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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Outrage, Incompetence, Overreach & Dhimmitude Roundup

Here is a roundup of some of the madness we covered at the A-C page this week that you may have missed...

Atlas Shrugs brings us two tales of islamic supremacist overreach here at home and American dhimmi sharia compliance: George Washington University has instituted segregated swimming by creating female muslim only swim times at their pool. It is not known if they will extend this courtesy to non-muslim women or people from any other religion/culture which encourages modesty, most likely not.  A Connecticut skating rink is being sued by terrorist affiliated CAIR because they dared to ask a muslima to wear a helmet for safety LIKE EVERYONE ELSE; the woman was offended by the notion of wearing protective gear over her hijab, despite the fact that a hijab is in fact not mandatory in islam and that a women's Afghani boxing team wears helmets over THEIR hijabs during public competition without complaint. The skating rink is standing by their principles of safety for everyone, I stand with them and you should too.

The IRS is in on the  islamic supremacist American dhimmitude bandwagon too, as they go after Jewish groups who support the existence of Israel while granting tax exempt status to muslims groups that are known sponsors of terrorist organizations.

The TSA insanity rages on; my huge post last week was just the tip of the iceberg...

Patterico brought us the stomach churning details of Gloria Allred's perverse enjoyment of the enhanced pat-down Gate Rape procedure and a tale of a woman who had her shirt pulled down and breasts bared in full view of everyone by a TSA goon and the humiliating way other goons made fun of her afterward. Also in the Patterico post was this link to a story at Hot Air's Green Room about how the TSA LIED about their child molestation rules, claiming that children under 12 are exempt from the Gate Raping and Porn Scans despite the existence of a plethora of video and testimony which clearly prove otherwise. Speaking of video, Verum Serum has a story about how the TSA goons attempted to intimidate the person who filmed the Gate Rape of a three year old autistic boy. The TSA goons later were recorded talking trash about that little boy's dad! Also from VS, a post about how TSA goons are now confiscating recording devices of people who film their atrocities.

Doug Ross showed us how we can avoid the Gate Rapes and carcinogenic porn scans (by doing what the illegal alien invaders do at our porous southern border) with an informative and infuriating photo essay.

Sultan Knish describes how and why the liberal's approach to handling the terrorist menace has been a failure:
Under Obama, liberals have gotten the chance to implement their security solution. And from civilian trials for terrorists, to soft power and diplomacy in the Muslim world, to 'civil rights first' security at home, every bit of it has failed badly.

Far more Americans are up in arms over "naked scanners" and TSA groping, than were ever outraged over the Patriot Act. Obama's non-stop world tour has not made America any more loved or any safer. Soft power has not stopped terrorists or the regimes that arm and fund them. If anything it has emboldened them. And the civilian trial of Ahmed Ghailani, one of the FBI's Most Wanted, ended with his unprecedented acquittal on 284 out of 285 charges, including all the murder charges, leaving only a single charge of conspiracy.

The Ghaliani trial, presided over by Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, a Clinton nominated Federal judge, who did everything but put on a cheerleader uniform and wave his pom poms for the Al Qaeda terrorist, was a farce that ended a millimeter away from freeing one of the FBI's Most Wanted men. The media is trying to spin it as a victory, but that's like describing a game between the New York Yankees and a little league team as a success because the Yankees managed to win by one point. Ghaliani was never convicted of the crimes he committed. He was only convicted of conspiracy, which in this context essentially means being a member of Al Qaeda. It gets him off the street, but it does not convict him of the crimes he specifically committed. It's not justice. It's barely containment.  Read the whole thing.
Pundtette covered Obama's unsurprisingly weak & detached response to the outrage being expressed over the TSA's invasive overreach:
President Obama, predictably out of touch with the chumps who stand in line at airports waiting to get molested, made a generic statement about this growing national nightmare, making sure to preface it with the news that he doesn't fly commercial. Um . . . huh?
In that same post at P&P, you can find the now well known humiliating story about that poor man, a bladder cancer survivor, whose urostomy bag was detached by aggressive TSA goons which left him covered in urine and crying. My heart breaks for what this gentleman must have felt. Pundette gives us something to think about in light of this:
Humiliation seems to be their specialty. To state the obvious: imagine the outcry if  terrorists at Gitmo were given this kind of treatment.
Quite Rightly made an excellent point in the comments section of the P&P post above:
Try to imagine the U.S. gov't trying to get away with this in, say, 1950, when the reality of Nazism was fresh in people's minds and most American men were battle-hardened veterans who had paid a high price for American freedoms.

