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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

They're Heeeerrrrrreeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The occupiers have come to my neck of the woods.
Poughkeepsie, New York is #Occupied. Poughkeepsie is the nearest 'big' town, called a small 'city', near the little backwater where I reside in Dutchess County. My local newspaper, the leftist Poughkeepsie Journal has an occupier friendly story, HERE. If you'd like to see coverage of the Poughkeepsie occupation from a non-leftist point of view, I would love to go there and give you an exclusive look at what's happening there, but I need your help! I have been without transportation since February, when my husband's car broke down and he started using mine, leaving me trapped here at the house while he is at work, some Tip Jar hits might get me back on the road and with my newly regained freedom I will go into the belly of our Hudson Valley beast to show you what our local liberal media will not.

The occupiers set up their protest in the 'inner city' part of Poughkeepsie, at Hulme Park, and have been there since October 15th. Here is a video from the (liberal) Poughkeepsie Journal:

Wait, what? "Occupy ISRAEL"? Anti-Israeli sentiment to blatant anti-Semitism has been a hallmark of all the #occupy protests across the country, I guess there's no reason why it would be any different here. Another common feature is that they are endorsed by the International Socialist Organization and Big Labor. Again, not surprising.

The Poughkeepsie occupiers also do the creepy human megaphone, the zombie like repetition by the crowd of whatever someone says:

How cute, they even do the "twinkles" jazz hands!

I see white people! (Only white people, but the TEA party are the "racists"? This part of Poughkeepsie is predominantly black and Hispanic, by the way):

I am glad I didn't need to use the Poughkeepsie Chase branch for anything that day! It must be a hassle for normal people to get in and out of the places that occupiers decide to rant and chant in front of.

Drums (of course) and more chants! Across the street from the welfare office, a great place to recruit people who also have nothing better to do:

Oh look, they found a person of color! Good for them.

I'd really like to go there and interview people, they seem more civilized than the big city squatters elsewhere, and on their facebook page they claim to be cleaning up after themselves, unlike the other protests around the country which are filthy and disgusting. They claim that the cops are not hassling them because their presence in the park is an improvement over what is normally there, and knowing what it is like in that part of Poughkeepsie, I think they might be telling the truth on that count. They are on Twitter too, HERE.

Another nearby small city currently 'occupied' is New Paltz, which is like the San Francisco of the Hudson Valley, where the smell of pot and patchouli is ever present even without protesters. The New Paltz occupiers are also railing against New York State drilling for the large supply of natural gas that we have under the ground here which would provide lots of jobs and help the economy. There is a very liberal college in New Paltz, so they have a steady supply of the young and brainwashed.

Fight liberal media bias, send me to cover the local occupations! #LiberatePoughkeepsie Hit the Tip Jar!

If an occupy protest has sprung up in your neighborhood and you'd like me to publish a ground report from you here at the Zilla Blog, please feel free to send me an email!

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Kim Harrison said...

Welcome back!!!!!

SignPainterGuy said...

Hopefully you`ll get your car back in time to investigate your local #occupiers. Good to hear that they`re cleaning up after themselves; not the norm for lefties in general or their protest movements in particular.

The Asheville bunch haven`t been too nasty or violent so far, though a few "drunk and disorderly" and "sleeping in the park / on the sidewalks" arrests have been made. Here`s a funny one; 4 were arrested for washing the front windows of the Merril-Lynch offices. I think there were also some unsurprising drug arrests too.

The Asheville City Council has screwed up big time by setting a few precedents that will surely result in future law suits. The occupiers were forced to move out of the little park they were originally in. Peacefully, they went "home" every night and returned 5:ish the next day. They then demanded that CC provide them with a place to camp. CC allowed them to take over a municipal parking lot under an interstate bridge. Here`s the screw up; instead of charging the protesters the $225.00 per day they normally get for parking, CC only charged them a "one-time" $25.00 fee for the duration, or until CC could come up with a more permanent solution. Now, the state DOT is complaining that allowing the protesters to camp in the lot under the bridge, state property, the city has broken a contract. As of today, the protesters owe the city over $2,000.00 in permit fees.

I saw a vid yesterday by a Russian born guy interviewing 3 occupiers. They honestly believe that socialism offers full employment, fair wages and overall treatment, homes, etc., the whole utopia bs. They did not believe the guy`s story of life in N.Korea, where people are starving, forced to eat grass and garbage and some mothers have cooked and eaten their babies. Nope, socialism is the answer for them !

It`s way worse than ignorance on display !

Be very careful MJ if you get to go see firsthand and take a big person or two for protection !

