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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My "Other" Blog - Stone Soup!

When I started writing, I had two blogs, this one, which houses all my right wingery, and the other one which is non-political. As I've become busier with the Zilla blog, the other one has fallen into disuse, but that changes now. Inspired by Jill Pundette's Potluck, I've invited  some of my female writer friends who write about more than just politics to become contributors at the MJ blog in a sort of Stone Soup where everyone contributes something which makes the whole thing pretty spiffy.

Read about the new change to the MJ blog HERE. I have a perfectly good blog that was simply lying fallow, so I thought that this might be a fun way not only to bring it back to life, but to give some of my talented friends another venue where they can get a little more exposure for their stuff.

I hope some of my Zilla readers will take a look at the Stone Soup, meet some of my friends and enjoy a little break from politics once in a while.  There is a feed for it here in the lower right hand margin where you can click the links to the latest servings of Stone Soup. Enjoy!

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