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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Abuse Must Not be Tolerated - by Anyone - Ever

As the election draws near, we are seeing an increase in vicious acts of hatred and violence. Look at how the President and Vice President along with nearly all the other politicians and associates in their camp have degraded themselves and their repective offices by saying horrible things about average American people simply because those people disagree with them or are not as enthusiastic about them as they may have once been. Additionally, we've got sitting Congressman not only saying vile and untrue things about their opponents and their own constituents, but some of them are even physically assaulting people! This mustn't be tolerated.

Regardless of where on the political spectrum your allegiances lie, you need to be aware that your friends, neighbors, co-workers and even your own family members may not be of the same opinion as yourself on a variety of issues. This does not lessen their value as human beings, they are still your friends, your neighbors, co-workers and family!
Let me ask you this: If you discovered someone you knew, and cared about, were being abused, would you remain silent about it? Would you stand up to their abuser or at least console the person who you know is being unjustly abused and try to help them to escape their bad situation? Then why would you stand silently while your friends, neighbors, co-workers and relatives are unjustly vilified, ridiculed and abused by our elected officials and the media? Why would you ever think it's OK when people in places of prominence and high esteem in our society use vulgar sexual slurs to demoralize and attack the American people simply because they are of a different opinion? Why would YOU join in the abuse?

The reason why our politicians and media have become meaner and crueler that at any time before in our American history is not only because they feel threatened about losing their power, but also because they are becoming aware of their own wrongness. We all have done bad things, sometimes not even knowing at the time that what we were doing was wrong, but there comes a point when our consciousness becomes aware of our sin and when that happens there are only two ways to go, either you confess your transgression, ask for forgiveness and make an honest effort not to fall into that bad behavior again, or you lie to yourself, fabricate defense for your actions and succumb to the dark deception which causes you to lash out in denial to try to distract from the wrongness of what you have done.

I know this because I have done it myself; again and again and again. I have used bad words to describe those I disagree with it, and have done so gleefully. I have used my considerable powers of persuasion to recruit others to join me in doing it. I have become defensive and offensive when questioned about my vitriol and told myself that I was on the Right Side so it was OK. I was wrong; I confess it now, acknowledge that I deceived myself and furthered the evil by trying to defend it. I apologize and ask for forgiveness and I promise to not be so easily tempted into that deception in the future. I will still never be politically correct because that in itself is another deception, and I will still speak out as I have always done against the evil, but I will no longer confront that evil with evil of my own, so help me God.

As I said before, the people we disagree with, even though they may indeed be under a powerful evil deception, are our fellow citizens, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers and our family members. We will fail utterly and spectacularly to get them to see the truth of what has been happening to our country if we are abusive to them, and really, why should we even want to be? No forced conversion to anything  is ever a true conversion.

We must, each of us, lead by example, show them the truth, but be calm in doing so. Do not allow yourselves to fall into evil ways and deception, it won't help and we don't need it, for we have the TRUTH on our side which is more powerful than anything that can ever come out of a spin machine. Just keep putting out the facts. The horrible labels people have attempted to smear dissenters with have failed to stick because they are not true. It has been frustrating to be called wicked untrue things but as you can see if you've been paying attention, many of those false labels are falling away and the falsehoods foisted upon the public are coming apart as the truth becomes more and more apparent to more people every day.

We don't need to engage in name calling and sarcasm, we have much more powerful and pure weapons in our arsenal, and their effectiveness is blunted when combined with the taint of wrong deeds even for a righteous cause. I see that now, I wish I had seen it sooner. I am humbled by the revelation.

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Anonymous said...

The discourse in this country has gotten downright virulent and adolescent. Our country is crumbling from the weight of it's own hubris and ignorance and we have to ask ourselves if we are ready to fight or are we going to let the darkness consume us.

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