Zilla of the Resistance said...


Zilla of the Resistance said...

If by some miracle I am able to regain my freedom so I can go there, I am not worried, i don't generally wear makeup and I wear my hair natural so I can blend right in! Anyway, even though I am small and have all kinds of nerve damage in my body, I am still pretty badass. ;)
I hope the Asheville CC is made to pay a heavy price for their occutardcoddling!

SignPainterGuy said...

My concern for your safety is that you will cease to "blend In" once the occupiers get into their (maybe thoroughly-believed) lies about socialism and blaming everyone bBUT the real culprits who`ve caused this crappy economy ! Once you "correct" them, your cover will be blown !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I was in drama club in high school, I can act like it doesn't bother me, and I try to never argue with dullards as it is simply a waste of my time and energy. If by some miracle of the tip jar I am able to finally regain my freedom ( I am so sick of being trapped!) I will be going there as an 'objective reporter' observing in an un-opinionated manner anyway. LOL

SignPainterGuy said...

Sounds like you`ve issued your own challenge. Good luck on all fronts !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I need it! I am freaking DYING here! AND my danged tooth STILL hurts! Plus, end of the month so we're pretty much out of everything since all of my resources went to the damned danged dentist. I hate this existence. I miss being middle class!
FUCK OBAMA! We were doing FINE before he started dicking over this country! 

SignPainterGuy said...

Asheville City Council acted yesterday, 10-25, to force the occupiers to move without offering another option. They voted 6-1 for the action, the lone NO vote from a very lib member, Cecil Bothwell (D), who wanted to allow them to use a city park for the duration, but no one seconded his motion. I mention his name because he is running for congress, I assume against Richard Burr (R), you may hear his name later. He`s a real piece of lib / prog work ! Nancy Piglousy and Dingy Harry Reidiculous would love his devotion to all things progressive.

Anyway, it seems the CC will defy the wishes of private businesses, middle class workers who use that parking lot, other groups who wish to use city property, but they buckle under the weight of the DOT ! Fascinating what the threat of a law suit will do !

Maggie Thornton said...

I've noticed the "creepy" megaphone with the crowd repeating everything said. An Egyptian man was there one day, and as he tried to speak and tell of the glorious Egyptian revolution, every three words he was stopped so the crowd could chant. Weird, Weird!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I wonder what kind of havoc I could cause if I got to Poughkeepsie and got them to repeat some things I'd like to say! Fight corporate greed by using facebook & twitter on your ipad! Have you seen to covert ops to undermine the kooks?
and this
What fun!

Lady Liberty 1885 said...

Hey Lady! Good read -- shared!
Be careful if you do end up roaming amongst them.

SignPainterGuy said...

Just to straighten out a mistake I made last night, Cecil Bothwell (D) Asheville, will be running for the US House of Reps against Heath Shuler (D, NC-11). It seems, Shuler has been more interested in voting according to his constituents` wishes and what`s right (pro-life), and not enough according to the dim party line and the direction of San Fran Nan !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I wonder if I'll need a HazMat suit?

Jordan Kanner said...

"Fight liberal media bias, send me to cover the local occupations! "
how about fight media bias period?  such as yours?  Why dont you actually come down here and see what we are about rather than rant about what colors you see on a computer screen.  Get your head out of your fucking ass and do some ACTUAL research not write an entire article based on assumption and instigation....the reason why we have so much trouble getting the ACTUAL message across is becuase of people like you clouding the minds of proud. 

Jordan Kanner said...

and no im not going to tell you what we are standing for because anyone who has any will to educate themselves on what is going on in the world right now can figure it out very i can even show you a little cartoon if you cant figure it out

Jordan Kanner said...


Jordan Kanner said...


Jordan Kanner said...

From further reading i realize you cannot come out and check out what is going on, and in that case....dont report on something you dont actually know about?

Jordan Kanner said...

...def need protection from a bunch of college kids and middle aged adults....i mean we do get some rather odd people coming through from time to time but we deal with it as it comes as a group

Zilla of the Resistance said...

You do not get to come here and curse at me without first registering as a known troll and paying the toll.  Scroll down for the button.

Obotoc said...

Dear Zilla,
I'd be happy to take you down there.  I've been making soup and taking it to share with the occupiers and anyone else who travels through the park.  Lots of hungry kids couldn't get enough of the vegetable soup we had last weekend.

What we will find is a bunch of young people who work jobs and go to school and occupy the park out of a sincere sense of conscience. Believe me, it's cold down there, they aren't doing this for fun. They will listen to you and answer or ask your questions respectfully.  They have kept the park clean and have cooperated with police.  Since they've been in the park, the crime rate there is 0 and they've helped police stop an assault by passers by.  They've fed hungry kids. I'm not certain, but I think they even return their library books on time.

