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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in Iraq - Islamic Jihad Attack

Easter Sunday is a day of rejoicing as Christians everywhere celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Of course in places like Iraq, where genocidal muslims are pushing Christians there to extinction, even going to church at all is a dangerous venture. This was proven yet again when a bomb exploded outside a Baghdad Cathedral, injuring seven shortly after Easter Sunday mass had ended.

I read about it early in the morning, and tipped off Pamela Geller who blogged about (and kindly gave me a hat tip) at Atlas Shrugs:

How much longer are good and decent and fine people going to take this?

7 wounded in bombing outside Baghdad church MSNBC hat tip Zilla
BAGHDAD — An Iraqi police official says seven people have been wounded by a roadside bomb outside the entrance of a Baghdad church.
The official says the blast took place Sunday just yards (meters) from the Sacred Heart Church in Baghdad's Karradah neighborhood. Shrapnel from the bomb struck the outside of the building.
Four policemen and three civilian bystanders were wounded.
Iraqi security forces are on high alert for any violence targeting Iraq's beleaguered Christian community this Easter. Iraqi Christians have faced a recent wave of violence, including an attack last year against a Baghdad church that killed 68 people.
I have previously written about the plight of Iraqi Christians who are subject to a genocidal islamic campaign to completely eliminate them from their Iraqi homeland HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

Christians are being erased from Iraq just like the Jews were before them. Excerpt from Mission network News:
Iraq (MNN) ― More Christians have been fleeing Iraq in recent months than ever before.
Carl Moeller with Open Doors USA says extremists are calling for the complete extermination of believers in the country.
"We've been calling this a 'religicide'--which is the systematic destruction and elimination of a religious group simply for being that religious group. And we see this now unfolding in a very shocking way," says Moeller.
The number of Christians in Iraq has dropped dramatically in the last few decades, dropping from 850,000 believers in 1991, to 550,000 believers in 2003, to 345,000 believers in early 2010. Now perhaps less than 250,000 Christians call Iraq home, a number which includes those who have been permanently displaced from their homes.
The loss of so many believers in just a year can be attributed in part to one significant event: "Last October 31, 60 Christians were killed in a terrorist attack by al-Qaeda-linked groups at Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad," Moeller reminds us. As a result, "We've now seen an additional perhaps up to 95,000 Christians leave the country since that attack."
At the current rate of the exodus, Iraq will not have any Christians left in three years, according to an Open Doors' field worker.
To some, it might seem outlandish to suggest that an entire religious population would be wiped out from a nation, but believers have reason to fear the threat of total extermination. "Their families are threatened. Even young children are being killed. Extremists want to eliminate Christians from Iraq," said Moeller in a recent Open Doors report.
More than that, Iraq has a history of "religicide," which most notably occurred with the country's Jewish population.
"The Jewish community in Iraq 60-70 years ago in the 1930s and 40s was thriving and vibrant," says Moeller. "Then, systematically, as our friends at the Simon Wiesenthal Center have pointed out to us, they were targeted by extremist Muslims in the region for extermination and for extinction from that community. Now I can say, categorically, there's no Jewish community that is of any size in Iraq."
If it happened with a "thriving and vibrant" religious group, fear is understandable for another consistently persecuted minority.
Have we learned nothing from history?

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MattRoss said...

We've learned squat from history.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Yep, just like the feminists who completely ignore the horrors that women are subjected to by islam.

Teresamerica said...

This is so sad and ticks me off to no end. Where the heck are all the social justice, religious rights, and human rights organizations? Silent as can be because their mission is not about any of those things they purport to be promoters of but rather a Leftist, socialist, radical religiously-bigoted agenda.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

That does seem to be the case, and it drives me bonkers.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Yeah and the CRAPTASTICs, with the devil's handpuppet Obama, are doing everything they can to undermine it and destroy it beyond repair rendering the biggest strongest power to aid oppressed people everywhere completely impotent.

SignPainterGuy said...

In the history of the earf, tyranny of one sort or another has been the norm. Our constitutional republic fueled by free-market capitalism and governed by belief in and obedience to the God of the christians and jews is a rarity.

The "wash, rinse, repeat" cycle is the norm ! The missing ingredient is "the God of the christians and jews" !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

It's clear to me that few care at all. I see it at the A-C page & here at my blog - If I am criticizing zero or telling progs to shove things, there is a huge response, but when I highlight the plight of Christians, whether here at my blog or with work from other writers at the A-C page, there is little to no response at all. And the silence is from CONSERVATIVES! Am I the only one who finds the apathy more than a little bit disturbing?

Peg Conroy said...

No, we have learned nothing from history and thus are doomed to repeat it. Tyranny, rinse, repeat, tyranny, rinse, repeat...

Zilla of the Resistance said...

There may be no Iraqi Christians left in Iraq soon, just as there are no more Jews there. All people oppressed, persecuted and terrorized by islam are in my prayers. I do greatly admire the strength of faith that these Christians have in the face of islamotyranny.

SignPainterGuy said...

The Iraqi people are a resilient and determined people, first voting numerous times, proudly wearing the ink-stained fingers that marked them for beatings and worse........and for being Christian, that is equally dangerous, perhaps worse. This is a testament of faith that should serve as a reminder to us, how good and easy we have it, what freedoms we enjoy and others can only dream about !

There is surely a special place in Heaven for those whose faith remains strong in the face of such peril !

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