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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Over the weekend, Obama's Department of Homeland Security seized and shut down some 70 web domains without warning because they were distributing bootlegged music and videos.

Wikileaks posted classified government information (that was stolen by a treasonous Army PRIVATE)  starting back in July and the Obama administration did nothing to stop further sensitive information from being released to the public from that entity.

When word came this weekend that the Wikileaker was preparing to release hundreds of thousands more classified government documents, the Obama administration responded by sending LETTER asking them not to. (Seriously, a gosh darned letter!)

Now that the documents were released and, as it turns out, they make Obama look REALLY bad, he has announced, after the fact, that they intend to begin taking the security of our sensitive information seriously.

Maybe if they'd been even remotely as concerned about keeping data stored in our military computers secure as they were over people grabbing a free copy of a movie or song off the internet, this whole fiasco could have been avoided.

Way to prioritize, Barry!

h/t Sarah PalinThis Ain't Hell and Legal Insurrection

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Update: This post has made the "Today's recommended reads" list at my favorite blog, Pundit & Pundette. Thank you, P&P!

 Update: This post is recommended in Larwyn's Lynx by Dour Ross @ Journal. Thanks, Doug!


Peg C. said...

Nice post!

He probably thought most of the damage would be to Bush and his admin. So far I've seen virtually nothing that hurts them (maybe Condi) and a lot that makes this regime look bad. Honestly I'm not at all sure Hillary can survive this at all. There are rumors she'll be kicked out sooner or later and I think this makes her presidential aspirations a total joke. She and Bill should just do us all a favor and go away. A one-way trip to Mars would be nice. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wikileaks is doing what the media is SUPPOSED TO DO. Great going Assange!

Zilla said...

Peg, Did you see Dick Morris talking about what we've learned about Hillary? I saw it on Hannity, but a link to the video is posted to the A-C page. Morris said that Hillary has been using old school communist regime tactics for the purpose of blackmailing people into compliance.

yukio ngaby said...

@ Anon

Huh. So it's the job of the media to illeagally obtain classified material to compromise American interests and lead to the deaths of American allies and informers. Right.

But yeah, great going Assange! Start publishing Hamas' or Israel's secrets next! Or how about Iran or North Korea or China? Thing is those countries might send hime more than a letter in the mail...

Zilla said...

I agree with Yukio, Assange's only purpose for what he's been doing is to hurt the United States of America. He should have been stopped months ago and charged with espionage. The Private who smuggled all this info out should be charged with TREASON.
Notice that Assange isn't bothering to go after other countries, likely because he knows MOST leaders would have him killed or at least locked away for what he's been doing. Obama has made us an easy target for America haters.
It's NOT the media's job to violate our nation's security and release classified documents to the public. There's a reason why these things were supposed to be classified (held under tight security) in the first place.

Peg C. said...

No, I love Morris and must check that out! She is VERY old school in so many ways.

Anon @10:36: You have it exactly bass-ackwards. The job of the "media" is to vet candidates, ferret out truths about politicians and policy, uncover and publicize government corruption and criminality, dig up facts and report news without obvious bias. Their job is NOT TO LEAK CLASSIFIED DOCS AND MATERIALS. They REFUSE to do their job but cannot wait to endanger the U.S. and embarrass leaders all over the world.

However, according to some articles online this is mostly backfiring on idiots like Obama and Hillary. This whole thing is obeying the Law of Unintended Consequences so far.

And Assange is a rapist, a pedophile or both. He should be in prison and may yet get there.

Zilla said...

Well said, Peg!

SignPainterGuy said...

Zilla, you have arrived ! You`ve had an "anonimous troll" drive-by Poop-n-Scoot !

You know you are over the target when you start taking flack !

It isn`t at all confidence inspiring to see that our C-in-C is no more interested in protecting us and our secrets than the Use-less Nations and has no greater plan than a tursely written letter and his/their backup plan is a REALLY Nasty letter !

It`s no wonder that we`ve had 8 terrorist attempts on Zero`s watch and a likely Chinese missle launch off California`s coast as a show of no fear of us and a message not to mess with the value of our (their payback) money !

Well said, girls !

Anonymous said...



SignPainterGuy said...

Drudge is posting that Interpol has issued an arrest warrent for Assange charging him with
"alleged" sex crimes in Sweden, NOT the wiki-iki-leaks of sensitive data !

How `bout a show of hands of all who are holding their breath that the US will grab him once Interpol gets him in custody !? Anybody ? Come on now, somebody ?! Beuhler ?!

Zilla said...

They tried to get him on rape charges before, a month or so ago, I think, but it didn't stick. If the Obama administration does ANYTHING at all about this guy, I'd be very surprised. The CRAPTASTIC regime is more concerned with harassing NON-THREATS like little old ladies, children & business people than with any sort of threats to our National Security.

Zilla said...

SPG, you were correct, there is a brand NEW warrant out for that POS!

According to GP, rumor has it that the US is fixing to charge the lil bastard with espionage, but the Interpol stuff takes precedence.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Maybe if they'd been even remotely as concerned about keeping data stored in our military computers secure as they were over people grabbing a free copy of a movie or song off the internet, this whole fiasco could have been avoided...heck yea Zilla..those dangerous mp3's!!!

Zilla said...

I think they're going after bootlegged music and videos to please their shills in the entertainment industry. They couldn't be bothered with the Wikileaker because he was only hurting AMERICA which is something they don't care about at all and in fact are trying to do themselves!

SignPainterGuy said...

For decades now, the dems have used the same boilerplate scare-tactics to frighten seniors away from the R`s by claiming the republicans want to take away their social security benefits and others, etc., etc. ! Proof that it`s the dems who are messin` with the bennies came today when Erksome Bowles announced that cutting SS funds and raising retirement age is part of their deficit plan !

To date, there is not one proposal from the dems that actually is beneficial to our nation ! IMO, the R`s must be not only the party of no, but must be unashamedly the party of "Oh hell no you don`t!!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting me on your blog roll. Looking forward reading your blog

Zilla said...

You're welcome, Ampleforth! And thank you for stopping by.

Zilla said...

SignPainterGuy, I agree with you 100%! Every single republican who chooses to "cooperate" or "compromise" with the CRAPTASTICs needs to be fired at the very next election.

SignPainterGuy said...

The R`s claimed to have learned their lessen and the newly elected conservatives know what must be done ! I was extremely disappointed to see the "Food bill" pass - doubly so because my Senator Burr, a stalwart of conservatism, voted for it.....30 days in the gas chamber for him ! If he keeps that up, it will be a long R.E.S.T. (Relaxing Electro Shock Therapy) for him ! ;<[

Zilla said...

I will support in the primaries anyone who chooses to run against the 25 fools in the GOP who voted for that nightmare legislation. They clearly missed the message sent by the voters entirely.

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