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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Socialist Congressman John Hall (NY-19) is a radical extremist with dangerous affiliations

Congressman John Hall has enjoyed the support of  Alinskyite puppet master George Soros, Obama's creepy activist group Organizing for America, anti-military and other far left radical affiliations. John Hall also has a long standing political affiliation with disgraced corruptocrat Charles "what ME pay taxes?" Rangel. Congressman John Hall is also a member of the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA which has advocated for violence and even murder as a means to achieve its goals.

John Hall last week used his campaign to viciously attack and slander the moderate conservative political information page that I run by sending out a mass email to his supporters which LIED about my page, slandered its 560+ fans as "bigoted extremists" and said we were radical and dangerous. Of course he has no proof whatsoever for his vile accusations against me & my page, because we are none of those things he claimed, but he did demonstrate that he himself is radical, extreme and bigoted by attacking free speech and the right to express political dissent.

John Hall should have retracted his heinous hate filled false accusations when he had the chance, because now in the effort to defend ourselves from his baseless and cruel attacks, we've been doing some research on HIM and have uncovered a great deal of factual information about John Hall that I'm sure he'd prefer to not see come to light before election day. Too bad, so sad, you should have known better than to launch a smear campaign against a group which is dedicated to researching and exposing the dangerous radical extremists and avowed socialists, Marxists and communists who have infiltrated our government.

The New Media Journal has an article, written by Jack Puglis, which describes how John Hall and his young campaign manager, Patrick Garrity  have done the country a huge favor by revealing Congressman Hall's true colors by attacking an entity which is devoted exposing threats to free speech and traditional American values.
Here it is, in its entirety, for your reading pleasure:

Jack Puglis
John Hall’s Shame
October 2, 2010

Democrat Congressman John Hall’s (NY-19) campaign manager, somebody named Patrick McGarrity, must fail to understand the meaning of his own words.
McGarrity authored an email that described the mission of the Facebook ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. (Collectivist Redistributionist Anti-American Progressive Totalitarian Antagonistic Slanderous Treasonous Insidious Cretin) page as hate filled. [Strike 1]

Here’s the correct mission statement: “To undermine C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C.s and their dangerous agenda.” What McGarrity posted instead was in fact a description of C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. behavior – radical leftist behavior. Could McGarrity deliberately and dishonestly have plugged the wrong words into his email? Message to McGarrity: the C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. definition describes you and your candidate, John Hall’s political position. [Strike 2]
John Hall’s shame: by this attack, he is defending totalitarianism, socialism, tyranny and communism. There can be no other conclusion from his negative comments about the ANTI- C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. (A-C) page, since it is clearly dedicated to moderate, common sense, constitutional conservatism. All of the A-C page's posts, links and notes support this position. [Strike 3. You’re out, McGarrity.]
McGarrity, who lives in an ethical desert, refers to the A-C group as “dangerous and extreme.” As with all radical leftists, he makes such vicious claims but fails to identify just what is dangerous or extreme. It is easy to write bitter words; it is hard to back them up. McGarrity's words are the true hate-filled rhetoric.
You may view the A-C page on Facebook and decide for yourself if you see any item that is “dangerous or extreme.” Hint: you will find nothing of the sort, but you will note a great deal of material showing how our radical liberal government is causing damage to the nation.
Extreme is an interesting pejorative. Apparently, based upon McGarrity’s words, his candidate, John Hall, subscribes to Barack Obama’s far-left radical progressive socialist agenda. Far left radicals are extreme, by definition. This is Marxism on display in a candidate’s heart for all to see.
By contrast, the A-C page, like the tea parties, dwells on the moderate right. McGarrity seems to fail to understand what the far right is. The moderate conservatives of the A-C page and the tea parties strongly reject the radical right just as they abhor the radical left.
The Republican Party has lost its way in recent years and has drifted to the left of center. The Democrat Party has not so drifted, but rather has driven itself to the extreme left. From the vantage points of both parties, moderate conservatives look very far away, politically.
They are applying the term extreme right with malice of intent, but both groups have moved so far off course that patriotic constitutional ideals also look very strange to them. Their mutual leftward shift, coupled with the high levels of corruption in both parties, marks them as unfit to govern.
Strong feelings expressed on the A-C Facebook page therefore do not constitute extremism or radicalism; violations of the United States constitution by the president and the congress—and possibly by John Hall in the future—do.
The far right in the United States bears several striking analogies to the far-left radical Marxists of the Obama administration and the present Democrat congress. The extremists on the left and the right both want to exceed the constitution’s authority: the far left through tyranny, the far right through the dissolution of government. Both would destroy the health and well-being of our nation. Both ideologies are unacceptable to the A-C page.
The A-C page, in lockstep with the tea parties, argues for adherence to the constitution, the same document that Barack Obama describes as an obstacle to his progress. The A-C page holds precious the ideals of fiscal responsibility, limited government, reduced restrictions of freedoms and respect for the natural rights of individuals as guaranteed by our constitution.
In order for John Hall to participate in the radical leftist conversion of the nation to Marxism, he must assist Obama in the destruction of our constitution, our government and our way of life. It appears that McGarrity is exposing the reality of John Hall’s ideals. His dangerous and extreme ideals.
McGarrity is telling you, then, that John Hall subscribes to far-left radical progressive values via tyrannical changes to the system. Is this who you want in congress?


All efforts to get John Hall to answer for his atrocious behavior and dangerous radical extremism have been met with silence as Mr. Hall deletes anyone who dares question him from his facebook page and accuses his own concerned constituents of being spammers. I too have been banned from posting to his page for daring to defend myself against his vile hateful lies.

The public, especially voters in NY-19 deserve to know the truth about Jihn Hall, who has voted in support of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda nearly 100% of the time. In addition to John Hall's baseless attack on free speech and political dissent, John Hall has voted for Obamacare, bailouts, the failed stimuli packages which have worsened and not improved our economic woes, and the liberty killing Card Check legislation which allows unions to bully innocent workers into joining them by denying them the right to a secret vote - all against the will of the majority of people he is being paid to "represent" in Congress.

On November 2, 2010, the people of Congressional District NY-19 will have a chance to spare themselves from any further dangerous and destructive acts by John Hall, by voting for his Republican opponent, Nan Hayworth.

Please help to get the word out about the dangerous radical extremism of John Hall!


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