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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why Congressman John Hall (NY-19) MUST be Stopped!

Democratic Socialist of America member Congressman John Hall is up for de-election on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. Republican Nan Hayworth is running to replace him in Congress.

I live in NY-19 and will be voting for Nan Hayworth, a decision I'd made long before John Hall launched a smear campaign against me and the political information page that I run.
You can read my published article about why voters should choose Hayworth over Hall in my article at Associated Content:

Hayworth Vs. Hall - the 2010 Congressional Race in New York's 19th District

Now, if you've been following this Blog, you are aware that in September I discovered, via the NY Daily News, in an article by Celeste Katz, that John Hall's campaign sent out a nasty slanderous mass email attacking me, the page I run, and the Tri-State Sons of Liberty for supporting Nan Hayworth's campaign. 
If you haven't seen it yet, you can read about it in my blog HERE and my rebuttal to Hall's lies HERE.

John Hall's vicious smear campaign claims that we are radical extremists (for supporting the U.S. Constitution and opposing leftist radicalism) but as Conservative writer Jack Puglis correctly observes in his article, "John Hall's Shame",  the unhinged behavior of John hall and his young campaign manager Patrick Garrity displays the radical and extreme nature of John Hall himself because of Hall's tyrannical attempts to suppress free speech and political dissent.

Recently, the race for NY-19 has made the TV news, with anchors repeatedly referring to hall as a "rock star", as a real Rock fan, I cringe every time I hear it, because Hall is no "rock star", he is a washed up has been who had a few easy listening (not rock) elevator music type hits when he was in the band Orleans.
Here's a picture of him and his band, where he is standing naked with his naked bandmates looking very hapy to be part of a group of naked men:
Which brings me to yet another hateful crusade against free speech and political dissent: John Hall has been harassing a bunch of KIDS and threatening them with legal action in an attempt to intimidate them into silence. The Young Voters for an Orleans Reunion Tour made a parody video, "Vote With Me" spoofing one of John Hall's easy listening hits. John Hall, of course, went on the attack, getting the kids' video pulled from youtube and sending them numerous letters threatening to sue them.

John Hall has been a destructive force in this country & in NY-19, voting in lockstep with the radical leftist Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda regardless of the fact that the overwhelming majority of his own constituents voiced opposition. John Hall doesn't "represent" anyone but the far left agenda. George Soros was instrumental in getting Hall into office in 2006, and Hall will be forever beholden to his evil puppet master.

Hall is also backed by Obama's creepy activist arm, Organizing for America and the Daily KOS has been sending operatives to troll Nan Hayworth's facebook page, taking advantage of the fact that unlike hall, Hayworth welcomes opportunities to hear all viewpoints, whereas John Hall BANS everyone who does not heap adoration on him at his facebook page and even bans people for simply posting to his opponent's page! So many innocent people have been banned for asking legitimate questions to their own Congressman that there is even now a group page for the exiled on facebook, John Hall's Naughty List, of which I am (of course) a member. 

If you believe in the right of Americans to use their Constitutionally protected right to free speech and political dissent, please join me in the effort to get John Hall de-elected on November 2, 2010!

Please help get the word out about the destructive radical tyrannical nature of John Hall, people deserve to know the truth!

P.S. I owe a huge THANK YOU to my co-pilot SAM at the A-C page for making that picture of John Hall which is at the top of this post.  Thanks, SAM! 

Cross-posted to Associated Content. Please show your support by clicking THIS LINK and giving me a page-view, thanks!  

Update: The Young Voters for an Orleans Reunion Tour have voluntarily pulled their "Vote With Me" video from the Vimeo hosting site, in an effort to keep the focus on John Hall's failures as a "representative" for NY-19 and his failures to this country. You can read their statement HERE.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up sister! Free Speech forever!! Never let anyone silence you!

If you guys can get NY cleaned up that means there's a chance for us in WA State, which as you know is cursed with CRAPTASTICS like Patty Murray and Jay Inslee and Maria Cantwell. BTW, Murray was voted the Senate's MOST LIBERAL member in 2008, so that tells you what we're up against. And our governor, Gregiore is nothing but a mouthpiece for the DNC. She flat out stole the election from Rossi and our state is losing businesses left and right due to excessive taxation and regulation. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done now.

Zilla said...

Thanks for the support Dana. Right now New York has a huge opportunity - bigger than any other in the past 100 years - to really alter the political landscape and put an end to a lot of the institutionalized cronyism that is killing our state. Check out my new article about why this election day is more important than any other in NY history:

WebSpinner said...

Great article, Mare! Those kids are good! Someone should hire them ...

Peg C. said...

Awesome!! When I'm at our TP HQ I'm always telling everyone about my FB friend who is making it her mission to make John Hall's life a misery!! Excellent work!

Too bad some of our TP group members would rather vote to keep Socialist Hall than vote for Hayworth. I'm disgusted with them!

Zilla said...

Thanks! I'm also very disappointed in those people, they'd rather have full blown anti-life John Hall who voted for obamacare which will have taxpayers funding abortions than his opponent who at least opposes obamacare & supports parental notification laws. What the heck are they thinking?

Kim said...

It never ceases to amaze me that people can get away with this horse manure. It even smells as far as Colorado where I live!LOL.
Great work are a wonderful guardian of our welfare in this country. Keep it up!

Zilla said...

Just a few more weeks and John Hall is gone, gone GONE!!!

Anonymous said...

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