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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gate Rapes and Radioactive Nudie Pics for Airports, Buses, Trains, Boats and American Streets - Even Without Your Knowledge Or Consent

As Americans everywhere express their outrage over the TSA's Gate Raping and radioactive involuntary pornography of innocent people (including young children), the Obama administration has decided that it will expand their violations of Americans' Fourth Amendment rights to buses, trains and boats too. I assume the molesters in these new locations will continue to ignore basic hygiene and not change their gloves between Gate Rapes there either; spread of bedbugs, lice, crabs and infectious diseases don't matter as long as they are making sure to trample on Americans' basic freedoms and demoralize us all while taking great pains to  avoid offending muslims under the farcical claim that they are keeping us safe (how are we safe when they refuse to acknowledge that all of the planes hijacked and blown up were done so at the hands of ISLAMIC TERRORISTS?).

So now they want to expand the TSA Gate Rapes and irradiation naked imaging to buses, hmm..., can you think of who has been known to blow up buses? Hint: it wasn't a three year old with a Thomas the Tank Engine backpack or an elderly cancer survivor... yes, that's right, buses get blown up by ISLAMIC TERRORISTS!

But surely it makes sense to violate the bodies of young children and disabled Americans wearing prosthetic devices prior to allowing them to set sail, right? It's not like ISLAMIC TERRORISTS hijack ships and murder innocent Americans --- oh wait, that's right, they DO and as far as I know they are the only ones who do!

Well at least we can be safe from government sanctioned molestation and illicit photography of our children when we choose to walk or drive our cars, right? RIGHT? Sadly, NO, the federal government has been irradiating us on the streets in our vehicles and doing it to pedestrians as well - they've been doing it without our knowledge or consent.

There appears to be no end to this administration's egregious over-reach and assault on the American people. Remember, Obama said that we were "enemies" who should be "punished". This may be the one instance where he was actually true to his word. As James Lewis writes at American Thinker, these attacks against innocent people by Obama's TSA goon squads fit perfectly with what he and many leftists are programmed to think: that yes, we DO need to be punished, in every way possible, ideally by people who the Obama regime has chosen to give preferential status to even as they continue to coddle the ISLAMIC TERRORISTS who want to kill us, have killed us and will kill us again at every opportunity.

It's time to make ourselves heard, lest we forever lose the freedom to do even that. Are you ready?

h/t Gateway Pundit who provides excellent ongoing coverage of this insanity. 

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Jack P. said...

Marianne, Your outrage expresses what I'm thinking so very well! What the government is doing to us is monsterous.

I wonder if liberals are beginning to understand what living in a totalitarian society is like? Obama is crazy for giving us this powerful a demonstration.

Mike aka Proof said...

"Gate rape" is such a colorful expression. I've heard it used several times. I wonder who first coined the term?

Zilla said...

Proof, I first saw it used by a commenter called Lily under one of Gateway Pundit's posts about 2 weeks ago.

SignPainterGuy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all !

Please have faith that this administration and their backward approach to everything they do is only temporary !

Remember, God loves us all !

Zilla said...

Now this is a delightful surprise! Happy Thanksgiving, SPG! I do have faith, God will give us what we need and He will show us the way.
God Bless you, SignPainterGuy, thank you for stopping by and giving us that important reminder.

Teresa morgan said...

sweetheart you are right, just please keep in mind that MUSLIM ≠ Islamic terrorist. at all. In fact most Muslims are just as angry and hateful of the terrorists as every other American, and are subjected to horrible profiling when they are innocent peaceful people and just as patriotic as you are towards this country. they understand that the terrorists do CLAIM to be Muslim, just as the guy who raped and killed all his child wives and made all those people commit suicide, CLAIMED to be CHRISTIAN. ever noticed how many different types of "Christianity" there is? well Muslims have the same problem, the sunnies and shiites and so many other 'types" of Islamic. and 99.9% of them are just as peaceful as you are. it's just the terrorists are only SOME of One "type" and they are just as astray from God as any devil worshiper. we all agree on hating the terrorists, just please try not to group ALL Muslims with them? it isn't right.

Al-Queda is one "type of Sunni Muslim, most here in the US are Shiite. that's like the difference between Jehovah's whiteness and Pentecostal, and 7th day Adventists in Christianity hun. and even most Sunni's are peaceful. there is just this one horrible branch of them that dominate the al-Queda, and other terrorist organizations. I hope this sheds some light on your view of Muslims. most would give their last dollar to help you, just because God demands it of all who love God. take the time to get to know some :)

and all this does not disagree with what you have said about Gate Rapes, i agree completely :) think about how you would feel if they were to profile your religion, when it was not your religion doing the terrorist attacks. if the JW's decided to be terrorists, should they target all Christians?