The first time a TSA official put his or her hands on the first woman, girl, or boy, that woman's husband or that child's father would have intervened immediately, and he would not have been alone. He would have been backed up by almost every other male witnessing the molestation, as well as quite a few of the females. The cops would have known exactly what side they stood on, and it wouldn't have been on the side of the TSA.

That's not mentioning what would have happened the first time the TSA pulled a man out of line to grope his private parts.

This wholesale molestation of people is happening only through public consent--right on the spot.
I couldn't agree more.  By the Way, Quite Rightly writes the blog, Bread upon the Waters, which I highly recommend.

Gateway Pundit has more details about the above mentioned indignity and embarrassment suffered by the gentleman with the urostomy bag. Jim Hoft at GP has been all over the TSA madness and has a great deal of information at his blog along with a ton of other stuff that you should totally know about. If you haven't already, you should add Gateway Pundit to your reading list. Other gems from Gateway Pundit that I posted to the A-C page this past week include:

OMG… TSA Forces Woman to Cut Off Her Nipple Rings With Pliers

It Begins… TSA Agents Take Checks From Woman’s Purse


TSA Chief John Pistole: If Passengers Don’t Undergo Naked Scans or Gropings, “They Don’t Have a Right to Fly”

Obama Regime Administration Releases Propaganda Ad on Gropings Pat-Downs

Your tax dollars at work

Good-Bye Freedom – Hello Police State… Napolitano Announces Next Steps for Naked Scanners Involves Trains, Boats, Metro

That last one, about how Janet Napolitano plans to expand the TSA madness to include Gate Rapes and irradiation nudie scans far beyond airports so that TSA goons will soon be violating and humiliating innocent people who try to travel by bus, train or boat as well triggered this rant from me:

Gate Rapes and Radioactive Nudie Pics for Airports, Buses, Trains, Boats and American Streets - Even Without Your Knowledge Or Consent

The above post included another find from GP  which told of:  More Hope & Change… Feds Are Now Using Mobile X-Ray Vans On U.S. Streets even as the Obama regime refuses to acknowledge that the folks most likely to attack our transit systems are ISLAMIC JIHADIS - because we all know that Bammy is loathe to offend them or hurt their feelings, which is why it's no surprise that it is being recommended that muslims be exempt from the TSA screening procedures. That's right, the people from the demographic which is responsible for the attacks on us which created the need for more security (which arguably is not being provided by the Obama administration's insane overreach into the bodies of innocent American people) won't be violated the way the rest of us are, because they belong to Obama's short list of ethnicities deemed entitled to preferential treatment, along with the illegal alien invaders who are so treasured by the left.

Jimmie at the Sundries Shack has a post showing that the TSA paid some lip service to the American people over their Gate Raping and carcinogenic porn scans, but as the TSA horror stories continue to pour in along with tales of elitist arrogance from our "leaders" who are of course not subject to this tyranny, the government's half hearted platitudes prove to be exactly what I said they are, lip service and nothing more. THEY DON'T CARE how we feel, because like Obama, they view us peasants as the enemy, not the islamic supremacists who want to kill us, have killed us and will kill us again at the next opportunity. The tyranny of political correctness continues to vilify the innocent while ignoring the guilty. Doug Ross has a post about the Tragic Idiocy of Political Correctness which I encourage you to read. 

