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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Political Ad That Tells The Truth About Islamogenocide

How refreshing! A candidate for Congress has created an ad that tells the truth about how islam treats non-muslims. He is running to unseat islamic supremacist, sharia pushing, taqiyya spewing, Muslim Brotherhood Congressman Hakim "Keith Ellison" Muhammed. The video was quickly banned by YouTube, of course, so I have posted it for you here.


h/t Bare Naked Islam

Via Richfield, MN Patch:
DFL challenger Gary Boisclair’s first ad against 5th District Rep. Keith Ellison shows graphic images of murdered non-Muslims and slams Ellison for swearing an oath on the Koran, which Boisclair argues promotes violence against Christians and Jews.
The ad has not yet run on television, but Boisclair told Patch he plans to air it “once my coffers get filled.”
(I say we make it go viral!)
Boisclair has made Ellison’s Islamic faith a central part of his campaign. He said it is “ludicrous” to swear an oath to uphold the Constitution on a book that promotes unconstitutional Sharia law.
“The call to violent acts against Christians and Jews within this ‘holy’ book should alarm every American. The fact that a U.S. Congressman swore an oath on a book that calls for most of us to be persecuted is an outrage,” Boisclair wrote in a news release. “We did not pick this fight; Islam’s war against Christianity and human liberty has raged against us for 1,400 years. We are merely responding with the truth.”
The video shows images of a destroyed church in Kirkuk, Iraq; dead Christians in Egypt; and beheaded bodies in Indonesia. RTR
Boisclair also said this:
“I’m going to defend my Christian brothers and sisters, and I will not apologize for that in the least” 
Amen, brother! 

Expect the terror tied Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR to be all over this guy. Might be a good idea to pray for his safety too.

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SignPainterGuy said...

Yes, You go Gary ! Tell the truth that so few will tell. Our prayers for his safety and his successful bid are definitely in order !

I saw a short while ago that Michelle Bachmann is also speaking out against islam, good for her too

CAIR goons will no doubt be all over Gary and Michelle, but especially Mr. Boisclair since he is trying to unseat a practicing muslim ! Prayers for them both !

Lady Liberty 1885 said...

Ellison is an asshat of the highest order. He has to go.

rosalie said...

Heck, I'd vote for him for president.  If only we had more politicians like him who are actually on the side of the good guys. 

flyoverpilgrim said...

Excellent work, Zilla! Linked on my blog.

Ellison has to go.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Gary is a Democrat so he's giving the islamic supremacist a primary challenge, perhaps we can get him to give 0bama a primary challenge instead! But Ellison HAS TO GO, as you said - he is pushing for a way to further enable voter fraud in all 50 states just in time for 2012!

Kim Harrison said...


I linked it on my Facebook and my blog!!

How are you feeling, Friend?

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks, Kim! I'm still sick, but surviving. And my temporary filling broke. Ugh. I guess it wasn't designed to wait weeks on end for a follow up appointment to finish the job, but I go back on the 9th so hopefully nothing nasty comes of it.

Matt Ross said...

They are going to go after that guy for that one.  That's a bit too much truth for an election ad.  

Kim Harrison said...

OMG - Nothing ever seems to last, does it?!

The 9th is fast approaching though.

Always On Watch said...

Bravo for this truth teller!

John Doe said...

He would have my vote if I lived in his district.

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