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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Congressman John Hall (NY-19) will soon learn that actions have consequences.

Member of the extremist Democratic Socialists of America John Hall's repeated attacks on free speech and political dissent are causing people to take notice of why he should no longer remain in office. In addition to the baseless smear campaign against the political information page that I run, Hall has also been harassing and threatening a group of clever young adults who made a parody of one of his elevator music hits and he has banned dozens of constituents from posting to his facebook page if those posts fall anywhere short of 100% pure adulation for Hall and his destructive record of falling in lockstep behind Nancy Pelosi on every issue despite the majority of voters in NY-19 opposition to Pelosi's horrible policies.

In case you missed it, here the link to the video that John Hall has been tyrannically trying to get censored:
John Hall's arrogance has resulted in his neglecting to pay heed of the most important facts about human nature; that you can only push people so far before they start to push back and now he must face the backlash, not only in public opinion, but at the ballot box.

Hall is starting to fall behind in the polls and as word continues to get out about his disgusting attacks on free speech and political dissent along with his rubber stamp endorsement of the Obama agenda and his disreputable affiliations with people like George Soros and Charlie Rangel, he will continue to sink.

John Hall really picked the wrong people to mess with when he made the foolish decision to attack the American people in his own constituency.

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