There are many many more important stories that we posted to the A-C page this week, including: the attack on South Korea by North Korea, Obama's split lip, a TSA agent who kidnapped a woman from an Atlanta airport and raped her (h/t P/Oed Patriot) who has a criminal background including many charges of stalking and harassment but was hired by the TSA anyway, a former TSA agent who was convicted in a child sex slave case, inappropriate and offensive Twittering by TSA goons, the fact that Obama may be deliberately instituting these horrible abuses against us by the TSA as a way of some sort of payback for the wrongs he imagines America has committed in her history, a great article by Thomas Sowell about how these abuses from the left will result in those still sleeping to finally put down the koolaid and see the truth about just how far gone the left really is, and so, so much more, but this is already a pretty long post and my family wants to know when the heck I'm going to get off the computer already and continue preparing and serving up our Thanksgiving holiday weekend feasting so I'm going to stop now and just encourage you to see the rest at the famous ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. page on facebook. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and that the rest of this holiday weekend is terrific for you as well.

One last thing though,  and this one is important to me, I want to give a special thanks to Yukio Ngaby at Critical Narrative for adding Zilla of the Resistance to the blogroll there and for blessing me with some very kind words in a post about my blog. This is a huge honor for me because Critical Narrative is an excellent blog with well researched information that is presented in an engaging and readable manner. Yukio's posts are as entertaining as they are informative and you'd all do well to add Critical Narrative to your reading lists.

OK, that's it, everyone at my house wants their snacks, so I'm really signing off this time. Good day and God Bless.  

Update/Correction: Apparently, the story about the bacon at Target in MN was not correct so I have removed that section of this post. (Thank you to my friend Terry who brought this to my attention) I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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Kim said...

I have a wonderful idea! Let's make a live broadcast that you can purchase through your cable network of the First Family going through pat down at the airport;followed by Pelosi, Reid and the rest of congress and then we can buy either the dvd or make snaps for Christmas cards! All proceeds go toward the national deficit!! Whatya think??!

Mike aka Proof said...

"the people who brought us pirate hijackings on the high seas" And the bombing attempt in Portland OR for their annual Christmas tree lighting this year...

Quite Rightly said...

Hey Zilla - Thanks for the link and the kind words. Your recommendation is much appreciated.

You've got a jalapeƱo-level blog here--the flames suit it well! Great reading!

I've added it to my blog roll.

@Kim - Love your idea of having a fundraising video of the First Family enjoying their first TSA pat-down. We all know how much the Big O loves to be on TV!

Kim said...

I agree! And I have to say that if they took off the shirt of one of the little girls or felt the First Lady up things might change real fast around the airports; and can you imagine the look on Pelosi's face if that happened to her!!?!

Kim said...

Zilla; this is GREAT work! You keep it up my friend; I hope in the near future I'll be able to say....there is my blogging friend Zilla on national tv!!

Peg C. said...

Outstanding post, Marianne! There are too many outrages to keep track of them all but you're doing a fantastic job of rounding up the worst of them.

What sheeple we've become, that so many Americans are just subjecting themselves to this CRAP, none of which is keeping us safe. We have a government that is absolutely out to terrorize and punish good, honest citizens (probably for being good and honest!), while coddling and sucking up to the very worst people - Islamists, illegal aliens, and every possible sort of America hater - thanks to the America Hater-in-Chief himself.

Again, great work!

SignPainterGuy said...

Zilla, so many links, so little time ! You are one busy girl - good job ! Do you get enough rest ?

Kim, great idea ! The shear comedic value should make this a "must see" ! I do however feel that not all the proceeds should go toward paying down the deficit - as Zilla pointed out, those "nudie pics", some of which have made it out into cyberspace and elsewhere (contrary to claims and promises), "some" of the money should be used to "cover" the embarrassment of these "involuntary nudists" ! What`cha think?

Zilla said...

Hi everybody, thanks for stopping by & commenting! It's so nice to see so many of my favorite people here. :)

Kim, I love the idea, let's make 'em get carcinogenically porn scanned too and of course film & sell THAT as well! I agree with SPG, some of the proceeds should go towards the innocent victims of the TSA goons' atrocities.

Peg, it seems to me that the regime is attempting to condition us into acceptance of submission to everything no matter how heinous. Frog in pot of ever so slightly increasingly warmer pot of water & all.

Thank you for the kind words, Quite Rightly, I'm honored to be added to the blogroll of Bread Upon the waters!

Proof, there appears to be no end to what those Somalis want to do to us, and our silly gooberment keeps bringing more over - at taxpayer expense!

