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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am Zilla, I proudly run the ANTI-C.R.A.P.TA.S.T.I.C. political information page on Facebook which was viciously attacked and slandered with lies from the campaign of Congressman John Hall (NY-19) in one of Hall's numerous attempts to silence free speech and suppress political dissent. As you can read HERE, we at the A-C page were falsely labeled as bigots, radicals and extremists when the facts about the A-C page are the polar opposite of those lies!

Now, for those uninformed people who took offense at the name of my page, if you had bothered to take 3 seconds to click our info tab, you'd know what it really means and what we really stand for; you would see that we fight against extremism in all its forms and if you'd looked at our content, you could clearly see that we are not bigots. But NO, you all had to be LAZY and wallow in your ignorance as you swallowed the lies that your elitist "leader" fed you. How does it taste now?

Read this now, for your edification:
Official Definition from the Urban Dictionary:

Acronym for:
Collectivist Redistributionist Anti-American Progressive Totalitarian Antagonistic Slanderous Treasonous Insidious Cretin

Applies to:
Politically correct & morally bankrupt progressives/communists/socialists/fascists/liberals/democrats/leftists/jihadi-apologists & appeasers

          Used in a sentence:
The most powerful & dangerous C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. in America today is Barack Obama. He is bolstered by the CRAPTASTIC media which sold their collective souls to shill for him.
The people who lied about my page, me, and the fans of the A-C page represent exactly what we fight against and exactly what they falsely accused US of being.
Congressman John Hall LOST his bid for re-election and Nan Hayworth will be my new Congresswoman here in NY-19 come January. Congratulations, Congresswoman-elect Hayworth!

The right to express free speech and political dissent has been defended successfully in NY-19, and I, along with the ANTI-C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C. page and all of its fans, have been vindicated!

John Hall did not lose this election due to his numerous unhinged attacks against innocent people alone though, he mainly lost because he never, ever listened to his own Constituents and repeatedly chose to do what Nancy Pelosi wanted rather than what was best for the people he is paid to serve or what the people in his district actually wanted him to do. Calls, emails, faxes and letters from us were ignored, or worse, were responded to with arrogant form letters from Hall bragging about how he'd gone against our wishes and what a good thing it was that he had done so. But that wasn't enough for him; when we had run out of other avenues for which to reach him, the voters of NY-19 posted to his facebook wall and Hall's supporters abused us while he ignored us until his administrators deleted our posts and banned us from ever posting to his facebook wall again. He was warned, repeatedly, that if he chose to ignore the will of the people, he'd lose his job over it, and now he has.

There are two important lessons for politicians all over America to learn from this story:
  1. Don't ignore or dismiss the concerns of the people you are being paid to represent; you work for US!
  2. Don't ever attack the rising New Media with horrible accusations unless you have facts to back up your claims - it will NOT end well for you. 
 God Bless America. Free speech forever!


Peg C. said...


Peg C. said...

Just to add, these back up Zilla's warning to politicians who attack or have their flunkies attack bloggers and New Media using lies and smears:

Bloggers all over the world are finding and telling truths and politicians in response are having fits and lashing out. Bad move!

Zilla said...

Thanks for the additional info, Peg!

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