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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Intense Debate: More Trouble Than It's Worth?

Not too long ago, I installed the Intense Debate commenting feature to my blog, because it was the only way I could get the CommentLuv plugin because I'm on a Blogger platform & not WordPress. At first it was great, because comments could have threads under them rather than just a straight line down the page of individual comments which is the Blogger default. But in the last week or so, Intense Debate has just sucked! Comments posted aren't always showing, even though I get them in emails so I can read them, and even MY OWN comments sometimes don't post!

Also, and I don't know the technical terms for it, but when other blogs link my stuff at their blogs, it no longer shows up in a list below my posts - making it hard for me to know and be able to properly thank people for the linky love.

I contacted tech support, repeatedly and they made me uninstall & reinstall and mess with my template html all to no avail. They also take forever to respond and haven't been much help at all. I am frustrated and ticked off. Since nobody at ID seems to be inclined to help fix the problem and I appear to be the only idiot having this problem, I'll likely just scrap the whole thing and either go back to the old way or find another system for commenting. Unfortunately, that means all the comments to my blog since I installed Intense Debate will vanish, and for that I apologize. I just can't afford to waste any more time on malfunctioning crap which aggravates me when I'd rather be writing.

Seriously, am I REALLY the only blogger who this shit is happening to?

PS If you've given me linky love at your blog and I've failed to properly thank you, I apologize, I didn't know about it. Please accept my thanks now.

I'll still leave ID and CommentLuv at the MJ Blog though, since that blog doesn't see much action anyway the headaches that I got from it here should be minimal.  

Update: Well now I have installed DISQUS for comments here, let's see how THAT works. 

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