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#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blog Buffet & Open Thread

Here is a piping hot link-around Smörgåsbord with servings from the blogs of my blog-sisters who also write at Potluck and Stone Soup.

Tgawdi ikla tiegħek!*

Special people really are special: Sister gives credit to Down Syndrome brother for her accomplishments... - Adrienne's Corner

My friend R.K. Finnell is the author of the fantasy/horror novel Kickshaw Candies, visit her blog  where you can learn more about her and her book (which you should totally buy & read). Her latest post links to a recent interview that she gave, check it out.

The facts about the Church abuse scandal aren't what you've been led to believe, but don't expect to hear about it in the MSM: The John Jay Study on Priest Sex Abuse  - That's So Haram!

My dear friend Stormy has some important insights to share about depression, someone who needs to see it may find comfort there, you are not alone even though I know it feels that way. If you care about someone who suffers from depression, you need to read this, so you can understand: Medical Or Mental? - Out of the Silence...

Quite Rightly brings us some interesting, and sobering, facts about employment here in the US: Trivia Pursuit: How Many New Jobs Did Legal Immigrants Absorb in May? - Bread Upon the Waters

I've told you before about my friend Tlchimes and her special kids, they are all special, even the ones without 'special needs'. Read about her awesome little girl and how she said "Thank You" to the people who really deserve it in this country: Do You Say Thank You??? - Blue Jeans and Lace

Speaking of showing your appreciation for those who truly deserve it, join me for Troopathon!

Yes, most of us are grossed out by and sick of the scandal involving that creepy pervert leftist congressman and his disgusting electronic activities, but Fuzzy has weighed in on the matter and it is well worth reading: Weinergate - Fuzzy Logic

Keiko has a must read that excellently addresses up why people like me have been trying to avoid that whole mess, and how it and other garbage from the left are defiling us all - don't miss this one: Democrats: The Smut Meisters of America - That's So Haram!

Take a break from the madness and fill your eyes with beauty, trust me, you'll be glad you did: Take a Solo Trip to Second Hand Rose Antiques - And So It Goes In Shreveport

Now that the federal government has sent an armed paramilitary team to drag a man and his children out of their house over student loans, Anne has a look at what we might look forward to next: Dept. of Education Has SWAT Team Raid Home Over Student Loan Default - BackyardConservative

Be afraid, be very afraid. Carol highlights some more chilling abuses of power from the Obama administration: Just another day in the life of the most transparent regime ever - Carol's Closet

Now for something truly beautiful, I tell you my heart is all mommy-mushy after reading this one, a MUST READ about parenting from Sherry:  Pearls of Great Price Make You Want to Sell Everything  - Chocolate for Your Brain

The Obama administration has been demonizing and attacking decent people while turning a blind eye to evil since day one. Here is a prime example of that from last year: A Tale of Two Protests - Coffee Milk Conservative

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad and deranged. Leftist mental gymnastics on babies and God: Liberal Logic - Russel Crowe Edition - Just a Conservative Girl

Go and spend some time checking out some great videos and doing a little reading as Deb mixes the infuriating with the inspiring, sad with hilarious, darkness and light: Saturday Movie Matinee - Nice Deb

Want to know the real reason why the disgraced pervert Congressman from NY won't resign? Find out here: Photoshop™ Of The Day: What Weiner’s Note To This Neighbors SHOULD Have Said - No Sheeples Here

A manners, class, and our National Embarrassment: Elementary Social Studies - Obi's Sister

Obama doesn't think Americans are hurting enough financially, so he is deliberately doing all he can to destroy us further, another nail in America's economic coffin driven in by Zero's hammer: You don’t say: Obama EPA set to destroy coal industry - Politicaljunkie mom

Jill brings us the nightmare that is the 2011 "American Dream": Your Saturday Steyn - Pundit & Pundette

Wow! Here is a fantastic mini vacation for your eyes and your brain, gorgeous and lovely, do not miss: Roses and More Roses - Retriever

