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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Sundries

First a little Sunday music, Elvis Presley, Peace In the Valley:

I just love Elvis. I attended Catholic school in eighth grade and the day of the Challenger explosion, we had been watching it on live television in the classroom. We were all devastated. The next morning, our principal, Sister Mary Eileen, led prayers over the school's PA system and we prayed for those lost in the tragedy, their loved ones, and our country. After prayers, Sister played this song for us, I remember being moved to tears and finding great comfort in hearing this wonderful song sung by Elvis. I hope you all will enjoy this song as much as I do, and that when trouble comes to you, that you too, will find some peace.

A few weeks ago, I shared with you some of my own troubles, including the fact that I had spent nine long months being trapped with no transportation, which is a hardship when you live in a semi-rural area and have young children (it is actually downright scary to know that you are helpless if a crisis arises and you cannot get out of the house to either pick up a kid who needs to come home early from school or run one to the doctor if needed, among other things). This past week, husband finally made enough repairs to get his car down off the jacks and back on the road! He still needs to get new tires so he can get a new inspection sticker when the current one expires in a few days, but now even if he needs to use my car again, I will have a vehicle here and can at least give my kids some shelter from the bad weather when we are out waiting for The Little Resister Girl's school bus. Thank goodness for that too, because over the weekend, both my babies have come down with colds, and my little boy is especially sick. I will probably take them to the doctor tomorrow, if not both of them, then at least my little guy, because he is prone to severe ear infections whenever he gets congested.

We have a few days to go before husband gets his next paycheck and I could really use some help, if anyone has a few bucks they can spare, I need to get diapers for my son & would like to get some OTC stuff to help with the children's coughs and boogey noses. I'd be incredibly grateful if one of my kind readers could hit the tip jar.

Here are some links to some great stuff I have found in the blogosphere this morning, enjoy!

Adrienne's Corner has a great post about Oskar, an adorable blind kitteh, complete with video. Do not miss it, it will warm your heat!

Doug Ross has found the roots of the #occupy 99% meme, meet the Ninety-FIVE percent. Try not to look too surprised when you learn where this all started a few years ago (hint: the usual suspects, of course).

In other #occupy news, Unified Patriots explains how the filthy mob thugs have made the working poor, who they supposedly care oh so much about, have to work even HARDER. Jackasses.

The Lonely Conservative shows us Where the Jobs Are (hint: they ain't in the 'green' scam).

Also from The Lonely Conservative, President Zero is about as influential as the nickname implies.

Clay and Water has a fresh batch of suicidal English insanity for you to read about. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Speaking of England, the coddling of islamic supremacists by stupid English dhimmies rages on, of course at the expense of everybody else. Please visit Blazing Cat Fur to learn about how a Christian mom was forced out of her job at Heathrow Airport due to non-stop aggressive anti-Christian islamobullying. How come nobody ever tries to protect NON-muslims from hateful acts?

At Legal Insurrection, the good Professor has a post about impending Eurogeddon. Wanna guess who will likely come out unscathed from the leftist induced meltdown? If you said, commie puppet master George Soros, go ask Bill Clinton to give you a cigar.

Recognizing the serious mental handicap of our "special" current occupier of the White House, Newt Gingrich has graciously offered to allow Obama to bring along his teleprompter to debates, so Barry's handlers can try to feed Captain WTF some semi-coherent words to read while newt mops the floor with him. Read about it and watch the video at The Gateway Pundit.

By the way,  I got Callista Gingrich's children's book, Sweet Land of Liberty, for my kids and they love it!  The illustrations are adorable and the children get the basics of American History and American Exceptionalism in easy to read and catchy rhyme. You can order it through my bookstore HERE.

While it is true that I can rarely afford any sort of luxuries, I did save up to get Sweet Land of Liberty, because I like to teach my kids about our country in a positive way - rather than leave it to the schools, IYKWIMAITTYD.

From Waznmentobe, here are two important posts about our government's never ending stupidity. See:
ATF Regs Would Ban Scrubbing Pads And Shoe Strings, and, The Next Environmental Crisis: Abandoned Wind Farms.

Take a break from all the ugly we have to deal with every day and visit iOwnTheWorld to fill your eyes with the beautiful images of Colorful Critters.

Unfortunately, there is still plenty of ugliness to go around, like in Brooklyn, where islamonazi antisemitism is rising at an alarming level.  Read about it at Atlas Shrugs.  Also quite ugly, the institutionalized misogyny of islam, yet another sad example of it on display at Jihad Watch in the post, Iraq: One in five women suffer physical or psychological abuse.

Over at Knuckledraggin my life away, there is an important lesson about how diet and lifestyle can effect ones looks. Don't miss it!

Film Ladd has a very important post about how to fight effectively for Conservative values. Please read it and learn about how vital Conservative filmakers are to the battle against the leftist propaganda machine.

The poll is still open to vote for your favorite Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend Work of Art by The Little Resister Girl, so if you haven't already, please stop by HERE and cast you vote! 

I hope you enjoy the links above, and that you all had a very lovely Thanksgiving weekend with your families and friends. I am now off to fill some of my Mombligations, namely, doing laundry and finding a creative use of Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner tonight! If you are able to, please consider hitting my tip jar to help us get through the next couple of days, every little bit helps! Thank you.

This post is included in the November 28, 2011 Elvis Presley news daily. Thank you to Steve Marinucci!

This post is linked at the Conservative Hideout. Thanks, Matt! 

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The_Gentile said...

Thanks for the link. More insanity coming. When I saw a comment in the queue, I thought it was John Cross again, but Climategate II seems to have kept him mostly quiet for a little bit.

Amusing Bunni said...

This is a great round of of super blog posts.  I loved Adrienne's one about the kitty too.
Have a great week, Zilla, and hang in there!

PS:  I got Disqus now, I thought if you smart people had it and no problems, why not try it, I got sick of JS kit problems.

Teresamerica said...

I will never forget the Challenger shuttle tragedy.  I was in third grade at the time.  I remember watching the news, Reagan's address, and praying at school afterwards. 

Hang in there Zilla.  Things will get better. God is watching over us and protecting us. You are in my thoughts and prayers, my friend. 

JadedByPolitics said...

We at Unified Patriots saw your request for help the other day and while not much a few Patriots over there wanted to send something.  God Bless you and good luck :)

Zilla of the Resistance said...

It could not have come at a better time. Thank you all so much for the save! I honestly did not know how we'd get through the next few days, y'all have helped us out immensely. Thanks again. :)

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