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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stand Against Evil - Never Let it Win

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host,
by the Divine Power of God,
cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Donald Douglas is a college professor, a father, a husband and the author of the American Power blog - he is also my friend and he is a really nice man. Donald has been under relentless brutal attack by filthy commie pinko rat bastard d-bag jackasses for years now, and it goes far beyond the usual trolling and anonymous death threats that most of us Conservative bloggers have become so accustomed to; the demonic progs have repeatedly published Donald's workplace information and have undertaken a scorched earth endeavor to destroy Donald's life and livelihood. In addition to that, they have viciously slandered him with the most vile false accusations and have even attempted to have law enforcement investigate him for imaginary crimes. There are entire blogs devoted to nothing else but the destruction of this decent and honorable man.

Unfortunately, this is standard fare for the intolerant left, as they have nothing but pure hatred for anyone who does not fall in lockstep with their backward ideology. Via The Lonely Conservative:
Progressives like to believe they’re the champions of free speech, unless you happen to have a different point of view, then they just want you to shut up. Some on this blog complain about the comment rating system. They leave their comments and wonder why conservative readers hit the “dislike” button and complain that we’re infringing on their right to speak their minds. It’s really quite silly, but it goes beyond silly when they try to get someone fired from his day job.
That’s what’s been happening to Professor Donald Douglas for quite some time. I guess they don’t believe students should be exposed to anyone whose views differ from their own. RTR
TLC has a comment rating system, I have a Troll Toll, but those things can't much help a person whose self declared enemies have decided to utterly ruin his life and his ability to support his family simply because they don't like what he has to say about political issues.

Here is an excerpt from one of Donald's posts about what those nefarious cretins have been doing to him:
Some time back, one of my colleagues suggested that no matter what the nature of online disagreements, no matter how intense or vile, taking such disagreements to an opponent's employer is outside the bounds of decency: it is simply un-American. And I would add that when those same workplace complaints involve blatant and patently false allegations amounting to libel, those taking such actions are not only un-American, but genuinely satanic. And I have to apologize to longtime readers who might be getting bored with such blogging, but writing about the progressive left's perpetual campaign of personal destruction, against my economic livelihood, is how I'm able to deal with the issues, keep my sanity, and of course clear my good name. As I noted earlier, there is essentially no lie that's beyond the pale for the radicals. They'll do anything to destroy opponents. And they don't stop. And virtually to the one, the complaints leveled against me have been pure lies. I'm not going to recount them. All of this is of a piece. But since many on the left are coordinating these attacks, the frequency seems to be accelerating. I'll soon know more about the latest round of allegations and lies. In the meantime, here's a roundup of the workplace attacks I've defended against now for almost three years. In each case, there's never been any finding of impropriety or wrongdoing. In fact, the opposite's been true: Accusers have been revealed as the hateful demonic scum that they are.  RTWT
Donald has provided links to previous posts about the ongoing harassment HERE, be sure to check them out. Let me tell you something; these attacks against Donald are attacks against us all in that they are attempts to intimidate the truth tellers into silence. There's no telling who could be next on their hit list, maybe me, maybe someone else, maybe even you. It mustn't be tolerated, not even a little.

If there is one thing I've learned since joining the Right Blogosphere community is that we stand together and we look after our brethren, because if we let one of ours fall beneath the crushing weight of evil, we will all go down one way or another. Donald never fails to rally to the side of one of us when we have a problem, he has stood with many of us through thick and thin, let's show him right now that WE have his back! Please contact me via email, Twitter or in the comments section below) to have your name and/or your blog (if you have one) added to he Roll Call list in support of our friend Donald Douglas and let the cruel jerks of the left know that Donald Douglas is by no means alone in this fight.

My friend, Donald Douglas, of the American Power blog.

Roll Call!

Zilla of the Resistance

The Lonely Conservative

Mind Numbed Robot

The Pagan Temple

Fuzzy Logic

Atlas Shrugs

That Mr. G Guy's Blog

Right in a Left World

Clark County Conservative

Blazing Cat Fur

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Invincible Armor

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The Sundries Shack

The Independent Realist

(List will be updated frequently as more of the Righteous answer the Call)

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Donald Douglas said...

Thanks so much, Zilla. 

Love you! And God be with you, for He is our strength!!

Mike said...

Http:// Mike G.

lewwaters said...

Feel free to add my name and both of my blogs to the list supporting Donald.

[Right In A Left World]

{Clark County Conservative]

It is the Bolshevik tactic to control information and thereby thinking. The leftists have the media, but so far have not shut down blogs.

We must stand together to make sure that will not happen.