I'm serious about taking you to the park as long as you are truly interested in learning more and are not averse to riding with someone whose opinions are extremely different from yours.  Oh, I'm also a professional drummer, so no hating on drums, ok?  You can email me at

Vangough2011 said...

apparently you have never been there, because if you had been you would see that all these people are doing is helping poughkeepsie. It's people like you that promote lies and distortion, you are the reason this country is so torn apart

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Apparently you did not read the entire post or you would have seen that I wrote the the Poughkeepsie crowd DO seem much more civilized than the mobs in the big cities and that they probably ARE an improvement over what is normally in that area. It's people like you who try to put words in other people's mouths who are causing all the discord. Don't blame ME who what the destroyers have done to this country, go take it up with Obama and the rest of the America hating progs.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

You seem very kind. I have heard that the Poughkeepsie people have been cleaning up after themselves and are not fouling the place the way the occupy people in other cities have been doing. Do you think the city would let a TEA party group camp out in the park for weeks on end too? Somehow I doubt it, everybody else usually need to get permits and pay fees for those privileges - have the occupiers gotten permits and paid fees?
Like I said in my post, I do not doubt that the people staying at Hulme Park ARE probably an improvement over what is normally there.
I appreciate the offer, but I have reservations about getting into a car with a perfect stranger and there is nobody to babysit my children anyway. I have no problem with people who play the drums, provided that they are not doing it at all hours in a public place and disturbing the peace of their neighbors.
Thank you for being civil in my comments section, it is appreciated.
How did the snow treat you guys last night? I know the temps were below freezing, that must have been pretty miserable to ride out in a tent.

SignPainterGuy said...

"ALSO MOST OF US HATE OBAMA TOO ..... " E-Yelling won`t make your point any more believable, so calm down and listen. First, another of your comments to me reached me by email but doesn`t show here, "I need to educate myself ...". Michelle Malkin, Doug Powers at The Powers That Be, and Zilla herself have educated me just fine thanks on the involvement of socialists behind the OWSer movement. Big Labor, George Soros, numerous Hollyweird celebs like Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, Al "Globull Warming" Goracle and yes, P`Bo himself, ALL well documented to be socialists are heavily involved in supporting this movement. CAIR and The Mooslime Brotherhood are involved in supporting this protest of capitalism, the single form of commerce that has provided peace and prosperity to more people than any other form. This whole scheme is to replace capitalism with socialism.

Apparently, you are too close to see the truth, or too taken in by the siren song of socialist utopia to see the forest for the trees ! This is not new, it has been done many times before and eventually failed to provide the promised goodies, the promised equality. Socialism, much like communism, accomplishes equality of misery for the masses, not prosperity. Capitalism offers equality of opportunity, but no guarantee of success. It is self interest, self reliance and reward for efforts that are achieved through capitalism. It is not greed because a person expects (and rightly so) a profit on his investment of time, energy and money. Socialism offers rewards only for the top elites as you should have seen in Zuccotti Park when the pee-ons surrendered their collections to the "bosses" who then kept it or put it in a Wall Street Bank) .........Think about that.

Now, back to your "MOST OF US HATE OBAMA ...". No, as Christians, and thereby Conservatives, we do not HATE anyone! We do not hate ANYONE !! We hate what some people do, and what some people represent. We hate socialism and lies. Obama is a marxist socialist and a liar ! We hate that about him, but get this straight, we do not hate Obama himself !!

Kevin Halcott said...

 Why wouldnt we be proud of our brothers and sisters practicing dialouge in a public venue? Are you afraid we all might actually learn to co-=operate and share privelages? I think your reaction to this movement comes from your own fear of change, and attachments to your own comfort and privelages. The people that are occupying around the world are of so many different origins and takes on this. Everyones discovering their voice and power. I bet that makes the few with voice and power right now a bit uncomfortable. Good! Keep drawing attention to this beautiful movement! Peace and Love

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Just curious, are you guys in Poughkeepsie giving meals to homeless people if they come and ask? I know they are freaking out over having to share with the less fortunate at other occupy sites, and have stopped sharing - but from what I read on the Poughkeepsie Occupy's facebook page, you guys were actually helping folks who come and if that is true I say kudos. :) 
It seems odd to me that people who are squatting on property that does not belong to them and demanding things they did not earn would have a problem with sharing, you know?

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I am not one of those few 'with the power', not by a longshot.

