't know any better and will never know any better unless they get off their asses to engage in research and critical thinking to discover for themselves the difference between historical fact and CRAPTASTIC fiction.

Sadly, too many in this country simply accept the narrative spoon-fed to them by the mainstream media, grievance hustlers, academic elitists, and self important politicians that Republicans, Conservatives and the majority of Americans on the whole are racist, misogynist, homophobic, religious bigots. They then get themselves all rabid and worked up over the "hateful right" without ever bothering to find out for themselves where the TRUE hatred, bigotry, vitriol, and violence has historically and continues to this day to manifest from - the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

See, the left has people duped because they use the psychological tactic of projection; all of the vile characteristics they themselves possess they attribute instead to their opposition. This tactic is typical of narcissistic personalities, by the way.

Look at how they claim the right is axiomatically racist and paint the left as some sort of hero for race equality when the exact OPPOSITE is true. Since the very beginning, the party which strove to end slavery and give black people equal rights was the Republican party, and the opposition (including the Ku Klux Klan) were the Democrats. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. The democratic party is still the domain of self serving bigots who believe that minorities are inferior and therefore incapable of taking care of themselves without special assistance.

 Liberals also claim to be champions for "women's rights", but they have defiled, denigrated, demeaned, dehumanized and disrespected females for generations. The left has taught women that their bodies are worthy of nothing more than sex, especially if their sexuality can be used to further a radical agenda. The left not only neglects to defend women. it instead embraces ideologies which brutalize and kill women routinely.

Liberals are supposed to be all about freedom but they espouse totalitarian political views and hold thuggish dictators in the highest esteem while also shilling for a religion which contains the most oppressive doctrine in the world and inspires lunatics to go on suicidal mass killing sprees. The same religion they claim to so admire is one which has a death penalty for homosexuality, again in contradiction to the left's guise of supporting gay rights. What about the rights of gays to not be executed over who they fall in love with?

In the backwards morality that is leftism, terrorists such as Bill Ayers and Che Guevara are considered respectable folk heroes and their crimes are whitewashed by revisionist history while true people of strength and character are vilified with repeated fictional accusations until those with lazy intellects accept the lies as truth rather than investigate for themselves.

Everything that the left accuses their opponents of, is a projection of the left's own guilt. In the past, the innocent targets of CRAPTASTIC smear campaigns were too shocked and horrified by the irrational hatred leveled at them that instead of standing and fighting they try to do whatever it took to wash the filth thrown at them away - to little avail. The best thing one can do when they find themselves in the crosshairs of such evil is to remember that when one points a finger, they have three more pointing back at themselves. Whatever they are saying about YOU is likely true about THEM. Do the research and fight fire with napalm. You will be victorious because unlike the enemy, the dirt you dig up will actually be true! If you want to know what skeletons lurk in the closets of those who say horrible things about people who have done no wrong, start by examining whatever it is they are accusing people of. Like Perseus vanquishing Medusa, holding up a mirror to the beast will render it null.

You can further educate yourself about the truth of Democrats' and leftists' racism, misogyny, bigotry, and violence by reading the following:

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