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Friday, July 22, 2011

Al & Mo Hate the Ladies

It doesn't matter what your age is, from cradle to grave, if you are female, there will be no love or respect for you in islam. You are worthless - a possession, at best, or a problem to be eliminated.

Across the islamic world many female babies are not welcomed into the arms of loving parents but are killed and tossed away like trash instead. In Pakistan alone, more than 1200 newborn baby girls last year were murdered and thrown in the garbage. via Bare Naked Islam:
But those are only the corpses found. Hundreds more never are. At a morgue in Pakistan’s largest city, five linen pouches, each the size of a loaf of bread, line the shelf of a walk-in freezer. Wrapped inside each small sack is the corpse of an infant. The babies are victims of what one relief agency calls Pakistan’s worst unfolding tragedy: the killing and dumping of newborns.

CNN (Story & Video)“Sometimes they hang them, and sometimes they kill by the knife, and sometimes we find bodies which have been burned,” said Anwar Kazmi, a manager at Edhi Foundation, Pakistan’s largest privately run social service and relief agency. MORE HERE
Here is a video report from CNN about it (H/T Bare Naked Islam):

If a girl survives infancy, she may be forced into marriage to a much older adult man. This is acceptable in islam because the pedophile prophet mohammed is viewed as the perfect islamic man who married a six year old, and began raping her when she was nine. There would be no islam without the rape of a little girl. Via Sultan Knish:
Islam is the only major world religion where child marriage has the religious sanction of its prophet. Mohammed 'married' Aisha, his most notable wife, when she was six years old. The marriage was consummated when she was nine or ten at the latest. Like so many marriages, it was the product of an alliance between her father and Mohammed. Aisha's merchant father was Mohammed's first ally outside his family, and went on to be Mohammed's successor. That alliance was sealed with the sexual abuse of his little girl.

Such arrangements are still common in the Muslim world today, where little girls are treated as gifts to seal an alliance.

Islam was born out of the brutal rape of a little girl. As the mother of the Sunni Caliphate, Aisha is not just an incidental figure. Her marriage to Mohammed lies at the heart of Islam. The alliance between her father and her abuser made Islam viable by giving its prophet his first real power base. After Mohammed's death, her father used that connection to the Chief Prophet of Islam, to gain the political upper hand over Mohammed's son-in-law in the civil war that arose afterward. And it was her father who oversaw the codification of the Koran in its written form.

The spread of the Islamic faith and the codification of the Koran were made possibly only through the rape of a little girl. And there is no way around that. Which is why child abuse remains a permanent part of Islam. To disavow it, is to disavow Islam's Prophet and his successor, whom Sunni Islam associates with the codification of their religion's holiest book. Muslims cannot tolerate gently mocking cartoons of their prophet. They certainly are not about to put him aside so that no more 9 year old girls get raped.

And how could they? One of the most awful Hadiths depicts Aisha's mother taking her from her swing set, wiping her face and then bringing her inside and putting her on Mohammed's lap. While everyone else left, Mohammed "consummated" his marriage with her. Another describes her friends coming over to play with dolls... after her marriage. Still another mentions that she had originally played with his own children. READ THE WHOLE THING

Girls are also subject to genital mutilation in islam, also called clitorectomy or "female circumcision". Below is a video about it, it is deeply disturbing, but you need to know what tortures are being visited upon little girls by islam. Towards the end of the video, you will learn about a little girl named Shilan, and if her story does not break your heart, then you have none.

If a girl or woman is somehow perceived to have offended islam or 'dishonored' her muslim family, she risks being killed, brutally, and few will care - she will not be mourned and her killer(s) will not likely be punished. Even in Western non-islamic countries where "honor killings" are rising at an alarming rate, it is unusual for there to be any justice for the murdered dead and law enforcement will even cover it up so as not to "offend" muslims. Via BigFurHat at iOwnTheWorld:
Many of these girls were apostates, or just merely wanted to be a bit western. Their punishment was death. Their is no love of family in Islam. Who among you can kill their blood because of the way they think?
Via MFS The Other News:

Women and children are as worthless and disposable to islam in the afterlife as they are on earth. The prayer uttered over a dead muslim man implores allah to replace his wife (or wives) and family with "better ones".

