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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Thursday, December 16, 2010

He really just isn't that into the job anymore

Obama leaves in the middle of a press conference, again leaving a Clinton in charge - this time it's Hillary:

via Fox:

He should just resign already so he can spend time on the things that really matter to him; basketball, golf, parties & vacations.


SignPainterGuy said...

What an incompetent-empty suit ! He must finally have realized it for himself !

O/T: On Glenn Beck`s show just now, Judge Napolitano speaking w/ a guest warned us that even though the courts have ruled that the FCC has no authority to regulate the internet, they are proceeding w/ their planned vote for Net Neutrality on Dec. 21 while congress is out for the holiday and the courts are closed ! These dirtbags absolutely do not care about the rule of law !

O/T again: At Drudge Report; headline, John (who served in Vietnam) Kerry, "Why should we have to read anything? "Cue Gomer, "Gaaaawwwleeee!" That rates right up there with, was it Clyburn (?) who warned us not to send too many troops to Guam because it could cause the island to capsize !!

Our "betters" in DC never fail to disappoint !

Zilla said...

At this rate, I may as well just start mainlining the fricken pepto bismol! Gah!

SignPainterGuy said...

Zilla, turnabout`s fair play ! If ya wanna see something "cool", go to Drudge, left column, "video: 23,000 stuffed animals....." Not perzactly sure what it`s all about, but it`s gotta be for a good cause + it might help rid you of the Pepto taste !

yukio ngaby said...

Heh. Didn't Obama do an intro for the George Lopez talkshow too? I didn't know that was practice for his future press conferences.

"Let's hear it! Let me hear it! Now take it Hillary!!!"

BTW way MJ, my blog's not updating the "Zilla of the Resistance" link until pretty late. Like right now it has your last post "A Moment of Peace" as your newest post. I know you were combining blogs or something and I wonder if that has something to do with it. Has anyone else been having this problem?

Zilla said...

Hi Yukio,
I have a new URL, if you're still showing the old one that might be behind the delay. Here's the new one, please replace it:

here's the addy for the RSS feed too:

that might help.

I see my old URL at a lot of places, I've been trying to get hold of everyone to give them the new one, but it's been slow going.

Back to Barry, did you notice on the video how Joe Biden was like pushing Barry out of the room? It's like they KNOW that he's lost his mind and are trying to do whatever they can to limit his talk talk before the rest of the country figures out what we already know.
It's basically impossible for Obama to talk for more than five minutes without him taking nasty swipes at friends and adversaries alike, I think his handlers are trying to keep him on a leash because of it.

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