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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hudson Valley #Snowtober! The Morning After

Good morning from New York's Hudson Valley on the morning after the big Snowtober snowpocolypse!

It was a very long night; the power kept going out and outside all you could hear was the loud BOOM that the trees made as they broke and fell under the weight of the relentless heavy wet snow. The morning has finally arrived and we are basically OK, although I do not like the looks of some of the trees which are leaning menacingly over our house and my husband will have a lot of cleaning up to do when he gets up - the poor guy was outside for many hours shoveling last night until he finally borrowed our neighbor's bulldozer to do some plowing on our driveway.

Here is a little video I took in my yard just a little while ago, keep in mind that I used a cheap camera and have no skills so it's not great, but I figured I'd share it with you. Try not to laugh at my LawnGuyland accent too much!

Here is an excerpt from a report from the local paper, the Poughkeepsie Journal, from today:
115,000 WITHOUT POWER; TACONIC, I84 CLOSED; WARMING SHELTERS OPENING; Cuomo, Steinhaus declare states of emergency

A freak autumn storm dumped 17.9 inches of snow in Millbrook and knocked out power to more than 115,000 homes and businesses in Dutchess and Ulster counties. Dutchess County remains under a state of emergency. State Police in Millbrook said the Taconic State Parkway, as well as Interstates 84 and 684, are closed. Warming shelters are being set up in some municipalities.
According to Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp., 74,842 of the utility's 115,932 customers in Dutchess County and 27,421 of the utility's 87,947 customers in Ulster have lost power as of 9:55 a.m.
New York State Electric and Gas reports 11,448 of its 15,386 customers in Dutchess and 2,197 of its 5,355 Ulster customers are without power as of 9:55 a.m. MUCH MORE HERE
According to their facebook page, the people camped out at #OccupyPoughkeepsie seemed to get through it all OK. I do not agree with them or what they are doing, but they are members of my community - neighbors - and I do not want to see them get hurt.

Our power may continue to go out as tree branches continue to break under the weight, and I am still worried about stuff landing on the house, but so far so good here! I am going to cook some food while we still have our utilities on, but we're running out of stuff, like coffee. If you have a buck or two for my Tip Jar, it would be greatly appreciated and would help us out a lot.

I hope you all have a nice day, if I can take more pictures and video later, I'll update this post with them.

This post is linked at - a terrific Canadian blog. Thank you, Natasha!

This post is linked at Blazing Cat Fur, another fine Canadian blog. Thank you, BCF!

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Lady Liberty 1885 said...

No snow here, but chilly. Hope the occupiers like icicle toes.

BlueJeansandLace said...

Stay safe and warm! 

Adrienne said...

Ouch!  On the upside, it looks like it's very pretty where you live. 

P.S. You and I sound a bit alike...

rosalie said...

I enjoyed the video.  We got between 8-10 inches where we live in Pennsy.   After seeing all those towering trees around your home, I won't complain about the branches that snapped off our Mulberry tree.  At least they landed in our yard and not in our neighbor's.  I always love how trees look when it snows, but only from afar.  This was too close for comfort.  Take extra care when you're outside, and stay warm!   

SignPainterGuy said...

Well, on the upside, you musta missed the worst of it by the Pokie Urinal report of 17.9" elsewhere. LawnGuy`s yard art look`s all snug under the winter blanket. ;-) Ominous loaded trees though. My best friend`s back yard looked almost identical, except his had a downslope. Snapping pine tree limbs sounded like gun shots. I hope and will pray that none fall and cause any damage to your property or even the #occupiers !

I`ll have to dig out and email some pics from last year`s 13"er here.

What an absolute bummer that you guys are stuck at home and can`t get out and about freely !

BTW, LOVE that LawnGuyLand accent ! :-) And as for the "cheap video camera", it did fine,  it was the coffee-fueled camera girl who gave it that extra "bounce" ! ;-)

quite_rightly said...

Stay warm, girl!

Frances said...

Zilla - we've taken to keeping a  long pole around to poke the trees when the heavy snow comes.  Even our extendible pruner has been pressed into service at times.  Can't reach the tallest branches, but have saved a lot over the years, especially during early autumn or late spring storms when the trees have leafed out.

SignPainterGuy said...

I do the same thing, pruning pole and a long bamboo pole, too ! Glad you thought to mention it !

Kim Harrison said...

What accent?  ;)

Teresamerica said...

What a crazy, early snowstorm!  Its cold here but thankfully I was spared from the snow.  Looks like a good bit of snow has melted already.  Hopefully the snow will continue to melt.  Be safe and stay warm, Zilla.  

repsac3 said...

'cept for "dawgwood," I didn't hear any accent... Of course, I may be immune, given my own lawn guy land status... 

I took a diction class in college, and that's one of LI's biggest "accent" sounds, the other two being the short a (which, according to the professor, is generally supposed to sound like it does in "apple") and the long i, (which is supposed to sound like it does in "ice."). I wish I could remember the one for that "dawgwood" (or "cawfee" ) sound... (It was a tough class... You couldn't tawk ...erb... talk to the woman who tawt ...taught... the class, because she was always correcting how you said what you said... Got to the point folks in the class would just look the other way or become entirely enraptured in animated conversation with complete strangers who just happened to be close enough whenever we saw her in the halls... In old stomping ground news, there was like an inch or so, mostly on the north shore in Nassau... (Zippo out east, though it was mighty "breezy.") T'was in the high 40's the next day, so whatever there was was 99% gone within 24 hours.)

SignPainterGuy said...

"Dawgwood", "Cawfee", sounds rather "southern" to me ! I thought for LawnGuyLanders, it was "Dowuhgwood" and "Cowuhfee". Aiyee, what does a Tarheel know ? Must be from across the river or sumpem ! ;-)

While visiting Sis in MN, I went to a campground store for a bag of ice. I asked for "a bag of ice" in my normal southern way, "no accent at all" ;-), and got, "Huh ? What?".  I cleared things right up with, "You know, frozen water, crushed, in a plastic bag ?!" "Oh, IEECE !" "Yeah, that`s it !" They were super nice otherwise, I like the people I met there !

However, Boston is a different story. My first summer out of hi screwel, `71, I visited my same Sis and spent 3 weeks painting her house. They took me to Gloucester for the sights and some great sea food. Later, I complained at the native`s resistance to my southern charm and overall unfriendliness. After explaining that they take about a year to warm up to new folks, Sis told two stories. She called the phone operator to see if it was long distance to call from Melrose to Peabody (Pee-bah-dee). The operator first laughed, then asked, "Where are you from ? It`s Pee-buhdee." Sis couldn`t remember if she learned the long distance question or not.

She has always been into sewing; in hi school, she`d stay up all night with a friend and sew their own evening gowns for special dances and beauty pageants (She won 1st Runner Up and Miss Congeniality in the Miss Canton, NC Pageant, `63). She and Hubs went to a sewing / craft shop near Boston and after looking the whole store over, an elderly gentleman finally asked if he could be of assistance ? She said she was looking for a yardstick. He snapped a quick, "Whut ?" "A yardstick." Again the quick, "Whut ?" She explained, "You know, a yard stick - 1/4" thick, an inch wide, 3 feet long ?" "Oooooh, a yaahdstick ("aah" as in back) !" She and Hubs walked out the door !

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