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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do Not Succumb to the Darkness

The left has been ratcheting up the hatred, vitriol and even violence as they become completely unhinged due to the retribution that they know is coming after all they have wrought. In recent weeks we've heard some truly nasty language directed towards us from the ruling class, and they are now taking it to the next level by getting physical with their hatred, as demonstrated this past week by Democratic Congressmen Maurice Hinchey (NY-22) and today's A-C DBotD Award winner, Steny Hoyer (MD-5), the latter of which you can read about here, here, here, and here (also, of course, posted to the A-C page).

These people are infected with a serious darkness, evil, if you will, and while it is our duty to stand up against such wickedness, we must also take great care not to fall into the trap ourselves. You see, it is easy to hate these people, they are horrible, but giving in to that impulse only makes us like them. We are charged not only to stand up for righteousness for its own sake, but also to embrace it for our own and even that of our enemies. You cannot fight evil with evil or hatred with hatred, like putting two magnets together, it just binds one to the other. No, the only way to combat the darkness is to live in the light.

If you've ever played with magnetized objects, you know that if you hold them next to each other one way, they will draw together, but if you turn the ends around, they repel each other. Such it is in this fight for the soul of our nation and the world; you fight darkness with light, hatred with love and wickedness with righteousness. You destroy evil with prayer, not just by praying for your own protection from your enemies, but also (and possibly more importantly) by praying FOR your enemies, that they may be healed of the sickness in their hearts which leads them to such cruel behavior. You must stand up for what is right by doing right, even in the private conversations you have with the Creator. Pray for your enemies, ask the Lord to shine his light into their souls and banish the darkness which has consumed them. It is only in this manner can we hope to cast out the demons that have caused so much damage to our world.

Think about it, these people have a sickness of the soul, they have been completely overtaken by (what I believe to be) demonic influence. Imagine what would happen  if the Lord was called upon to heal them of their sickness and free them from the darkness which binds them. If their hearts could be turned to righteousness, could there possibly be a more glorious victory?

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