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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A New Nation is Born! Southern Sudan Votes for FREEDOM

With NINETY NINE PERCENT voter turnout, the people of Southern Sudan have voted for Independence and Freedom from the islamic oppression of the north.
From Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs:

99% Vote in Southern Sudan: "Free at Last!" "Thank G-d Almighty!" "We Have a Nation"

"Everyone is drunk with happiness. People in Southern Sudan are in unity. We are one. Everyone is saying 'Hallelujah! Free at last!'" Simon Deng, moments ago.
Sudan ref

A jubilant Simon Deng rang me from Southern Sudan just a few moments ago. The news was nothing short of a miracle. A record 99% of the Southern Sudanese people came out and voted for independence. They are free. The official results of the vote will be announced this weekend.
Simon was ebullient on the phone. If I could have frozen one moment in time, it would have been that.
What a moment! Simon was laughing. It was the sound of the divine. "If you don't believe in miracles, look to Southern Sudan. Everyone in Southern Sudan is smiling. Everyone. The country is smiling. They will be never be as happy as they are today. We are free from the victimization and islamization of the North."
"We had to sacrifice four million lives."
The Southern Sudanese never lost hope. Watch Simon here in a quick video, 2005 (full remarks here). And listen to my interview with Manute Bol, the basketball great who dedicated his life and his sports earnings to freedom for southern Sudan before he died.
"Everyone is drunk with happiness. People in Southern Sudan are in unity. We are one. Everyone is saying 'hallelujah, Free at last!'"
"We thank every person in the world who has been there emotionally, who consoled us, who stood with us, who has supported Southern Sudan, who have stood with and those who stood in sympathy with the people of Sudan, we thank you. We thank everybody. We the people of Southern Sudan have no way to thank people of good will, who opened their doors to refugees, who opened their wallet to us, we thank you.
"Everyone is anxious to receive the new baby."
"And the last thing we are asking people and free nations of the world -- recognize the child that is going to be born. Be there for that child. Support that child. When the child falls down, help that child stand up. Help the child grow. Eventually we will be strong and run like a gazelle."
When I asked Simon if he thought there would be trouble, He said "Never, G-d is with us. They sacrificed, but didnt lose hope. 4 million lives perished, but they believed in tomorrow. Tomorrow is now. We have a nation."
"Nobody could believe how everybody voted. 99% turnout."
Sudan vote

"The Northern Sudanese have already recognized the results of the vote." The turnout was overwhelming.
"The unity was solid, like a rock."
"And for anybody in the world who doesn't believe in hope, please hear it from us, keep hope alive."
The cry for freedom and results of this vote will reverberate around the world.

There's an article at Metrolic about what the new name will be and some technical issues which need to be ironed out for this new and independent nation, like the need for a new flag and national anthem. Read it HERE.

The Heritage Foundation has a great piece about what America can, and should, do to help this new free nation. EXCERPT:
Southern Sudan, one of the poorest regions in Africa, has a long road ahead. Although the viability of a prosperous nation-state may be far off, the opportunity to lay the foundations of a free and just southern Sudan is now. The vigorous diplomacy of American officials and the concerned involvement of American citizens can promote a constitutional system of government that ensures the rule of law and a robust system of checks and balances. This scenario is in the best interest of the southern Sudanese people and represents an outcome that would gratify James Madison himself—that in yet another corner of the globe, the balance between liberty and despotism is tipping toward liberty.
Here is a beautiful video by Yaba Angelosi, "Time to Vote":

Let Freedom Ring

Update: for further reading, check out the link-around that I've posted at Potluck.

This post is linked at Atlas Shrugs! Thank you, Pamela!  
This post is recommend in  Larwyn's Lynx by Doug Ross @ Journal, thanks, Doug!
Bread Upon the Waters has terrific coverage of the South Sudanese vote for freedom and has also linked to this post. Thank you, Quite Rightly! 


SignPainterGuy said...

LET FREEDOM RING !! What a wonderful accomplishment ! No doubt at great risk to life and limb 99% of voters said ENOUGH to the murderous invaders and corrupt government of the old country ! May GOD continue to bless and protect them ! LET FREEDOM RING LOUD AND PROUD AND NEVER BE SILENCED !!

dana cain said...

This is incredible! I'm so happy for the people of Sudan and I pray for their good blessing! We are overthrowing Islam one person at a time....May God bless this nation with prosperity and peace from this day forward!

Quite Rightly said...

Thank God!

Zilla of the Resistance said...


Zilla of the Resistance said...

It was such a joy to be able to share this wonderful news with all of you. They still have a lot of work to do, but look at how far they've come already! I believe that the South Sudanese are capable of doing wonderful things and pray that they will be the first of many to take the freedom that they deserve.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

God is Good!

Yukio Ngaby said...

I'm glad this happened, but I doubt that Juba and Khartoum will hash out the problems over Abyei and Sudan's existing debt by July 9th.

The odds are that they'll be back fighting this summer, and before there's an official recognition of the existence of South Sudan.

SignPainterGuy said...

It`s been a little while now, but I finally got to read something about the country`s "issues" beyond just the celebs screaming that we should do something to help the Sudanese . It isn`t always obvious just whose side these celebs are really on !

To read about the invasion of Islamic forces, joining the corrupt northern gov. - the horrendous, merciless murders of over 4 million people is sickening ! Add to that, the fact that this and similar atrocities are occurring in so many places; you want to help, but how ? You`d send money or food, but you know that little of it arrives into the right hands; it`s depressing to say the least !

I`d love to do more than just pray, but pray I will !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Hi Yukio, I'm concerned about this as well, especially since the United States is no longer seen as a strong and powerful friend of those who seek freedom. You've got a terrific post about it over at your place - I recommended it at Potluck.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I'm praying with you!

Anonymous said...

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