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Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Conservative" Dhimmitude

The greatest threat to the safety and well being of the United States and the entire free world are islamic supremacists who wish to establish dominion over the entire world by any means necessary. Leftists have gotten into bed with them because they admire the totalitarian nature of islam, despite the fact that the useful idiot enablers of islamic supremacism are the same people who claim to care about women's and gay people's rights (women are treated horribly under sharia law and homosexuality is a crime punishable by death in islam). Conservatism is opposed to totalitarian tyranny, and yet it has been thoroughly infiltrated by stealth jihadis and islamist apologists.

Frank Gaffney has a memorandum that he sent to board members of the American Conservative Union regarding Suhail Khan which was published at Frontpage Magazine, "A Jihadist in the Heart of the Conservative Movement", documenting how the islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated the Conservative movement as part of its civilizational jihad with the help of fellow "Conservative" jihad enabler Grover Norquist. While many people are only noticing the phenomina recently (if at all), it has been going on for many years. I highly recommend that you read the entire 2 page article. Here is a brief excerpt:
Has the conservative movement been subjected to a sustained and successful influence operation by individuals and organizations associated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB or Ikhwan)? I believe it is demonstrable that the answer is “Yes.” Indeed, were that not the case, it would be remarkable. After all, every other significant element of our polity – notably, our government, academia, the media, the Left, religious groups and the U.S. financial sector – has been assiduously targeted by the MB for the purpose of disinforming, manipulating or otherwise neutralizing it.
That is the conclusion of an important new book, Shariah: The Threat to America that was published by the Center for Security Policy in November. It was authored by nineteen eminent national security practitioners and other experts, including: a former Director of Central Intelligence, R. James Woolsey, a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lieutenant General Ed Soyster, a former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin, and former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy.
This group (which we dubbed “Team B II” in honor of a previous “exercise in competitive analysis” in 1976 that was much admired and utilized by Ronald Reagan) did not indulge in “conspiracy theories.” Rather, it drew extensively on the recognized authorities of Islam – the sacred texts, established traditions, scholarly consensuses, agreed interpretations and revered institutions – to lay bare an authentic conspiracy aimed at establishing worldwide the totalitarian, supremacist politico-military-legal program known as shariah.
The rest of the article greatly details the history of the rise of Khan and the Muslim Brotherhood into the highest levels of our government, including the George W. Bush administration.

Pamela Geller has been raising the alarm of the islamist takeover of the ACU, which sponsors CPAC, for years, and has been shunned by RINOs and CRAPTASTIC psuedo-conservatives for doing so. She has a great post, filled with tons of links for further information, at her blog Atlas Shrugs. Excerpt:
CPAC's Suhail Khan addressing Muslim Brotherhood front the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), co-conspirator in the largest Hamas funding terror trial:
“The early Muslims loved death, dying for the sake of almighty Allah, more than the oppressors loved life,” said an impassioned Khan, who wiped away tears throughout his speech. “This must be the case when we are fighting.”

