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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Robots! (and an open thread)

Moonbattery recently introduced us to the progressive moocher bot, an automaton designed to solicit donations from passersby for various moonbat causes:
Panhandling is a surprisingly remunerative activity, and it has the advantage that bums don't have to worry about looking for a new job after automation renders their old one obsolete — or so I thought:
DONA is a robot that interactively solicits donations from passers-by. How? It engages people in a pet-like interaction. People rarely respond to adult humans in need but babies and animals? It's very hard for us to resist. A wonderful exercise in behavioral science, sociology and robotics.
Back when we believed in building things, robotic innovations involving making cars. Now robots mooch, reflecting modern values.
For comparison and contrast, here is another gem from Moonbattery, Conservative Versus Liberal Robots:

Open thread in comments below. What's on your mind? Read any good books lately? Got any good links?

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SignPainterGuy said...

As I jumped off I-59 to gas up in the State of Dade Co., GA, there at the end of the exit was a guy with a "hungry" sign. I was reaching for my wallet before I thought about it, almost. I waved him over and gave him a ten. He looked really surprised. I saw him headed for the store where I was going but traffic wouldn`t allow me to stop and back up. Anyway, as I walked back toward my pickup to get back on the road, there this guy sat on the curb, eating a footlong sub and a giant "belly-wash" drink. I smiled and came on home !

My Dad used to tell tales of almost dragging bums into diners and buying them food instead of just handing them money, knowing they`d just buy booze. Two of the sign shops where he worked just before and after WWII were in alleys just behind bars. The drunks and bums would hang out and watch him work; I like to watch other s-p`s and artists work too ! His bosses and he finally figured out how to get rid of them........hand them a brush and can of paint and tell them, "If you`re going to hang out here, you`re going to work !" NONE stayed !

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I want to save up to by Pamela Geller's expose on Barry, The Post American Presidency.

Mike said...

I remember a p-h asking me for money at a gas station in Tampa, FL one time. He asked for change for a cup of coffee, I told him I didn't have any. He then asked me for a dollar to get something to eat and I didn't have that either. After I went in and paid for my gas, I bought a large cup of coffee and a sandwich, took it out and handed it to the guy. He looked at me like I was stupid and asked what's this? I told the asked me for money because you were hungry and I bought you some food...I suggest you eat it and be thankful. He wasn't amused, but neither was I. He ate the sandwich while I watched him to make sure he didn't throw it in the trash. Of course, I bought a Pimiento Cheese sandwich because it was the least expensive and I didn't have that much money myself. Come to find out, the guy was a scammer, had a BMW and lived in an expensive condo.

Mike said...

Just picked up "The Social Animal" by Elliot Aronson, a book on social psychology. I also picked up "The World Is Flat" by Thomas Friedman, not that I'm a fan, but you have to know your enemy. Besides, I only paid a buck for it.

SignPainterGuy said...

When you give in the proper spirit, the Lord is faithful to reward you in His own way, even if it turns out the recipient is actually a con. It takes a bit of worry off the edges ! :-)

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I read a review of Rumsfeld's book, it looked like it's be good, and I bet there's a lot to be learned in Glasov's book too!
I'm currently reading a great book by my friend Steve Knies, The Storyteller, about a young man who has an amazing gift for writing and he uses it to lift him up and beyond all kinds of horrible stuff that life throws at him. Steve is a fantastic writer and when I open that book it just takes me away! What is really cool about the book is that it includes the stories the main character comes up with, which are mini adventures in themselves, each one a unique tale that would work well as expanded stand alone books. If you're ever looking for good fiction, you can find books by Steve Knies in the selection of my favorites at my bookstore at the bottom of this page!
I deal with so much news and real life crap in researching for this blog & running the A-C page that when choosing a physical book, I look for a brain vacation & ted to choose a lot of fiction & fantasy stuff. My favorites are from Piers Anthony's Xanth series, those books are pure fun, like brain candy for me.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

No warmists here!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Ha ha ha. Maybe they can engineer them to run off the hot air that comes out of bloated gasbags like Gore.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

The one thing I hate about being poor (besides having to beg & borrow to keep from going under) is not having much available to be able to pass along to other folks who are hurting. Back before my body started falling apart & I worked all the time, I used to help whoever I could. I hate it when I see people who are really bad off and I'm powerless to be able to do much of anything for them.
You're smart to ask for guidance from the Lord and listening for the answer. He won't lead you wrong.

WebSpinner said...

Currently reading Rumsfeld's "Knowns and Unknowns", enjoying it! Also re-reading Jamie Glasov's "United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror" - a tour de force and always a good refresher.

SignPainterGuy said...

Whew, that was a close one ! I almost thought you believe in the gw hoax !

Mark J Levy said...

Well at least if the machines we develop are like DONA - it is unlikely they will become kick-ass enough to take over the world like SkyNet or the machines of The Matrix...

But aren't we increasing global warming by creating machines to beg for money? Just put some fat guys in Red suits and White Beards, and they could probably make just as much, and not waste our precious energy resources that are needed for Gore's mansions and Obama's vacations!

SignPainterGuy said...

On the "pan-handling" note, there`s always a few p-h`s here and there mooching for money, more in warmer weather. Some are known to be scamming you, they make 100`s of $ a day doing it, their signs profess such dire circumstances.........I always ask God to tell me if their need is genuine, I`m willing to give in times of real need.

This year has been a bit different though, a new wrinkle, as it were. There`s been fewer of the standard one-person w/ sign on a corner. I`ve been seeing couples w/ backpacks and sacks and a dog, no signs, walking along as if they`re heading for a new place somewhere, just dirty and wrinkled.....and tired. On one of the interstate exits frequented by p-h`s, usually w/ signs saying, travelling, stuck, out of money, hungry, or the like, I was surprised to see a couple and dog, sitting there with sign in hand......I asked God for guidance, feeling unsure of how much to dig out of my wallet. The sign said, "Just Smile". Nothing else.. I did ! And prayed they`d be okay .

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