SignPainterGuy said...

My sincerest thanks to you Donald, for standing up for GOD, the truth and what`s just right; there are far too few like you ! In an environment where the truth is not tolerated and GOD`s word will get you punished and threatened, you are indeed a standout ! Please know that you are and will remain in my prayers, that my hope is that you will be safe, strong and unafraid ! Your life deserves so much better than what you are exposed to, but I`ll bet that you knew what you were getting into.

May our LORD Bless and Keep you !

Please add my name, real and interwebs code-name, to the list of your supporters.

Again, a hearty round of thanks for the good work you do !

1389 said...

Please add 1389 Blog!

Amusing Bunni said...

A wonderful post defending a great Patriot, Zilla!  You are a good friend.

All the horrid stuff people have pointed out about lefties is true.  I posted my thoughts in a comment at Don's, and he was kind enough to put it in his update today.
The lefty demons will stop at nothing, they are pure evil, and it's very fitting you put that pic and prayer of St. Michael up here,  good work.

M said...


Add the ANTI LIBERAL ZONE to this. (Having trouble in the original comment area)

rosalie said...

Thanks, Zilla, for making us aware of this.  You're right, we have to stick together and fight this.   Please feel free to add my name to the list.   Rosalie Breslin

Bob Agard said...

Please add my blog in support of Donald. Bob's Blog at

Bob Belvedere said...

A wonderful post, Zilla.  I would be honored if you would add me to the list.

Quoted from and Linked to at: Right Wing Bloggers Under Relentless Attack: The Battle Rages On

Patriciapledger said...

please add me to the support list zilla, it's loopyloo  at My Blog,

Donald Douglas said...

I've got a new post up thanking Ladd especially, but you're linked, and Smitty and Lisa. I'll have more later. It's hard to keep up! Thanks!

Adobe_Walls said...

I Don't have a blog but would be honored to be counted among Professor Douglas's supporters

Jake said...

Please add me...

Jake Finnegan


Chris Wysocki said...

Count me as proudly standing with Donald and against evil.

John C. Barile said...

I would also be honored to be counted in defense of Donald Douglas and American Power.

John C. Barile

againstpropaganda said...

You can add me.  EVERYONE has freedom of speech and if he were a left wing blogger, I would say the same and would still add my  name to the list.  I am also sick of everything being labeled as hate speech and if it is hate speech, so what?? Is it illegal to hate now???  If you don't like the way someone feels about certain things, then don't talk to them, simple as that.  Keep marching on Mr. Douglas.  It's going to get harder and harder as time goes by , Jesus told us this would happen.  God bless you.

mRed said...

Please add me! I am a big fan of the professor.  Zilla and American Power are both daily must reads!

Hugh Vaughan-Williams said...

United we stand! Please add  me to the Roll Call.

repsac3 said...

Zilla/MJ said...
You've done good, Thom! I almost feel sorry for that guy.

Right back atcha, my dear...

...he should know that he may not comment at my blog unless he registers as a known troll & pays the toll.

The comment is for you... Whether or not you post it is your choice, and scarcely matters to me either way...

If I ever have a response to somethin' you write that I want others to read I'll post it on one of my blogs, because I know that too few of you conservative types can be trusted to go in for honest debate right out there in public... It's all about stifling the voices of others, for you folks...

I still suggest a Troll Toll though, as it has worked well for me. ;)

If you call preaching to the choir workin', I guess... Personally, I wouldn't be all that proud of it, but then, I prefer honest discussion and debate.

In the spirit of good neighborliness, lemmie say I'm glad you finally got your root canal, and I hope it relieved the pain for good and all... I have an idea of what you've been going through, as I had to wait about two months for my insurance to kick in so's I could go for a root canal of my own... The appointment's tomorrow. (Had I read yer blog earlier, I might've contributed a few bucks, in knowing sympathy...)

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Well I hope your root canal goes well too and that your recovery is fast and complete. If you had seen some of the truly over the top vitriol that my trolls were posting, perhaps you would understand why I had to implement the toll. There is no reason why I should have to host abusive comments to me when they can easily post them elsewhere.  I am of the opinion that people screaming that one should be murdered are not interested in honest debate, they already have their minds made up. I am not silencing their voices, but I refuse to give them a platform to abuse me or my readers on my own blog which I have put a lot of work into, it's not like they can't go and start their own blogs or complain about me elsewhere. I also would not invite someone who says they want to hurt me to have a snack in my kitchen, I don't know any sane person who would. Thank you for your civility in my comments section, it is appreciated. Good luck, again, with the dental surgery, I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

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