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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quoth the Gov't, Go Back to Sleeping

In the Western sky a rocket's glare seemed to be streaking
'What was that, a missile?'
Americans were speaking

'It ain't ours & we don't know who's, but nothing to fear'
quoth the gov't, clearly reaching
but giving not the explanation
for which we were beseeching

Meanwhile, in our own land
shariah keeps on creeping
into our lives against our will
quoth the gov't, 'Go back to sleeping"

Half a world away Obama's on a tour
because wrecking up our country
he thinks a completed chore

When asked about jihad
'Islam's great', he says
while the blood of innocents is spilled
in its name every single day

Now we hear again
he'll preach to the islamic world
and sing their praises even as
their plots to kill us still unfold

He grovels to our enemies
and alienates our friends
it seems this president's utmost goal
is for America to end

I've said it many times before
but I'll repeat it yet again
none of this would be happening
if we had a leader like Ron Reagan

H/T The Powers That Be and The American Spectator


Anonymous said...

That was outstanding. Great poetry....truly....

Zilla said...

Thank you, Dana!

yukio ngaby said...

Now you promised to write about this "in prose" in your comment on my blog-- but uh, this is in verse. :)

Well done anyway.

Zilla said...

Thanks, Yukio, it seems I need to brush up on my literary terminology. I shall look it up and learn something today. Thank you for the lesson & for reading my poem.
You have a terrific blog and I am deeply honored that you have taken the time to visit mine.

Maggie Thornton said...

Excellent Zilla. I think most of us are living a nightmare right now with little real sleep. Your verse on Shari'a is spot-on. I believe America is not swallowing his sleeping pill any longer (at least I hope that's the case).

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