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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Islamointimidation FAIL

Ann Barnhardt, she of the famous bacon bookmarked koran burning youtube videos  (I have the videos posted HERE) has, predictably, attracted the attention of rabid islamorageboys. When they tried to intimidate her, hilarity (for us, humiliation for them) ensued.
Via her webpage:

Elevation From Fast Pace to Cocked Pistol
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - May 12, AD 2011 10:44 PM MST
This piece of pullusfimus just sent me a message on YouTube asking for my home address. The exchange: --------------------------------
IslamicVideosHD said:
80124 lone tree colorado
what is your home address?
Ann said:
Re: 80124 lone tree colorado
9175 Kornbrust Circle Lone Tree, CO 80124
Come and get it, Player. Anytime. I will never submit to islam. allah is satan and mohammed was a child-raping, cross-dressing, homosexual con-artist. If you want to get serious about jihad and take this deal to the next level, you come and see me. World War 3 will start on my front porch, guaran-fricking-teed.
Ann Barnhardt
IslamicVideosHD said:
filthy christian pagan. And btw Jesus is not your god nor did he die on a cross nor is he a son of god or God, you pagan filth.
Your pagan shitty unreasonable trinity filth of a dumbass religion is over in europe and america, and your people are turning to Islam so no wonder why harlots like you have so much animosity towards Islam
Ann said:
Are you going to actually do something or just run your mouth like a damn woman? Either put up or shut up, right here, right now. We are all sick of you people and your satanic bullshit. Quit raping your 8 year old "pearl boy" nephew and come and get me, you trembling coward. Let's get this on.
IslamicVideosHD said:
did you think that i would come all over the atlantic ocean to get to you?
Your a worthless little harlot, you better read your full of contradictions book called the bible which isn't even mentioned in the damn book itself. Did you know that in your ignorant book that your god came out of incest lineage?
Now think about it, you have a god who was kille by jews, that makes jews more powerful than your god, and then forgives people for their sins, now what dumb ass of a religion is that.
Why do you need to fight "evil" anyways, didn't your god die for all sins or was that all a lie, worthless?
Jesus is free from the shit you say about him and he's a muslims whether you pagans man worhsippers like it or not.
Ann said:
I didn't think you would walk across the street to get me because you are a spineless, pathetic coward. How does it feel to be smacked down and made to look the ridiculous, pants-pissing coward you are in front of the whole world . . . and by a WOMAN, no less?
I actually feel sorry for you. I would invite you over to try on my clothes and play with my makeup, but I'm afraid they wouldn't be able to get the smell of goats out of my curtains after you had been here.
By the way, what's YOUR address? Are you man enough to say, or are you just going to hide behind your internet handle like the sorry, sorry weakling that we all know you are?
Maybe you would be more courageous if you actually worshiped the Sovereign Lord and Creator of the Universe instead of a fictional Bedouin moon demigod and a piece of rock mounted in a silver bedpan in Mecca.
Little Girl who worships the Triune Godhead: 1
Loser who worships satan and his mentally retarded pedophile buddy: 0
And the final, complete capitulation . . .
IslamicVideosHD said:
i'm not going to get and i don't think no one has any interest of that either.

She got a lovely phone call at home from one too:

Attempted Terrorizer #2
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - May 14, AD 2011 5:27 PM MST
I say "attempted", because it really isn't possible to be terrorized by someone who is barely cognitively functional. It truly is astounding how STUPID some people are. Please feel free to call my new "friend" in Sugar Land, Tx:
(281) 690-8093
And when you get it on the phone, be sure to explain the subtle intricacies of the concept called "Caller ID".
This creature called me and unleashed a tidal wave of explicit, cursing pro-muslim filth. After the first salvo I simply said, "Dude, I have your number on caller ID." The razor-sharp retort came, "Nuh-uh! What is it then, b**ch?" to which I replied, "281-690-8093." Gollum's reply?
"Uh, okay. Thank you."
You can't make this stuff up.
I called back just to make sure it was a real phone number and not a Google phone alias or some such. Yep. It's a real phone. I invited Gollum to come and pay me a personal visit at any time. I even suggested the best driving route and approximate road time from Sugar Land, Texas to Lone Tree.
So there you go. I guess the problem of inbreeding is now a concern in Sugar Land, Texas, too. Who knew?
UPDATE: According to online records, this number is a TimeWarner landline billed to "Helen Denise Taylor", age 40. The voice was ambiguous in terms of gender. It certainly could have been a woman.
The moral of these stories is that thugs are dumb and cowardly, so don't let them intimidate you. Bullies are best dealt with by pushing back and putting them in their place. Of course it doesn't hurt if you also happened to be seriously well armed, like Ms. Barnhardt. We could use a person like HER in the White House.

This post is linked at WyBlog's posterous. Thanks, Chris!

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Ken Lane said...

A female Wirecutter!
I wonder if she's the reader from Sugarland I get on my blog (Knuckledraggin) occasionally?

Zilla of the Resistance said...

She's awesome. Imagine if we had her & Allen West in the White House!


mRed said...

I want this lady beside me in my foxhole!

SignPainterGuy said...

 Indeed it does while accentuating one`s terminal case of "short" !

Oops, I had forgotten to use the get-out-of-jail-free card, "Bless their hearts!" ;-)

Otis P. Driftwood said...

 Ann Barnhardt is one courageous lady. She pulls no punches and ALWAYS hits the nail on the head.

Otis P. Driftwood said...

 Does 4'-13'' = 5'-1''?

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Heh. I'm 5' 3" and around 120 pounds but easily one of the last people who it's
a good idea to push around - I push back and HARD!


SignPainterGuy said...

He heeee ! I do love a strong woman ! And despise ignorant smart assed libs and religious twirps ! I guess when you live in an imaginary 7th century mindset, Caller ID doesn`t exist ! Too funny !

I`ve known some large, pushy women, but the ones I liked and really respected, were not pushy themselves; they just wouldn`t be pushed. They were 4'-13", attractive, smart, knew what they wanted and were willing to work for it. Just don`t push them or try to take advantage of their small stature, they`d work you over ! Ha haa; saw it in action more than once ! Impressive !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

She's really smart too. I like her a lot.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

You know, she's not married. ;)
I don't doubt that it's the same troll, there was one recently who spent a few days trolling nearly every anti-jihad blog out there, turns out she was the islamoragefreak who sent the bloody pig's foot to Congressman Peter King along with death threats.

Otis P. Driftwood said...

 I heard about her.

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