He added: “What are our oppressors going to do with a people like us? We are prepared to give our lives for the cause of Islam.”
I have long been aware of the stealth islamization of CPAC leadership, but held my events there in the hopes that we might snatch back leadership. David Keene has stacked the board with Islamic supremacists, and their chief diabolical Islamic apologist is none other than the infamous Grover Norquist. If the 10,000 CPAC attendees knew who and what was driving the bus, they would take to the Marriott like villagers with torches. Last year, mine was the only event that spoke to jihad and the war on the West.
Last February I wrote that a number of people had questioned my choice of venue for AFDI's historical counter-jihad event I held. Many feel, and rightly so, that the American Conservative Union (ACU) – the political Right’s largest and most influential grassroots umbrella organization and sponsor of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) -- has abandoned conservative principles and morphed into some fleshy, ambiguous, compromised political machine doling out money and favors for cronies, when it is doing anything at all. (More on that here.)
There was a time I was asked to speak, or at least introduce, notables at CPAC. But once I started to criticize CPAC, Keene, and the jihadists on the ACU board like Grover Norquist and Suhail Kahn, those invites quickly stopped. And I lost my Newsmax gig: Norquist Nexis: Newsmax Nixes Atlas.
More on my coverage of Grover here: Grover Norquist's Jihad, American Thinker
Most Republicans cringe when they hear Grover's name; he is sleazy and they know it, but he has big money (from where?) and he spreads it around.
And David Keene, President of the ACU, is now suspected of embezzling $400,000 from CPAC. He must go. READ THE REST
Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch is also well aware of Mr. Khan's dangerous ties to terrorists:
Connections to Alamoudi, who is serving 23 years in prison for jihad finance activity, connections to Hamas-linked CAIR, connections to Hamas-linked ISNA -- and check out Khan's own words: "The early Muslims loved death, dying for the sake of almighty Allah, more than the oppressors loved life. This must be the case when we are fighting....What are our oppressors going to do with a people like us? We are prepared to give our lives for the cause of Islam."
You gonna strap on a suicide vest, there, Suhail?
This is a man who has exerted an extraordinarily negative influence upon conservatives, selling them a bill of goods about the Religion of Peace and about himself, and aiding the execrable Grover Norquist in opening the corridors of power to Islamic supremacists. He was also the relentlessly biased "moderator" of what amounted to a two-against-one debate I had at CPAC 2007 with Dinesh D'Souza -- they still ended up losing, not because I'm a great debater but because the facts weren't on their side. Yet though he was willing to tip that playing field with deceit and detours, he won't debate me one-on-one, and has ducked repeated invitations to do so.
What are you afraid of, Suhail? Being unmasked even more than you already have been? MORE HERE
Andrew G Bostom's article at American Thinker in "Suhail Khan -- A 'Tearful' Champion of Jihad Martyrdom" also addresses Khan's exaltation of the virtues of death through jihad and Mr. Bostom provides a lot of historical reference as well. Excerpt:
Khan's speech extolling jihad martyrdom against those deemed "oppressors" melds two core thematic elements of Islam evident since the advent of the creed.

First, despite grossly exaggerated claims by Muslims -- Khan included -- about their "oppression," as the great Italian scholar of Islam, Francesco Gabrieli (d. 1996) noted,
In the terrible history of the world's religious persecutions, those suffered by the young Islam in fact seem singularly mild, and with all its willingness to amplify, Islamic tradition only records a few isolated cases of believers [Muslims] who died after maltreatment by pagans. For the most part it is merely a matter of scoffing, irritations, and annoyances, like the thorns a pagan woman is said to have scattered on the ground where the [Muslim] prophet was passing. He repaid her with an explicit promise of hell, included in the revelation for her benefit.
But more importantly, Khan celebrates the most revered act a Muslim can perform -- jihad martyrdom. These murderous acts of jihad are directed against those whom Muslims designate, with infinite elasticity, as "oppressors." Islam's expansion within and beyond Arabia was punctuated by aggressive jihad campaigns against non-Muslim societies and civilizations, highlighting the counterfactual absurdity of the Islamic conception of "oppression" and "oppressors."   For example, the same phrase invoked by Suhail Khan has its origins in the classical account of Islam's seminal early historian, Al-Tabari (d. 923).  According to Tabari, during Abu Bakr's reign as Caliph, his commander Khalid b. al-Walid's wrote a letter in 634 to a Persian leader in Iraq identified as "Hurmuz," warning of a prototypical expansionist jihad campaign.
Now then. Embrace Islam so that you may be safe, or else make a treaty of protection for yourself and your people, for I have brought you a people who love death as you love life. (The History of Al-Tabari: The Challenge to the Empires, SUNY Series in Near Eastern Studies, [Paperback] p .10)
"Martyrdom operations" have always been intimately associated with the institution of jihad.
It's not just the seemingly obvious (to anyone who's been paying attention) islamist supporters and enablers that we have to worry about either. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is considered a rising star in the Republican party and there is a lot of talk about people wanting him to run for President in 2012. While he's been great at dealing with the unions, he is a terrible choice for this country due to his many islamist ties. I have posted about his dhimmitude repeatedly at the A-C page, but Daniel Greenfield sums it up pretty well at his blog, Sultan Knish in "Governor Christie's Dirty Islamist Ties". There is quite a lot to digest in that piece but here is a taste:
Some might compare the situation in Passaic County to France with its "no go zones" where the local authorities and non-Muslims cannot enter, but it's actually a good deal worse. The government and the judiciary is being taken over, small pieces of Muslim ruled territory are being carved out and expanded with the support of the state's leading politicians, who trade political support and campaign contributions for something dangerously close to treason. It's not just New Jersey. America is being carved up this way, piece by piece. The areas with the highest Muslim population like Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey are ground zero for the Islamist hijacking of America, using front groups, media friendly spokesmen, lawyers, leadership training and the slow climb up the ladder.
If you wondered why Governor Christie intervened in the Ground Zero Mosque issue or why a New Jersey state employee who participated in a protest against the mosque by burning a few pages from the Koran, lost his job-- you were only seeing the tip of a very large iceberg. In Muslim heavy states such as New Jersey, politicians and law enforcement have been largely suborned. In their attempt to co-opt Muslims, they instead have been co-opted by them. Who is really working for whom? Decide for yourself.
When American Muslim Union president Mohamed Younes was detained in Dubai, he knew exactly whom to call. The deputy director of New Jersey's Office of Homeland Security who offered to vouch for him. Now remember Younes was a member of the board of trustees of a mosque that had conducted fundraising for terrorists and whose Imam had been convicted of raising money for terrorists. But none of that mattered. No more than the IPCC's history mattered to Christie. The very same Sohail Mohammed boasted that the deputy director of New Jersey's Office of Homeland Security is "someone we can call 24/7". READ IT ALL
Even places that used to offer reliable fact based Conservative commentary have become islamodeniers; whether shilling for the Ground Zero victory rabat and jihadi recruiting center or demonizing real conservatives who dare to tell the truth about the radical left and it's collusion with islamic supremacists, delusional articles can now be found at places like The National Review, The Weekly Standard and The American Spectator.

