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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Time is Upon Us - Are You Ready?

The Time has come. No longer can we turn a blind eye to the forces of evil which seek to destroy our very existence because we are afraid of being "offensive". The wolves aren't simply scratching at the door, they are in our house because we invited them here, for fear of appearing intolerant. Ignoring evil isn't "intolerance", it is suicide.

The time for fear has passed, it is time to cast off the restraints that have been placed on us through deception. We end it now.

Political Correctness is the language of fear and oppression and are the tools of the enemies of truth and freedom. If we are to stand for freedom and truth, we must be wholly unafraid. Trust in the power of truth and goodness, speak power into truth, freedom and goodness by being unafraid in your words and deeds.

Islamic supremacism is a clear and present danger. Millions have been slaughtered around the world in its name along with thousands here. Islam's express purpose is to dominate (through murder, oppression, terror and forced conversion) the entire world. Its doctrine tells followers to kill non-muslims, kill anyone who dares to speak out against it, and kill any muslim who opens their eyes to the horror in front of them and tries to escape it. Yes, there are nice normal people who happen to be muslim and yes, they are disgusted by jihadis' brutality, but they do not speak out except in whispers to non-muslims - they are loathe to speak out publicly to other muslims about it because the penalty for doing so is death. There are muslim women and children who do not wish to be subjugated and beaten the way their religion says they should be, but the penalty for leaving or speaking out against it is death. Muslims are in as much danger as the whole of Western Civilization from islamic supremacism and they need help, but first they must find the courage to ask for it.

We non-muslims have allowed ourselves to be taken advantage of by those who use our own commitment to tolerance and religious freedom against us.  We are told that speaking the truth is "offensive", that demanding that all people in our land adhere to our laws only is "intolerant" and that we must make accommodations for those who come to this country but choose not to live as we do. It is a deception that too many have willingly bought into for far too long and if we do not do something about it, it will be the end of our lives as we know them forever.

We must find the courage to speak out, in no uncertain terms, that we are first and foremost AMERICANS and that we intend to remain as such. We will not cater our language and our customs or bend our laws to accommodate those who refuse to assimilate.  We will no longer be intimidated into silence for silence means death and Americans do not die without a fight.

This is a war that we didn't start, but it is one we cannot afford to lose. We must speak the truth, but we must do it wisely. Calls for violence and inflammatory rhetoric do more harm than good and are wholly unnecessary when we educate ourselves and are armed with facts. We must be willing to welcome anyone who will join us in our mission with open arms and trust that those who would endanger themselves to fight for our side will not betray us. If muslims need help leaving islam or are willing to put themselves in jeopardy by telling the truth about the horror, oppression and evil they themselves have witnessed first hand, we have to help them, even if doing so puts us at risk too. We must be brave and trust in the power of good over evil - unwaveringly. We cannot allow fear to have any power over us or to get in the way of defending truth, goodness and freedom. Fear is the enemy's tool, we cannot allow it to have power over us or we lose the fight before it even begins.

This is a war of information and the enemy has controlled the narrative for far too long. Arm yourselves with the truth, learn history - real history, not the sanitized revisionist  fiction that issues forth from the deluded (including the current president), the wishful thinkers and the deceivers. Learn the truth, check your facts, verify your sources, and no weapon against you will prosper.

This is bigger than politics, religion and race, this is the final showdown; good versus evil and there is no middle ground. You are either with those who stand for truth, real justice, and freedom, or you are on the side of lies, oppression, horror, death and destruction. You must choose a side. Choose wisely.

Now you may be asking yourself, "I am just a regular person, what can I do?" well here is your answer... If there is one lesson to be learned from the TEA Parties it is this: E Pluribus Unum. When many different people come together as one, no tool of the enemy can stop them. We know how to organize now, we know how to mobilize. The lies of the enemy and the false labels they try to paint us with will not stick because we will show in our words and deeds that such accusations have no merit.

We must join together and raise our voices as one, we will loudly proclaim that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We bow to no one. We welcome those who wish to join us but not those who seek to destroy us.  We heed no law but American law, there is to be no sharia here - ever. We will speak freely because if we fail to do so, the day will come when we cannot. America is one country with one common language and one set of laws which must apply equally to everybody all the time with no exceptions for anyone. We will not be afraid and we will not fail.

Are you ready?

UPDATE: This post is in Larwyn's Linx at Doug Ross @ Journal! Thank you, Doug!


Kim said...

Wow...just wow. You could not have said this better if you had a divine calling. And in a way you do Zilla! The power of your words speak beyond the ignorance and evil of our society and this world! Congrats on a wonderfully written article!

WebSpinner said...

Hell yes!! Superbly written and well said.

Peg C. said...

Hell YES, Marianne! Excellent post. PLEASE send it to Mayor Nanny Bloomers (email, snail mail, in a Thank You card to fool him - however you can!) for starters. I'd send it to our CRAPTASTIC new governor and a lot of others as well.

BTW, Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota is one of the problems we face - he is a Muslim and a CAIR toady of the worst sort. There are many apologists for Islamofascism in Congress and our government. They need to be rooted out, exposed, and ditched overboard wherever we can do this. We MUST push back in every way we can against entities - government, bureaucracies, companies, individuals - who deny the evil we face as a civilization. We must exercise CONSTANT PUSHBACK!

This is the existential fight of our time.

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