Funny how the defenders of the occupiers had nothing but hatred for the TEA party protests. (Who all got the proper permits and permission and left places cleaner that they were when they got there and never destroyed property or attacked the police, by the way.)

And I don't see anything 'beautiful' about pooping on cop cars, destroying property, embracing the thug unions who are the epitome of crony fat cats getting fatter on taxpayer funded government largess, public sex, defecating on people's porches, rioting, assaulting cops, harassing passersby who are just trying to get to work or go home, blocking traffic, screaming obscenities and racial epithets, embracing violent radical anarchists, marxists, communists, islamic supremacists, neo-nazis and other blights on humanity and expecting that you should be given preferential treatment over everybody else simply because you scream loudly.

And how is it so much 'sharing' when you've got a handful of people at OWS sitting on a over a half million dollars and not sharing it and you have got occupy organizers refusing to share the donated food with homeless people who are hungry and kicking them out?
Nothing beautiful about showing the same selfishness 'me first' greed that you supposedly oppose.

"Peace" does not involve riots, assaults and vandalism, "love" does not involve screaming hatred about the Jews or showing up by the bussed in mob to howl out on front of a family's private home because you don't like what someone does for a living. At best, they are misguided, at worst, downright malignant.

Obotoc said...

We feed anyone who comes to the park who wants to eat, whether they are occupiers, homeless people, or well-fed people who are just curious.  Some people stop by to find out what is going on or to disagree - they get fed too.  Some don't intend to eat but when they get a whiff of how good it smells, they can't resist.  I'm a VERY good cook and so are the others who are doing this.
I appreciate that you have heard me about what is really going on.  When a movement is large, it attracts all kinds of people and not all of them behave the way we all would like, but for the most part, the occupy movement has been very civil and peaceful.  I'm afraid that the portrayals in the media just cannot be trusted.  Just like they would go to a Tea Party rally and only take pictures of bad spellers, they can also choose the one person out of a thousand who is behaving badly.
I think if we can have a respectful conversation we may find we have a lot more interests in common than you might expect.  Not entirely.  I have no illusions there, but I believe we can start by agreeing that when a citizen feels our country is on the wrong track we have not only a right, but an obligation to speak out.  That's why I'm involved.
Just to be clear, I'm not one of the people spending the night in the park.  I'm too old and well, maybe wimpy to do that.  It's better for me to support those who do with my cooking - but yeah, it was miserable down there last night.

Obotoc said...

Nobody's demanding things we haven't earned.  Unfortunately, some in the media have twisted the message to sound like that, but it's not accurate.  I'm a small business owner and I work very hard for what I earn.  I'm asking for fairness - that my tax dollars don't go to big corps who don't pay taxes themselves when they make bad business decisions and who then tie up capital from lending to small business.  Everyone who works hard is being taken advantage of by the huge moneyed interests who control both parties. The occupation movement is more about making America the land of opportunity again than it is about asking for handouts.   The big corporations who own the media don't want you to know that.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Don't get mad, OK, as I intend no offense, but you sound like a TEA partier because they oppose that cronyism engineering by the gov't too! ;)
And clearly the media is no friend to the TEA people or any other entity who doesn't cheerlead everything the left does.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

"I believe we can start by agreeing that when a citizen feels our country is on the wrong track we have not only a right, but an obligation to speak out."

I agree, in fact, that's why I blog!

Obotoc said...

I'm not mad.  That's what I'm saying.  These movements have a LOT in common.  We love freedom and opportunity and fairness and America.  We disagree about a lot of other things, but that's what freedom is about - hearing different opinions and thinking for ourselves.  Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation is spread that is intended to make us hate each other.  I'm tired of the division of left and right.  It's tearing us apart and preventing us from having actual intelligent conversations.  We face serious problems in this country and the world and we're not going to solve anything by playing that game.

Obotoc said...

Have you ever tried to make an announcement in a noisy environment without amplification?  For example, you're in a church basement and everyone is talking and you want to say, "There's a white Chrysler in the parking lot with its lights on." and everyone goes, "What did she say? "  The people's mic is simple a very low tech and effective way for a person to be heard in a noisy environment without amplification.  So you're in a park and there's a bunch of people and buses going by and construction happening, and you need to let everybody know something.  You say 'Mic Check' and everyone who hears you repeats it in a loud voice.  Now you say what you need to say, and they repeat it for you loudly.  It works great!  In addition, it makes the speaker actually think about what she's saying instead of droning on and on.  Also, the listeners are actually paying attention because they are part of the process instead of being passive.  Repeating does not mean you agree.  It means you are helping every one be heard.