If a woman dies before her muslim husband, it is permissible in islam for a man to have sexual intercourse with his wife's dead body.

Islam is more of a misogynistic cult than it is a religion, and demands that it be "respected" are ridiculous. Here is a video that further illustrates this point:

How can you "respect" such brutality and ignorance? Islam has no respect for its own women and children, and there is certainly no respect for non-muslims in islam. I guess islam did not get the memo that respect is not gotten through terror and irrational demands, it is earned.
“Men are respectable only as they respect” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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SignPainterGuy said...

Liberalism is a mental illness. But it doesn`t hold a candle to the cult of islam ! Islam is evil beyond belief.....beyond my previous imaginings !

There surely must be a special place in Hell for these purveyors of evil, hate and destruction !

"There would be no islam without the rape of a 9 year old girl !" A whole new perspective for me !

Is the new female bomber a means of escape ?

Zilla of the Resistance said...

 If she is not being forced, she may be doing it to escape the tyranny, or 1400 years of inbreeding and sharia oppression may have destroyed her mind.

Hardnox said...

"Al & Mo Hate the Ladies" but please know that Hardnox loves them.

I have been a follower of your site and Atlas Shrugs these last months, plus I have been educating myself about Islam since 9-11.  It is a vile and disgusting cult disguised as a religion.

I'll agree with SPG that there must be a special place in hell for these people.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

You love the ladies and I bet you treat them right too, unlike islam. I think allah is the devil, so I have no doubt that the islamomysoginists who cause so much hell on earth will  indeed find the real deal awaiting them for all eternity.

SignPainterGuy said...

Reading the comments at Michelle Malkin`s place on the Oslo bombing and shootings afterward; a commenter from UK, "tramper" is disgusted and fearful. The gooberment has allowed the influx and takeover by the muslims. And relating to this thread here, many women, some Christian women, are converting to islam, incl. Tony Blair`s SinL. WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS GOOD IS THE ATTRACTION to this moonbat worshiping invented religion of deathcult savages ?! Islam offers NOTHING that is good to any individual or society !

Cult of Stupidity says it well !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Norway is bad with dhimmitude, see this:
A Norwegian woman was raped on the steps of their parliament by a muslim alien and the security guards just watched and LET OT HAPPEN! They could have stopped it but did NOTHING because that would have been offensive to the muslims. The muslim rapist was briefly detained afterward and then set free. 
This is coming here soon if people don't wake the hell up.

Bob A. said...

Islam sucks.

SignPainterGuy said...

Thankfully, many are waking up, but how to get the job done with the weenies in charge ? It`s a long time till 11-12 and the Destroyer-in-Chief will be a real terror between then and the "kick him out date" of 1-2(?)-13.

The Traitor-in-Chief also is about to give Abrams main battle tanks to Egypt (?). Israel  does not need to see those bearing down on them. Oblunder needs to be impeached now before he does any more damage. I`ve decided I can put up with Sheriff Joe for the remainder of the term.....Obama has got to go !

SignPainterGuy said...

While "Cult of Stupidity" is pretty much the best summation in the fewest words I`ve heard, it`s still a bit of an understatement. Kinda like getting soaked to the bone running from my car to the grocery store. The manager greeted me just inside and asked how I was doin`. I said, "Oh, a little damp around the edges !"

Donald Douglas said...

Great work, once again!

Cube said...

It's going to be even worse than that for muzzies.  The first thing they will do in the afterlife is discover there really is a God and he ain't the one they've been praying to.  They'll have to bow down before a JEW!!! (the horror) and then admit out loud for everyone to hear, that this JEW is GOD.  Then they will have to face the full fury of an Almighty God for the evil they have done with no lawyer or other defender on their side.  That will be a terrible day indeed.  And then they will go to hell and finally get the chance to meet allah.  I don't think that meeting will go the way they expected either.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks, Donald! 

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