In January, the National Review published an article filled with falsehoods by cartoonist Henry Payne comparing radical lunatic imam Rauf of Ground Zero mosque and NJ slumlord fame to TEA partiers and accusing Sarah Palin of "libel" for telling the truth about the dangerous company that Rauf keeps when she voiced her opposition to the mega mosque planned for the site of the old Burlington Coat factory which was damaged in the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City. Read about it at Atlas Shrugs and NewsRealBlog. NRO's Andrew McCarthy later issued a sharp rebuttal, but Henry Payne's leftist taqiyya hit piece never should have been published there in the first place. The damage is done and NRO has now lost a substantial amount of credibility among (now) former readers, myself included.

When Egypt started to explode, Glenn Beck spent a lot of time on his TV show explaining the coming turmoil all over the Middle East, the American radical left collusion with islamists, the danger presented by the Muslim Brotherhood and the possibility that a caliphate may be coming soon. (You can learn about these things HERE at The Blaze) Glenn Beck focused on verified facts and his programs were highly educational, but there are those on the right who are afraid to speak honestly about these things and are either ignorant of islamic supremacists (like Charles Krauthammer) or are in denial. I'm not sure which of those two camps Bill Kristol is in, but he made an ass out of himself by getting it all wrong in his attack on Mr. Beck in the Weekly Standard. I won't reprint his tripe here, you can easily look it up and read it yourself if you so desire, but I will print portions of some fine rebuttals to Kristol's dhimmitude:

From Avi Green at The Astute Blogger:
Mr. Kristol, we all want freedom, and we are not siding with dictators, not even Mubarak. But to deny what's really at stake here - the horror story the Muslim Brotherhood will write if they take over - is to absolutely miss the boat. Most importantly besides that, those rioters are savage Islamofascists, and he pretends otherwise? I guess the Ayatollah's own minions were just "secular democrats" too, weren't they?

