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Monday, January 3, 2011

Doorbell Death for Iraqi Christians in New Genocide Attacks

Iraqi Christians were not safe at Church, they were slaughtered during Holy Mass on October 31, they could not openly celebrate Christmas, and they are not even safe in their homes.
Via The Daily Caller:
The latest bloody attack on Iraq’s Christians was brutal in its simplicity. Militants left a bomb on the doorstep of the home of an elderly Christian couple and rang the doorbell.
When Fawzi Rahim, 76, and his 78-year-old wife Janet Mekha answered the doorbell Thursday night, the bomb exploded, killing them, Mekha’s brother told The Associated Press on Friday. Three other people, apparently passers-by, were wounded.
When I went there, I found both of them cut to pieces near the gate of their house,” said the brother, Falah al-Tabbakh, 47, who had been at a funeral nearby in the eastern Baghdad district of Ghadir. He rushed to his sister’s house after neighbors called him, and they told him what happened, he said.
The bombing was among a string of seemingly coordinated attacks Thursday evening that targeted at least seven Christian homes in various parts of Baghdad that wounded at least 13 other people, a week after al-Qaida-linked militants renewed their threats to attack Iraq’s Christians.

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Creative Minority Report: Begging Obama to Help Iraqi Christians
A group of Republicans and Democrats are urging President Obama to help prevent the death of more Iraqi Christians. In their public letter to President Obama, the group warned that that unless something is done the situation “promises more innocent Christian blood in Iraq, more turmoil in that country, and more shame for America.

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Please pray for persecuted Christians in Iraq and around the world and do not be afraid to speak out against these atrocities, for politically correct silence is the enabler of Holocausts.

My hero, Pamela Geller, has shared part of this post at Atlas Shrugs! Thank you, Pamela!

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