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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


If you aren't already following the Potluck blog, you really should add it to your reading list. It is the blog version of a potluck buffet dinner, with a group of terrific bloggers (some of my favorites) posting and discussing interesting topics in a right-blog smorgasbord of Conservative awesomeness.

It is my great pleasure to inform you all that I have been invited to join the Potluck bloggers and will be posting there soon! Potluck is a WordPress blog which has a somewhat different format from the Blogger platform that I am used to so I've got a bit to learn there, but I hope to be posting there as soon as I figure it all out. In the mean time, you should definitely go check it out, because there are some really fantastic people writing over there, and I'll be there commenting to posts too. Come and join the discussions!


SignPainterGuy said...

This a bit of good news, hopefully an answer to a prayer I sent up on your behalf ! Learn well, post often, enjoy !

yukio ngaby said...

Glad to see you're there MJ. Very cool.

I tend to hold some contrary views to some of the stuff there and comment on that. I hope you do not get offended by such.

Zilla said...

Thank you SGP, and Yukio!

Yukio, I am not offended at all, the way I see it, you are encouraging what my teachers used to call "critical thinking" and stimulating debate. I thank yo for that. I just woke up, but once I have some coffee in me and my brain cells functioning a little better, I'll attempt to clarify my position in that particular post.

I still think you're awesome.

yukio ngaby said...

Thanks MJ. Keep being awesome yourself.

All of my comments are in the spirit of friendly debate. But still some people have been offended in the past.

Zilla said...

I am not easily offended; I consider you a friend and you were not at all disrespectful in comment to my very first Potluck post.
I had a very good Political Science professor who said that it was important to listen to opposing POVs because it is always a learning experience: you will either see things in a new way that you may have missed otherwise, or you will be able to explore your own position more deeply and become better equipped to defend it.

Quite Rightly said...

Zilla - I'll be very happy to see you at Potluck!

Zilla said...

Thank you, Quite Rightly, I'm really happy to be joining you there!

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Seriously thrilled that you are joining the Potluck crew. Welcome!

Zilla said...

Thank you, Fuzzy!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Mare! You will get such exposure :)

Just a conservative girl said...

I am looking forward to joining you at Potluck.

Zilla said...

Thanks, Dana, I'm having a great time being able to hang out with some of my favorite bloggers!

Just a conservative girl, I'm really excited that you're there too!

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