On top of all that, he's added himself to the list of dummies who've attacked Glenn Beck. Of course Beck isn't perfect (someday, I'll tell you how angry I am that he hosted a two-faced author named Brad Meltzer on his show, who scripted the misogynist screed spoken about in this article), but to say his concerns on the spread of Islamism have no weight is laughable in the extreme. Kristol has proudly ranked himself right down there alongside Krauthammer as another RINO whom the conservative movement will have to pan for his weakness, and distance themselves from before he really screws things up and then acts as though he's got no responsibility to take.
Via David Horowitz at NewsReal Blog:
Bill Kristol is entitled to his optimism about democratic revolutions in the Islamic world. Perhaps the elections in Egypt will turn out better than those in Gaza where Hamas now rules a terrorist state; Iraq, which has instituted an Islamic Republic; Lebanon, where Hezbollah now rules a terrorist state; and Afghanistan, which is a kleptocracy wooing the terrorist theocracy in Iran. What he should not be doing as a conservative leader is demonizing Glenn Beck, who has done more to educate Americans about the unholy alliance between the secular left and the Islamic jihadists than anyone else. Kristol needs to  apologize to Beck for comparing him — outrageously — to the conspiracist Robert Welch, and should be embarrassed by his own ignorance of the agendas of both American radicals and their jihadist allies. At this point in time, such ignorance is not only inexcusable but dangerous.
Mr. Horowitz then closes with some recommended reading for Mr. Kristol. While we're on the subject of David Horowitz, I want to remind you to check out his awesome speech at CPAC if you haven't had a chance to yet. Seriously, you don't want to miss it. Video & text HERE.

Chris Jones at The Hot Joints writes about Horowitz schooling Kristol:
David Horowitz is striking back at ignorant ass hat Bill Kristol for attacking Glenn Beck. For the last week Beck has been warning of the alliance between the radical left and the Islamists both in this country and around the world. This is not a crackpot theory, but a well documented fact.
This is apparently news to Bill Kristol
Bill Kristol obviously only cares to see what he wants to. The American left has made no secret out of their alliance with Islamic radicals. Code Pink has been agitating in Egypt and elsewhere with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas for years. Code Pink, Obama’s friend Bill Ayers, and others on the left helped to organize the infamous Gaza flotilla that caused an uproar around the world.
Pamela Geller takes on Kristol in her article, "Bill Kristol, Stand for Truth" at American Thinker and it truly is a must read. Here's a portion of it:
But Kristol is so wrong, inexcusably so.  Glenn Beck nailed it.  The advance of Islamic supremacism is exactly what is at play here.  And we are right to be cautious.  Nobody expects Mubarak to survive -- we only care about what comes after.

Finally, someone had the guts to speak to Islamic supremacism and its global project nine years after September 11, and Kristol smacks him down.  Many of us have been covering this for years, perplexed and disturbed that no one in the mainstream media dared touch it.

The left always aligns itself with the totalitarian ideology of the day (i.e., Stalinism, Communism, National Socialism, etc.), and so it is with Islamic supremacism.  Those of us covering the anti-America, anti-war, anti-Israel movement have documented this for years.  CODE PINK, ANSWER, Al Awda, the Socialist Workers Party, the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), CAIR, ISNA, If Americans Knew (IAK), Friends of Sabeel-North America (FOSNA), the Muslim American Society (MAS), and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) have been working and agitating together for years.

Trust me, Mr. Kristol, Beck did not "invent" that.

There is nothing that Beck said that was inaccurate.  It's all there.  You don't have to look for ghosts.  There is vast historical, political, and judicial evidence of the global jihad and its ties.  As for the existence of the violent goals of the caliphate, read the Qur'an and Hadith.  Tally the daily death toll of non-Muslims in Muslim countries around the world.  Or better yet, take a quick look at the past millennium and the 270 million victims of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations and enslavements.

There is Kristol-lite and there is reality.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been open about demanding a restoration of Islamic law.
But wait, there's more!

On the day that Mubarak resigned as president of Egypt, CBS reporter Lara Logan was in Tahir Square covering the "celebration" when she was set upon by 200 men who brutally beat and sexually assaulted her while the men were screaming "Jew! Jew! Jew!". John Guardiano was quick to announce at The American Spectator that it wasn't muslims who committed such an atrocity, but Mubarak supporters instead, despite the fact that no evidence whatsoever exists to support his claims. Egypt's population is about 90% muslim, by the way. Fortunately, The American Spectator has also been publishing posts by Aaron Goldstein to set the record straight with "Who Attacked Lara Logan, Presbyterians?" and "Egypt, Islam, Barbarism & Democracy". 

I am beginning to wonder if there is some unspoken "Fairness Doctrine" or "Net Neutrality" being enforced at the big Conservative magazine websites.  

I understand why the left foolishly cozies up to islamic supremacists, being two sides of the same anti-American totalitarian coin, but I cannot fathom why anyone who proclaims to be on the right would want to foster such entanglements. Why are so many so called Conservatives so quick to shill for people who WANT TO KILL US?

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