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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When Family Isn't Good Enough

Like most sane people, I am disgusted and embarrassed by the way Obama forced our Navy to dhimmi itself in order to "respect" islam and "respect" the carcass of Osama bin Laden, that jihadi scumbag piece of pigcrap who is responsible for the murder of 3000 innocent people on our own soil. I read the evil prayer that our guys were forced to recite over that human filth before he was dumped in the sea and noticed something creepy. Yeah, even creepier than the fact that he was given honors and respect in accordance with islam despite the fact that all the so called smart people keep telling us that he wasn't a muslim leader...

The horrible prayer to the bloodthirsty islamic moon-god that our servicemen were forced to recite not only begged the "god" of terrorists to cleanse a mass murdering jihadi of all his sins, but also to replace his existing spouse and children with new and improved ones in their perverted version of heaven. We already know how little value the islamic world places on women and children, but in the muslim afterlife, they apparently are worth even less than their horrible status on earth.

Ann Barnhardt noticed this too, here is her take on it, from her website:
A different Angle on the "muslim funeral rite"
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - May 8, AD 2011 10:19 PM MST
I have read all of the well-written essays and articles on the unbelievable capitulation to the muslim political cult with regards to the funeral rite allegedly afforded to Bin Laden's corpse on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson. Yes, the pleas for the fake moon god "allah" to have mercy on Bin Laden's soul and for the same fake moon god's wrath upon the infidels is simply nauseating. It has been said by others, and let me join my voice to theirs. But there is one passage in the funeral rite that jumped out at me that I have not seen anyone else write about. This particular passage is just another way to show and prove how utterly satanic and evil the islamic cult is, and how diametrically opposed islam is to not only the Judeo-Christian milieu, but also to all human civilization in general. Here is the excerpt, taken from the U.S. Navy's burial ceremony guide:
“O allah, forgive him, have mercy on him, pardon him, grant him security, provide him a nice place and spacious lodgings, wash him (off from his sins) with water, snow and ice, purify him from his sins as a white garment is cleansed from dirt, replace his present abode with a better one, replace his present family with a better one, replace his present partner with a better one, make him enter paradise and save him from the trials of grave [sic] and the punishment of hell.”
I read that and felt like I had been punched in the stomach. And then I remembered that was a muslim prayer, and thus it has satan as its source and nadir. I should, by now, know to EXPECT the most awful, hateful, destructive and rotten fruits from all things muslim, but (thankfully) I'm not completely jaded yet. Did you see the two phrases that stunned me?
"...replace his present family with a better one, replace his present partner with a better one..."
Just sit in stillness with that for a moment. Imagine that your spouse or one of your parents or grandparents has just died. You, your entire family and all of your family friends are at the funeral, and the priest or minister says, "Merciful Lord Jesus, please replace this man's wife with a better wife and replace his family with a better family in heaven."
The spousal relationship and the family bond is the number one image of God in our earthly lives. God is trying to let us have of taste of what He has within Himself through marriage and family. He also repeatedly uses the reality of marriage and fidelity in marriage as an analogue for His love for us. We are in a covenant with God - not a contract. Marriage is the same - a covenant, NOT a mere contract. Read the Song of Songs or the book of Hosea to see marriage as an image, both the honeymoon and the tough part requiring sacrifice and fidelity. Finally, read the Pauline epistles wherein Paul can't hardly get through a chapter without reminding one and all that Christ is the Bridegroom and the Church is His Bride. Read about Jesus telling us that through Him we are adopted sons and daughters of God - coheirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. Remember Jesus teaching us by example to call God "Abba", which literally means "Daddy".
Now go back up and read the muslim funerary quote. You find me a muslim man who is in love with his one wife and will tell you that the best part of his day is waking up next to his best friend and I'll show you a muslim apostate.
Islam is evil. There is nothing even remotely good about it. Even the funerals are satanic and designed to destroy human love and break people's hearts. Looking forward to heaven? Don't bother. Your spouse has a new, better spouse to replace your sorry @$$, and your parents have new, better children to replace the walking disappointment that is YOU. No one loves you, you are a disappointment and a mistake, and no one is waiting for you. So sayeth allah the merciful.
Where's my lighter . . . ?

