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Monday, August 29, 2011

It Rained

Irene came and went and the Resister family got through it just fine. Thanks to the wonderful Tip Jar Hitters, I was able to get batteries and other supplies so was prepared for the possibility of a power outage and will be ready for the next time the weather gets rough. Sears coupons can be a lifesaver in an emergency! Always keep an eye out for them. I also want to thank everyone who held me and my family in their prayers, and all of you who offered kind words and thoughts for me after I got hit by a bit of ugly darkness.

So this past weekend, after all the hype, what happened was that we got some rain. "Upon us all a little rain must fall!" Here is some absolutely beautiful and perfect Led Zeppelin, The Rain Song, enjoy!

And now, links!

Catastrophic Damage - Stacy addresses the lack of it in the wake of Irene, and the plethora of it in the Conservative Blogosphere being caused by the Perryists who are out to destroy anyone who dares point out that the guy is a freaking islamoblow. I have run afoul of the Perryists, and lost friends, fans to the A-C page, and I have been informed that folks vow to never read this blog again because  Rick Perry says "islam is a religion of peace" and no matter what the wishful thinkers and islamopropagandists would have you believe, it simply is not so. 

Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish has a must read post about the problems which arise when people see Political Messiahs in Tailored Suits. You all need to read it.

Maggie's Notebook writes about some of the things Obama has done that are impeachment worthy. Too bad our elected gutless weasels won't do right by us and put a stop to the destruction.

Again, I think that Americans need to ask themselves this question:
Do You Want America's Future Decided by the MSM or by The People?

Mind Numbed Robot has a great post about The Irrational Fear of the TEA Party and also informs us that he has just celebrated his 2 year Blogiversary. Also, our favorite automaton has suffered a painful injury. Please stop by at his place, read his excellent post, congratulate him, and help to make him feel better by Hitting His Tip Jar!

Speaking of Blogiversaries, tomorrow marks one year since I started Zilla of the Resistance

Adrienne posted a terrific link-around last Monday including some information you need to know about Agenda 21. Be sure to check it out.

Wirecutter at Knuckledraggin' my life away provides some interesting information about eastern coyotes, such as the that ones we have around my place. They are much bigger than western coyotes, and you will know why when you go HERE. Just another reason why all my pets spend their nights inside my house instead of outside.

Kaffir Kanuck reminded us that yesterday was Gilad Shalit's 25th birthday. He has been held captive by Hamas terrorists for over five years. Please pray for him, and go visit Kaffir's place to also learn about the evil Jew-hating bastards who were out celebrating "Al Quds" day and screaming for the destruction of Israel.

Blazing Cat Fur was asked to obey islamic sharia while filming an Al Quds rally in Canada, but BCF refused to submit. Our friend's courage is a great reason for you to Hit His Tip Jar, so please do.

Speaking of Tip Jars, Waznmentobe has one, called The Courtin Boot Fund, which you can Hit to help our friend Buffoon, who is a veteran and is having some financial trouble. If you are able to, please do what you can to help him. It is disgraceful that those who have served our country so valiantly should be suffering so badly. Our government fails to treat our veterans properly, so it is up to us. Thank a Vet Every Chance You Get, and make sure they know that their sacrifices are not forgotten and that their courage is appreciated!

Thom Paine at The Independent Realist has a powerful piece, Let them Eat Cake, about how out of touch and elitist Captain WTF and his horrible wife Moo really are and about just how bad reality is for far too many Americans. a LOT more people are suffering financially than the MSM and government want you to know. Thom and his wife are among those suffering, and while he did not ask for help, I am asking you to give it, if you can, via His Tip Jar, please.

As long as I am rattling Tip Jars anyway, I want to again remind you about one of my very best friends, Tlchimes (a Wingless Moderate Extremist) who writes the blog Blue Jeans and Lace, who is struggling to provide for her medically fragile special needs children while living in one of the very worst neighborhoods in the worst city in this country, Detroit.

Another friend who is struggling is my pal R.K. Finnell, author of the Celtic/Horror/Fantasy novel Kickshaw Candies. It is a great book, you should buy it, and also, (you know what's coming next) Hit Her Tip Jar if you can, please.

Back to politics...

"Green jobs" is a black hole of FAIL. Read about it at Instapundit.

While our media was glowingly praising the coming era of Hopenchange to be ushered in by the leper messiah back in 2009, one writer saw it for what it was, a harbinger of disaster. Go to Invincible Armor to learn more.

VelvetHammer at Ironic Surrealism has a very important post about something treasonous and horrible that the Federal Elections Commission is trying to do, and what you can do to stop it. Read it HERE.

Doug Ross has a disturbing post about what our tax dollars are actually paying for via food stamps. It will turn you stomach, but you need to know.

As anyone who reads this blog or follows the A-C page knows, Rick Santorum is my candidate for 2012, primarily because he is the strongest candidate against jihad and sharia, but there is so much more to him than most know. Here is a great interview with him showing some more reasons why he really is our best choice:

I have got to go and do some mom stuff now, I hope you all have a terrific day.

This post is linked at The Other McCain. Thank you, Wombat-socho!

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BlueJeansandLace said...

Glad you came through it well.... and another Thank You!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I'm glad too, and you're very welcome. (((hugs)))

mRed said...

Thank you the the link! I haven't been feeding my trolls so I think they're hungy. Poor little ones. Glad you came through it all dy and safe.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I'm glad to not see your comments section no longer filled with that idjit windbag who I have had to ban repeatedly from here (because he hasn't signed up to pay the Troll Toll). I think when people realize he's gone, more folks will feel comfortable commenting at your place, I know I do! I am happy to link you, it's a great post! Thank you for your kindness and friendship.

Ellen Dannan said...

Great POST! Great Music! Sharing.....Hugs and prayers always, just not in the midst of a storm....~Elli

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, Elli! 

Peg Conroy said...

Wonderful post, Mare!  And if I forget tomorrow, HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!  So who's yer blogfather?  Stacey?

Mark Levin nailed the hype with his interview of Dr. Simon Atkins Friday night the 26th.  Atkins was THE ONLY one proven correct.  While cable news and weather channels were stating 60 - 80 mph winds here, we were in fact experiencing little more than hard breezes.  This was particularly true to an embarrassing extent in NYC.  Rain and storm surge were the dangers, and many outages appear to have been caused by them.  Here's the link to the interview:

Your other links and info are excellent and for the most part should enrage all of us.  Captain WTF and Moo (I love that!!) are ensuring we are enraged 24/7/365.  They are doing all this on purpose to exhaust and demoralize us.  We cannot let that happen!  Thanks for being part of the tip of the spear for us, hon!!!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks, Peg! I have a tummy ache, I think it's the WTF regime's fault!
I don't think I have a blogfather, I think I'm a blog bastard(ess)!
But in terms of sheer referral power, that award would have to go to Blazing Cat Fur. A link from him is the closest I've ever had to an Instalanche. 

MNRobot said...

Many thanks for the kind wishes and mighty Zilla linkage! Have a great day, Mi Lady.

BlueJeansandLace said...

 Just laughed at your message above the tip jar.... nice!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I change it every once in a while.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

You're welcome. I hope you're feeling better! 

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