Zilla said...

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting, Theresa, although it is clear that you probably haven't really been reading at all and just saw someone criticizing islamic jihad and went on the standard issue generic rant about Christians.

Show me anywhere in this blog where I display any hatred of muslims or equate all muslims with terrorists, g a head, I've got time. It may take you a while because there isn't any; in fact, I have expressed on this very blog that muslims are in danger from islamic nutjobs as well.

Now you want to talk about Christians who do atrocious things. Well riddle me this, "hun": What Christian has ever killed somebody because their holy book TOLD THEM TO? That's right, ZERO. Now how many islamic nutjobs have committed crimes against humanity because THEIR holy book told them too? ALL OF THEM. The Koran explicitly states that non-muslims should be killed, enslaved and dominated - it says it in many places. Try reading it sometime before you presume to educate someone else on things you clearly do not know much about.

I am well aware of the different sects of islam and that most people who happen to be muslim are not jihadi lunatics, I am also aware that the punishment for those nice muslims if they dare to speak out against the madness is DEATH as per ISLAMIC LAW. It is a capital offense in the islamic world to criticize islam, it is a crime to be a non-muslim, and any muslim who attempts to convert out of islam is also faced with the DEATH PENALTY for the "crime" of apostasy.

There is only one major religion on earth which does not contain some version of the Golden Rule, their is only one major religion on earth whose holy scriptures order adherents to seek dominion over, enslave and/or KILL non-adherents and that religion isn't Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or Judaism, it's ISLAM. When islamic supremacists commit despicable acts of brutality against non-muslims and even other muslims, it is because the KORAN TOLD THE TOO, "sweetheart".

Now if the nice normal muslims of America want to be treated like everybody else, they need to follow the same rules everybody else does and stop trying to force the rest of us to comply with their demands in this country. They need to stop seeking to be exempt from the insane procedures the rest of us are being subjected to in the guise of security - procedures which were implemented because of what ISLAMIC TERRORISTS have done. They need to stop demanding special treatment and our idiot leaders need to stop paying heed to terrorist affiliated organizations like "CAIR" which want muslims to be exempted from the rules the rest of us have to follow. You can't demand to be treated differently from everyone else and then expect to be accepted and respected like everybody else. By demanding bias and discrimination in their favor, they separate themselves from everyone else in the country and it endears them to nobody but the misinformed and delusional.

SignPainterGuy said...

Well done, Marianne ! Islam poses the single greatest danger to the civilized world with its creeping sharia law and jihad ! Muslims don`t even get along with each other in many areas, one must be of the "right" sect ! Of all the major conflicts around the world, it`s the odd one that DOESN`T involve muslims !

I would like to believe that it`s only a small portion of muslims who want to destroy our way of life, but this is one committed "small portion" and they will not stop until they are stopped ! Paraphrasing Bin Laden; "The west loves life, we love death...that is the difference between us !" They / he don`t want to be loved, or coddled or any of the other means of appeasement tried by the wimps we have in power now: they want us DEAD ! And they are pleased to die themselves in the process !

Religion of peace ? NO ! Religion of pieces is much more accurate !

SignPainterGuy said...

Can I assume that Zilla and her little band of Resisters had a safe and happy Thanksgiving ? Are you recovering from too much of the culinary delights since Her Highness, Queen`chelle gave us permission to eat all we wanted, "It`s time, eat all you want, eat pie !" ?! I felt so liberated, since normal plans were cancelled, I thought I`d go to an all-u-can-eat buffet, pass on a table and just slide my chair right up to the bar ! They were closed - came back home and bach`ed it with Itty Bitty kitty - Campbells to the rescue ! Ah, the simple life !

Zilla said...

I'm still eating! At the Zilla house, the feast only begins on Thursday and doesn't wrap up until Sunday night! If you were closer, I'd invite you over, SPG!

I did manage to get a new blog post out though:

WomanHonorThyself said...

thanks for the visit and comment Zilla..keep up your fight..would ya like me to add u to my blogroll hun?..:)

Zilla said...

Hi, WHT! If you'd like to add me, I'd be honored, thanks. I added yours because I think you've got good stuff there.

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