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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Infuriating Email from Chuck Schumer

The same day news broke about the trillion dollar 2000 page Omnibus bill that the lame ducks intended to cram down America's throat (without having anyone voting on it actually read it) I signed a strongly worded petition against the egregious acts of the lame duck Congress against the American people and it was sent to my outgoing Congressman John Hall and my two CRAPTASTIC Senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Chuck Schumer's office sent me an email immediately which simply acknowledging receipt of my 'letter' but also advising that he's oh so very busy (ruining our country) that he likely cannot respond. Well, this evening I find im my email box a reply from Schumer which is completely off-topic from what the petition I signed and sent was about and just further goes to illustrate how out of touch and destructive he really is. it really is no different from what John Hall used to send out when I contacted his office about important issue, he'd basically send a form letter email back which demonstrated that he paid no attention to what I said and then would go on to brag about how he was doing everything I'd asked him not to do or wasn't doing anything that I had asked him to do. This election we managed to rid ourselves of Hall, but the liberal machine in my state is very powerful and Schumer and Gillibrand both won their elections this November (much to my dismay).

Here is the petition that I signed and sent, along with several other New Yorkers who have had enough:

ENOUGH!!! Egregious Lame Duck Congress!!!


Sign the Petition : 724 Letters and Emails Sent So Far

ENOUGH!!! Egregious Lame Duck Congress!!!
We FIRED You Bums Once and WE'LL DO IT AGAIN


We FIRED the 111th Congress for their IRRESPONSIBLE and RECKLESS mismanagement of The People's Trust. We have had it with ALL OF YOU.

NO Money to Keep Government Open if it goes beyond a March 1st CLEAN Resolution with NOTHING ELSE ATTACHED!
NO Budget Deals

Do every trick and maneuver you know how to have an ADULT Congress take on the Business of America.

We only want a Clean Tax Bill to extend Bush era Tax Rates - NO EXTENSION FOR UNEMPLOYMENT ... NO EARMARKS ... NO TAX CHANGES. Let the ADULTS we elected during the midterm elections implement the necessary fixes.


We want the 112th Congress to do what is RIGHT and PROPER for the American People

You should all be ASHAMED of Yourselves




We The People of The United States of America
Now, I was mad and probably should have paid closer attention to what I was sending; had I known that it was going to be sent to Chucky and Gilly, I probably would not have bothered (because I already knew what the response would be, if I got any at all), but after I hit 'send' the thing told me where it went. I really just wanted to express my annoyance with vengeful lame ducks and I knew that the two named above care not a wit for what their constituents think or care about and they aren't lame ducks anyway (sadly). I also probably should have edited it to remove the all caps and made a few changes, but I did send it and the whole point of this post is to show you what Schmucky sent back in response:
Dear Mrs. S:
     Thank you for your letter regarding climate change legislation. I share your concern for the effect various environmental proposals could have on the economy. Balancing both environmental and economic concerns in any climate change legislation is absolutely critical, and I believe Congress can both successfully protect our natural resources and strengthen the economy with appropriate reform.
     Though we as a nation are going through tough economic times, America’s historically strong economy has always been a foundation for many other tremendous achievements within our society. Our vibrant economy allows us to educate our children, secure our borders, achieve innovations in healthcare, and even protect the environment. In fact, a quick survey will show that our environment, largely thanks to our economic strength, is in much better shape than those of nations which engage in unsound economic policy.
     Over the past few years, I have been working to craft legislation that would encourage economic competition and innovation while also addressing the environmental issues our country must confront. Additionally, I have developed legislation that would cushion the cost of any future climate change legislation. My bill, the Save American Energy Act (S. 548), would reduce energy demand and save money through energy efficiency measures, including offering discounts and rebates for Energy Star appliances, installing programmable thermostats, and properly insulating homes and businesses. These energy efficient measures would curb our energy demand and save Americans hard earned money.
     Thank you for taking the time to contact me on this import issue.  Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can ever be of assistance to you on this or any other matter.
Charles E. Schumer

United States Senator
Please do not respond to this email.  To send another message please visit my website at . Thank you. 
Now does that look like someone who read a single word of that petition? Where in that petition sent do you see anything about "climate change"?!? I am highly dismayed that my fellow New Yorkers voted to keep this creep in power for another six years. Just this past Monday, Schmucky said that the 'hard right' wants to send this country back to the 19th century, but he and his fellow CRAPTASTICs will regulate, tax and spend us into oblivion (while inviting illegal alien invaders to enjoy the fruits of our labor and capitulating to jihadis) and smile as they do it.

I wonder what kind of reply the 700 + other ticked off people who sent that petition got?

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