It's been a few months since Ruby Slippers has posted, but go there any way and remember one of our good days: Ding Dong! - Ruby Slippers

The open borders crowd cannot differentiate between legal immigrants and CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS as they try to get us to slurp the multi-culti koolaid, even attempting to tell us that all the foreigners here are smarter than us: Brooking's Biased  - Shout First, Ask Questions Later

The economy is killing us here at the Zilla house, but we're trying to keep our heads up. I've found what may be a promising freelance opportunity, I'll tell you more when I see how it pans out, and hubby is looking into  a business venture we can work on part-time together since he can't find a better job right now. In the mean time, if you'd like to help us keep the wolves from the door (it is sooo hard to buy enough food!), please consider hitting my tip jar, shopping at my store and/or buying some ad space. When I am on better footing, I'll be happily paying it forward to others who find themselves where I am now. Remember, half of all donations in my tip jar and 1/4 of the proceeds from ad sales will go to my friend Tlchimes who needs help getting a wheelchair and other medical supplies for her medically fragile but very special little boy

Although Tl and I are cash poor, read about what makes us rich in other ways at Stone Soup: I'm Rich And You Can Be TOO!!!!!!! by Tlchimes

Support Our Troops by sending them a care package.

*"Tgawdi ikla tiegħek!" is Maltese for "Enjoy your meal!" - A trip through the genealogy way-way-way back machine revealed that part of my family tree goes back to the very first noble family in Malta, the Gatt, or Gatto family, here an image of a Gatt family crest:
I'm mostly of Irish descent, but my Mom is from Grenada. I traced back her lineage and one branch took me from Grenada to Petite Martinique and Barbados to Scotland to Malta and the very first nobility there! Just one of the odd bits of trivia I stumble upon in my relentless pursuit of avoiding housework.

Open thread in comments below.

This post is linked at And So It Goes in Shreveport. Thank you, Pat!
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wdednh said...

Great site :)

Zilla of the Resistance said...


SignPainterGuy said...

Do you remember the story of a man who "purchased / swindled" the indians out of Manhattan ? As the story goes, the indian involved in the swapmeet wasn`t the real owner ( plus, indians don`t "own" land in the first place), so swindling occurred on both ends ! Anyway, the buyer was my 5th great grandfather. He was quite a character, led a small mischievous band of merry men, got into trouble a few times. He was tarred and feathered twice and run out of town (not sure if a rail came into play) and ultimately killed by his own men !

Genealogy research is so fascinating, no? Ha ha ha !!

Side note : If anyone wants to hang me for saying "indian" instead of "native American" please know, the Cherokee girl I dated some years ago and her friends and family referred to themselves as "indians". If they can, so can I !

FuziSlippers said...

Great posts here, Zilla, I'm honored to be listed among them.  Thanks!  :D

quite_rightly said...

Ahhhh. A great list of fantastic reading. Thanks for the link, Zilla!

Smwbmpfjm said...

Thanks for some great summer Saturday reads; I'm very touched by your words.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Cool story, SPG! I have a Cherokee friend who calls herself Indian (not the PC white man monicker 'native American') too.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

You're welcome, Fuzzy, you've got a great post! I had a lot of fun putting this one together, we have such talented colleagues!

Tammy Sandeen said...

Thank You so much for including me.... I am praying that your freelancing takes off as you hope... I know how it is. Hugs and love from us here in MI

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you and you're welcome, QR!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you, Tammy, I hope things get better for you soon too!

Donald Douglas said...

Linked: 'Rule 5 'Breastaurants' Update!'

Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thanks, Donald! Breastaurants? LOL Oh my!

Aurelius said...

Santorum's a good guy-- don't think he'll get much traction, though

Zilla of the Resistance said...

I'm trying to chamge that. If people would stop ignoring him and learn what he's about, he'd do great. But even the right blogs barely mention him outside of Lisa Graas.

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