Women and children are as worthless and disposable to islam in the afterlife as they are on earth. And yet there are western women who should know better who actually convert willingly to this sick, misogynistic death cult. They are either incredibly ignorant, delusional or masochists.

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Zilla of the Resistance said...

Freaking horrible.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

It's disgraceful what they are forcing our guys to do!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Yep! And 1400 years of massive inbreeding will make it real easy for folks to fool you into believing anything, even stuff that came from a pedophile demonically possessed dehydrated lunatic!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I don't want any part of an afterlife that would not see me reunited with my beloved family at some point. 

SignPainterGuy said...

 Yes they were included. Heard it on Rush or Beck.

Always On Watch said...

It is my understanding that a traditional Islamic funeral often includes curses pronounced upon the Jews and upon other unbelievers in the Cult of Islam.   I wonder if such curses were included in the funeral rites of OBL?  I wouldn't be in the least surprised.

SignPainterGuy said...

The koran was written by a known pedophile, reputed to have been possessed by an evil spirit and likely suffering from dehydration (ME is known for water issues - too little that`s fit to drink - Jesus turned water into wine in part for that reason). So, what I`m saying is, when you`re making it up as you go and you`re not in possession of your best faculties, you can write in all kinds of fantasies !

Edpapa said...

Wow - that's some solution. And I've been tormented with the possibility that the Lord may stick me with my ex wife and not my "new and improved" one in the hereafter. Islam fixes all that and just gives you something better !!!

SignPainterGuy said...

".......there are western women who...........convert willingly......" I`m going first with "incredibly ignorant", and then with "naive" and on to "willfully blind to the truth" ! "Fooled" fits in there somewhere !

I`ve been assured by people who "should know" that Allah and the God Jehovah or Yaweh (the God of the Christians and Jews) are one and the same. I simply cannot accept that ! I cannot accept that the muslims have simply perverted the teachings and intentions of Jehovah God into Allah. No, Allah,or allah, is a construct of satan himself; they are just too different ! My opinion !

While I can understand the "claims" of the reasons for showing the respect to the body of a muslim, even though he was in life a terrible and evil man, I`m still deeply offended that Obama and his administration and subordinates have shown so little respect for the people and institutions of this greatest country ever !

If our gov. declared war on islam, as they have declared war on us, do you not think the muslims who have not been and will not be radicalized would seperate themselves from those radicals ?! I do !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

That's the way I'm seeing it!

sablegsd said...

Yes, it is very obvious that allah=satan.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Yeah, for normal people, for the followers of al & mo, not so much.

anabolic steroids blog said...

family is always good enough.


Zilla of the Resistance said...

Which is why I do what I do here and at the A-C page.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks, Peg. Allah is the devil.

Bob A. said...

If people don't wake up, stand up against Islam, see it for what it is we will one day awaken in an Islamist cesspool. Thanks for the post Zilla.

Peg Conroy said...

EXCELLENT piece! Pure Satanism! These are the most evil people on earth.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Well if allah is the devil, and from all descriptions I've seen he certainly may be, that would definitely explain a whole heck of a lot!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I have a feeling that the nice normal people who happen to be muslim may be unaware of just how hateful and violent islam's "holy" texts are, or they been persuaded that those vile words aren't a part of "modern" islam. Although there is no such thing.

Trestin said...

I've actually read the Qur'ran and the account of Mohamed's first visitation. From the descriptions he gives it sounds like he was attacked by, and submitted to, an evil spirit.

SignPainterGuy said...

"........they`d be labeled apostates and marked for death."

The question then becomes, "Who do they fear most ?" It must be tough to fear your own kind more than your enemy ! Knowing your enemy will treat you better than your own kind; NOT an enviable position ! I`m assuming of course the truth of the matter is known !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Allah is the exact opposite of the loving God of Christians and Jews, islam is of the devil and a tool of the anti-Christ. Even polytheistic religions beleive in a loving and merciful creator, not islam. All major world religions have some version of the Golden Rule, but not islam. All major religions advise against wanton killing of innocent people, except of course, islam which encourages it. And if the non-radicalized publicly and emphatically tried to separate themselves from the devout violent adherents of islam, they'd be labeled apostates and marked for death.

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