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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lest You Think I'm Sexist...

Yeah, it sounds stupid, that a woman would be accused of sexism, but there are sexist women, who are venomously anti-man, but also there is the strange phenomenon of femisogynists on the left who say that all Conservatives, even female Conservatives, are "anti-women". They say that we degrade ourselves when we honor the traditional feminine roles of wives and mothers. They claim that you can't be a true "feminist" unless you embrace abortion, divorce and spew non-stop anti-male vitriol at every opportunity. They seem to be the real enemies of womanhood if you ask me. So this blog post is all about the "ladies", in the interest of "gender equality"...

The so called "women's rights" people actually deride women who stay at home and care for their children! Now devoted loving mothers are damaging women's rights? Case in point: Former Planned Parenthood head & abortion advocate Gloria Feldt says that stay at home moms need to "cut it out" and forget about nurturing our children because we're supposed to be out taking over the world, apparently. She claims that SAHMs HURT women everywhere by spending time at home nurturing the next generation! When there are thousands of dysfunctional people wrecking up this world because they have "mommy issues", I say providing a stable and loving environment for young children is a GOOD thing, because happy children grow up to be well adjusted adults. You know who I think is "hurting women" and actually all of humanity? Bitches like Feldt who dismiss motherhood as a chore no more important than sweeping a floor and better left to hired strangers than to be done by actually family. Of course she despises stay at home moms, if people like her had their way there would BE no mothers because there would BE no babies! That's the bottom line when it comes to these fanatics, they hate anything that represents true femininity, especially motherhood, which is why they are so eager to prevent children from ever being born.

Another alleged female icon, caustic CRAPTASTIC MSLSD host Maureen Dowd went on the attack the other day with a diatribe straight out of a 10th grade slambook or off a bathroom wall, screeching all kinds of ugliness about prominent Conservative women in a clear demonstration of of the envy which consumes her. But Dowd is apparently and equal opportunity offender, because she is insufferable even off camera, ranting anti-men rhetoric like a weird unmarried aunt who nobody wants to sit near at Thanksgiving dinner. She is a sad bitter creature who I'd actually feel sorry for if she wasn't so damned nasty. Due to her nastiness, Maureen Dowd is the first woman to earn the A-C DBotD award, given to her yesterday - oh she's a true pioneer!

Nancy Pelosi is another example of what militant fembots hail as some sort of hero to womankind, because her shrill screeching currently leads the U.S. Congress (but not for much longer, God willing). Ninny Piglousy is not only a body double for the Cryptkeeper from the old HBO series, she is also the cretin responsible for pushing through all the most horrendous job killing liberty infringing policies that have been crammed down our throats recently. The old harpy is fact impaired to the point of dementia, most recently making the insane claim that she "cut the Bush deficit in half" on her website when for the past two years in a row she has actually helped Obama to TRIPLE that very deficit! But wait, there's MORE (oh gosh there is so much more that it would take me weeks to write it all down so I'll just give you this next gem): Someone must have hit the old battle-ax with a clue bat because she's giving public speeches where she is flailing desperately and issuing forth the fiction about "foreign money" being given to Republicans (despite the tons of non-American funds that have been backing the Dems for years, most notably BHO) and she is actually even still trying to fool people by blaming the failures of the past two years on former President George W Bush! Someone please get this twit some Aricept and cart her off to the retirement home already! For her continued lies and stunning disconnect from reality, Nancy Pelosi is awarded today's A-C DBotD award. Now someone please put her back in the her crypt!

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