SignPainterGuy, there is no rest for Mommy Zilla, my kids are little, so I post between diapers, meals & meltdowns! :) We're having a great weekend here at home though, good food, internet, TV, & surrounded by loved ones - bliss.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Amazing job you've done here zilla, with great enthusiasm. That's what allows you to work-in these great posts, in-between diapers and dinner. I've added you to my blogroll and I thank you for the insightful comments at my place.

Zilla said...

Thank you so much, Maggie! I am truly honored. Your blog is awesome!

Happy walker said...

nice blog... have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

WomanHonorThyself said...

keep the faith day a time!

Unknown said...

The backscatter is new.

Everything else is (sadly) old news:

Zilla said...

Thank you for your input, murph. This is an ongoing thing, and as you can see from my previous posts, there are many recent atrocities committed by the TSA since they changed their procedures a few weeks ago in addition to the older stories. Many of the new stories are similar to the older ones, but happened recently under the new more aggressive TSA rules. Sadly, much of the stories in the above post from me are NOT old news, but recent events, including: the IRS targetting Jews who support Israel while granting tax exempt status to muslims who are linked to terrorist organizations, the perpetually offended muslims who are demanding & receiving special treatment, the complete and total failure of the liberal approach to terrorism including the horribly mismanaged Ghaliani case which allowed a jihadi to get away with hundreds of murders, Obama's weak and detached response to the outrage of upset Americans, the naked pics and gropings of children despite the TSA's claims that they aren't supposed to be doing that to little kids, the intimidation tactics of TSA goons to try to prevent evidence of their aggression from being filmed, making fun of the father whose autistic son they violated, the man left covered in his urine by aggressive & nasty TSA goons, a TSA agent who kidnapped a woman from an Atlanta airport and raped her who has a criminal background including many charges of stalking and harassment but was hired by the TSA anyway, a former TSA agent who was convicted in a child sex slave case, and the inappropriate and offensive Twittering by TSA goons, to name just a few.

Unknown said...

I did not mean to suggest that the TSA's offensive behavior is not ongoing, I merely meant to point out that their offensive behavior began pretty much the very moment they were created. They began by hiring just about anyone, and followed up with flat out abuse.

I have family members who suffered violations of their bodies at the hands of the TSA back in 2003.

Google TSA lawsuits and you'll find plenty originating years ago.
For groping searchings...

....Excessive force

...and all manner of crazy.

Which is in no way to minimize the current crop of complaints. The TSA is a national disgrace and a collossal waste of money. But if you think this is a partisan issue, it's not. It's a civil liberties issue and this bizarre drumbeat of "security trumps all" has got to stop - I don't care who is in power.

It's just nuts.

Zilla said...

Thank you for coming back and providing more information, murph, I appreciate it. I'm sorry for what your relatives suffered, and I agree with you that the TSA has been a disaster since it's inception, it's only ramped up under Obama thanks to John Pistole.
Bush was afraid to say who the real enemy was too, and because of that, law abiding innocent people have been made to suffer rather than the islamic supremacists responsible for so much bloodshed on our soil in the first place.
I agree about the "security trumps all" junk, especially since these egregious violations of our personal space and 4th Amendment rights do NOTHING to make us any safer.
I checked out the blog linked to your profile, it is visually stunning and you've got some neat stuff there. I liked the post about Neko, who I have never heard of before. That snippet you posted from her blog was pretty cool.

Unknown said...

You're kind to say so.

Full disclosure: I'm fairly certain we are polar opposites on a great many issues - but when it comes to the 4th amendment no American should be giving ground.

What is genuinely bizarre to me is that the TSA has intensified their foolishness through two diametrically opposed administrations.

How does this happen? When you can have Michelle Malkin, Ron Paul and the ACLU in agreement that the TSA goes too far - you would think that there would be a heavy political price to pay for doing these sorts of things.

Yet we keep doing it.

Much like bank bailouts - no one wants them, yet they happen regardless of which party controls the government.

It makes no sense.

Zilla said...

I did notice that we seem to be from two different camps but you are absolutely correct, about the TSA & the bailouts. We've found common ground, and I think it may be because the politicians in power don't listen to us, no matter which side of the political spectrum we, or they, are on.

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