SignPainterGuy said...

The Main Stream Media, or what I prefer to call them, the American Pravda Media, rarely misses a chance to put the best liberal / progressive spin or even out right cover up of their favorite, or shameful projects. I`m 58 yrs old and first noticed it (on my own I might add) during the Kennedy - Nixon campaign when I was 7, in 1960, and it has only gotten worse since. Even with their "sprucing up" of the views of the OWS movement, you can see that people like yourself are the exception, not the rule.

I was educated early enough that I got less PC influenced info about socialism / communism in the USSR, N. Korea, China. I have friends who escaped from the old Soviet Union, China and Laos. Their stories of the truth about socialism / communism are far different and horrifying than that spread by today`s teachers and union reps. Zilla, Doug Powers and Michelle Malkin have well documented reports of the truth of socialism, Obama`s connections and others in and hidden behind his administration. The same for islam, the koran and sharia law. We are not fooled, but many in the OWS movement obviously are.

How many conservatives / Christians are involved ? VERY FEW (Notice I didn`t say "Republicans" - Rs are not necessarily conservative)! How many are Democrats, self described socialists and now, pro- or actual practicing -muslims ? MOST ?

Are the protests directed at the lawmakers who forced banks and other wall street business folk to take bailouts, make loans to people who obviously couldn`t pay them back ? No, they`re directed at the big businesses who are committing the "shameful act of taking profits" for their investments, just as you do if your feeding establishment is an actual business. They`re directed at banks that, again "Shamefully expect to be repaid" for college loans. How dare they expect to be repaid !?

My point is, even the people who are behaving themselves are misguided and being used by the higher-ups and planners. As much as anything, the OWS movement is a distraction from Solyndra, Fast & Furious, illegal alien invasion, all manner of Official Malfeasance and Dereliction of Duty !

Obotoc, bless your heart for feeding all comers. Please return, continue to post comments and your opinions, we welcome you.

SignPainterGuy said...

So it IS more than Sesame Street for adults !? ;-) Thanks for the explanation, I honestly had not realized that.

SignPainterGuy said...

Odd, Zilla is and has been my friend for almost the entire life of this blog in very large part precisely because she never lies ! I hate lies and won`t hang around where lies are part and parcel to normal activities ! If you will frequent this blog and give honest thought to her posts and opinions, you`ll have no choice but to agree !

YES, that`s a challenge !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I'm taking care of a sick child so am on & offline and not spending as much time as I'd like to with y'all, but Obotoc, I DO second SPG's sentiment that you are indeed, quite welcome here - I even added you to my whitelist so hopefully your comments will post right away & not have to wait for me to manually 'approve' them anymore. :)

Sam Hartley said...

I have to call BS on this one, and hope not to make too many waves.  NO ONE is spreading any "misinformation" about the OWS movement.  They have their own site!  The Liberal Media LOVES these people, yet can't help but report what IS going on, what the group IS saying, and what they ARE about.

The OWS movement needs to FLUSH itself and actually get involved with life as opposed to trying to just "protest" things.  We have a system, USE IT.  And while there may be "some" in the movement that are "good".... IT IS NOT, nor is its goals.

Again, all anyone has to do is go to their own website.  If YOU don't agree with that, then maybe YOU are in the wrong "movement".  Because clearly Obotoc is not the one who is truly representing what the movement IS about... unfortunately.

MACH1513 said...

If you think the Pokey Urinal is "liberal" you have a very warped perspective.

Amusing Bunni said...

If you go, be very careful, Zilla!
Well, now with all the snow, they hopefully are gone....or drastically thinned out.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

They're still there. See today's post:

Kathi said...

Just wondering if we live in the same Dutchess County, NY!   I have never thought of the Poughkeepsie Journal as anything but right leaning!  LOL
 I have been to the "Occupation" many times and find everyone to be courteous, respectful, intelligent, and very open and respectful to the surrounding neighborhood residents.  Many neighborhood residents spend time with the group, supporting or learning what the Occupiers are all about.  The group is also involved in outreach to the neighborhood, incl. sharing their meals with whomever stops by and inviting everyone to attend their general assembly.  The human mic, by the way, is to help everyone hear what is going on since they do not use amplifying equipment.  It talks longer, (lots longer), but its purpose is to have everyone involved and aware of what's going on.
If you decide to attend a  general assembly, everyday 12 noon and 7 pm., you will be welcomed and your right to express your opinion will be upheld.  You can go just to listen too.   I'd be happy to drive you there, if you still don't have a car.

Thomas Ferdousi said...

Nice work. Too bad about New Paltz. Too many idiots there.

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