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Saturday, December 11, 2010

S.O.S. Clerical error edition

You ever have one of those days where you've carefully budgeted your money so that you'll be just about able to fix your car, feed your family & have a modest Christmas only to find out that some dingus hit the wrong button in an office somewhere and cleaned out your checking account? I'm having one of those days.
I discovered it when I went to pay for groceries & diapers and my bank card was declined. I go home and look at my account and find out that my credit card company took an unauthorized withdrawal that they weren't supposed to take and now my account is empty and about to be over drawn when the check I ended up having to write for the food and diapers is processed. I called the credit card company and the bank and both say it will take about ten days to clear it up - if they can fix it at all.
This is a problem because that was my FOOD MONEY.
I sell ad space to this blog as a way to help ends meet, and  in response to the emergency I find myself in, I am now offering a 'save my butt sale' where any orders placed before Monday (when I'll officially be screwed) will get a 25% discount.
If you're feeling altruistic, there is a donate button tip jar on the right hand side of this blog. Even five bucks will help immensely if you can spare it and will be greatly appreciated.
Ten days doesn't seem like much, but if you've got little kids to feed and diapers that need to be bought, it really is a hell of a wait.
If you know anyone who could benefit from advertising on my blog, please send them my way!
Sorry for the kvetching, this is just an unexpected setback and it kind of threw me me for a loop.


Adrienne said...

I hate banks. It took them less than a second to grab the money and it's going to take TEN DAYS to put it back?

I had an unauthorized debit from my account from some company in London for over $600.00 dollars and it took about 5 days to get it fixed. I also had to get a new debit card.

In the meantime - head to your closest church or local food bank and explain what happened. You can make a donation back to them when this is straightened out.

Zilla said...

Thanks, Adrienne, that's a great idea!
I hate banks, I really do.

SignPainterGuy said...

Oh, for cryin` out loud ! Is that the best tale you could come up with - the credit card co. blah, blah, blah !? What happened to "the baby flushed my bank statement !" or "the dog chewed up my Visa bill !" ?? Be creative, girl !

Come on, fess up, you just couldn`t pass up that 2 litre jug of French smell purty, could`ya ?! Tell the truth now !!

BTW, check your tip jar.....and Merry Christmas !

For the longest time, I spent everything in my checking acct., zero-ing it. The bank clerk ashured me that as long as I didn`t actually overdraw, it`d be fine - BUT, the "computer" would issue a new acct. no. each time, but don`t worry, it would keep up with the changes, everything would be cool ! After several deposits went "somewhere else", and I made a real loud nuisance of myself, with dep. receipts in hand, they straightened it right out, on the spot ! They love me now, oddly enough !

Zilla said...

You're a lovable guy, SPG! Thank you so much for the help.
My mathlexia usually trips me up more than my love of eu de toilette, but this time it actually wasn't my fault.
I have to deal with customer service peeps over the phone because when I show up in person to complain, panicky idiots tend to call the cops, or threaten to, like a 5'4" 120 lb glasses wearing female is all that intimidating.
But I'm pretty effective over the phone most times. Once, my kids' insurance screwed something up royally and they insisted that there wasn't anything they could do to fix it, and I made an offhand comment about being a blogger who is read by dozens of people (something like, "OK, I give up, have it your way, I'll just write about it to express my frustration"). Ten minutes later they called back to let me know that they went ahead & did exactly what they said they "couldn't" do before because they didn't want me blogging about them. Ha ha ha.

SignPainterGuy said...

It is fascinating to watch people do that which just a moment before "couldn`t be done" once they are properly motivated !

Glad to help with the diadies....they don`t re-use well ! Watch that "mathlexia", you can`t spend "smell purty" ! Aaaaah, ha, ha, ha, haaaa !

Always On Watch said...

A few years ago, I had a company constantly posting unauthorized charges to my credit card. Visa tried time and again to prevent these charges, but they kept appearing.

I ended up having to close out the card and open a new account.

What a pain! I did have monthly authorized charges, and all those merchants had to be contacted.

Zilla said...

The technical age was supposed to make our lives easier, but more often than not it further complicates things and usually not in a good way.
And where's my flying car? We were promised flying cars if we lived into the new millenia!

SignPainterGuy said...

Waaaaaay back in the pen and pencil/snail mail days, before computers, sat. up-links, i-net and instant record transfers, `73/`74, I worked in the next county, deposited my by-monthly check at a branch bank down the road and once a month i`d go a block further up th street to a different bank`s office to make a motorcycle loan pmt. Record of my dep. went to Charlotte, NC to a clearing bank where it languished for 7 to 9 days and was then "mailed" back to my home bank - record of my loan pmt. however went the next day to my homebank. 6 months in a row I was charged with insufficient funds. It was a very loud confrontation that created a new understanding at my bank ! Honest, I hate being ugly but at 6'-3'', it`s easy ! For a long time afterwards, I made the teller handwrite a clock-time of deposit and sign my receipts, no more NSF`s ! Amazing how things work when you have the proper documentation !

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