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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Network is Live!

If you've noticed that I have not blogged much lately, thank you for noticing! I have been busy setting up my own domain, website & network and now the Network is live and active!

At the main website, you'll find a directory with links to all my projects, some information about me, a mini-blog which houses my little notes about my adventures in web mastering, a guestbook, & contact information. I've also added an old-fashioned forum and chatroom for those of us who have a bit of nostalgia for the time before facebook (and everyone having blogs) where we can talk freely in posts or in real time about whatever we like, any time.
My blogs are now all located on the Network, complete with new URLs and spiffy browser favicons. Please change your bookmarks and/or blogrolls to reflect the new addresses, although Blogger will redirect you if you're still using the old addresses:

Zilla of the Resistance
MJStevenson Blog
Mare's Blog Ads

Now that it's all set up, I can get back to the business of blogging regularly. I've got new posts planned (for today, hopefully) at both the MJ & Zilla blogs and because my readership continues to grow, now is a really great time to advertise with me (details available at Mare's Blog Ads).

I am building an empire on a super low budget; it is time consuming, but it is a labor of love. If you like my work and wish to help me with my efforts, please don't be shy about using the tip jar donation button here, located in the right-hand margin of my blogs. I am a stay at home mom, (which means I'm not doing anything that people pay me for) the generosity of people who like my stuff helps me to make ends meet and to do nice things for my kids.

Thank you all for reading & sharing my words, and for the friendship, comfort, encouragement and support that you have so kindly given to me. You inspire me to make my own dreams a reality and to help others do so as well.

God Bless you.


UPDATE: This post is "Today's Featured Blog" at Adrienne's Corner! Thank you, Adrienne! 


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